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  1. Absolutely.I appreciate you checking for me! I knew it was a long process when I signed up. I think it was just my luck that there was a ton of Wide body cars in line before me. I’m super pumped about the car and can’t wait to see/drive the final product! The Shelby guys have been great through out the process! It just like wait for Christmas morning!!!
  2. Well today is the one year anniversary of ordering my 2018 Super Snake wide body!! Well nothing good goes fast I guess! Patience is not my strong suit but I’m learning 😂😂😂! Anyway still Super excited even a year later.🤪
  3. SS cobra that is a beautiful car! How long have you had it?? What are your thoughts so far? Auto or manual?
  4. Also the forum title is 2015-2017 Super Snake. May want to update that to include 2018-2019s?? Or start a new forum specifically for 2018+??? Just a thought.
  5. I guess there aren’t very many actual out there. Mine is still at Vegas waiting to be finished. However, I would love some feedback as well if anyone has any. There has to be some out and about!!
  6. Just contact them. I’m pretty sure if you already have the car. You don’t have to go to a dealer.
  7. Such a beautiful car. Would love to hear your driving impression so far with the car. Any problem or issues??
  8. Wow. Congrats that seemed pretty quick! Keep us posted. Must be very exciting!!!!
  9. Any you guys got any updates on your cars? I saw pictures of a beautiful 2018 magnetic blue stripes ss wide body??
  10. Awesome to hear Wade. Is your 2018 SS a 10speed or manual?? I haven't heard from anyone driving impressions on an 18 yet. Would love to hear more of your thoughts on the car?!
  11. Good news! Very exciting. Keep us posted! Would love to see some pics. And yes it's very weird to put that much money on a car you have never seen/driven. Wife still thinks I'm crazy!! Hopefully all will be rewarded in the end. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out!'
  12. BWenson you got any updates?? I have not heard a thing. How was your trip to see the car??
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