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  1. Get to know the guys at SA. Who ever is your brothers salesman. They will get you pictures as the car gets going. Here are some I got today! I also have an IG account @laing.todd if you want to see more progress pictures. Any questions πŸ€™ hit me up.
  2. Thanks man. You have been closer to the car than me at this point.Lol I finally feels like we are getting to the finish line.! Been excited for over a year now. Ill be nuts when its actually done and headed this way.
  3. That is going to be a killer color combo. Cant wait to see her get done. Really cool that its a convertible. A wide body convertible has got to make it a very rare car I would think. Nice that you are going to get to drive it a round a bit before the conversion. Should help with the wait time. LOL
  4. Some pictures of the car starting her Wide body journey!!
  5. Got news this morning that my car is going in to start the wide body conversion process. A good day. Excited much. Todd
  6. I have an 18 Wide body in line as we speak. Suppose to go into body any day now. What color combo is your vert?? I kinda wish I would have gone the convertible route my self. Didn't realize that was even possible when I ordered my car. Good that you are at least going to get to enjoy yours a bit before the wide body conversion is done..
  7. Hopefully so! Juice him up if you see him!πŸ˜‚ Excited as all get out!!
  8. Got word last week that my car is on deck for the wide body conversion!! Happy days ahead. Been a long road but light at the end of the tunnel may be coming soon. Todd
  9. Absolutely.I appreciate you checking for me! I knew it was a long process when I signed up. I think it was just my luck that there was a ton of Wide body cars in line before me. I’m super pumped about the car and can’t wait to see/drive the final product! The Shelby guys have been great through out the process! It just like wait for Christmas morning!!!
  10. Well today is the one year anniversary of ordering my 2018 Super Snake wide body!! Well nothing good goes fast I guess! Patience is not my strong suit but I’m learning πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚! Anyway still Super excited even a year later.πŸ€ͺ
  11. SS cobra that is a beautiful car! How long have you had it?? What are your thoughts so far? Auto or manual?
  12. Also the forum title is 2015-2017 Super Snake. May want to update that to include 2018-2019s?? Or start a new forum specifically for 2018+??? Just a thought.
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