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  1. I have to admit, my wife and I agree that you have a beautiful car!!!!
  2. Thanks...went to the link you provided, tons of info!!!!!
  3. As the newbie, had no idea there was a KR section, unless you're talking about placing Shelby GT500KR in the search field. I had already accomplished this search before, but ended up seeing everything from models, to cars for sale; is this the area you're talking about? Thanks!!!
  4. Actually have my eyes set on a 08 or 09 Vista Blue w/Silver stripes Shelby GT500KR if someone has one to sell me for a fair price and in outstanding condition...alapril7@live.com Keep those comments coming; learning a lot from everyone!!!!
  5. Thank you for everyone's sage advice; all great points and validation why I joined Team Shelby and this forum!!!! Gladly appreciate any other comments on this thread and if anyone knows of a Vista Blue w/Silver stripes for sale, I can be reached at alapril7@live.com. Thanks again and feel very fortunate to have joined such a cool group of Shelby enthusiasts!!!!
  6. Tim, I'm a retired AF ICBM guy as well...email me at alapril7@live.com. Take care, Al...
  7. I'm new to the Team Shelby Forum, and want to buy a 08 or 09 Vista Blue w/Silver Stripes KR, just didn't know if the 08 being a 40th Anniversary Edition is considered more collectible than the 09 year? Additionally, I've seen the phrase "VIP Edition, 1 of 20 produced" stated on several KRs for sale, what constitutes a "VIP Edition?" Thanks in advance for helping the latest newbie of Team Shelby! Former owner of a 65 squareback, 66 Fastback, and 69 Mach I.
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