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  1. Hmm, mine seem to line up ok. Only issue I have right now is the passenger side hanger rubs against the bracket, but a quick adjustment should take care of that.
  2. I just put the 46055R's on my 07 GT from brenspeed and they seem to be fine. Did they give you any details as to why?
  3. CAI and Brenspeed 93 tune installed yesterday. Holy cow it's like driving a different car. I couldn't wipe the grin off my face when I'd punch it at 80 and be doing 100 in no time. I can't remember the last time going 100 felt so slow. I was a little nervous the wife would not like the more aggressive response. Her words were, "I don't notice a difference." I said, Hmm, time for cams! Bassani Race axle backs will be here Tuesday. :happy feet:
  4. Thanks for the info guys, I have some more time to ponder it since we just got another 6" of snow this morning. Ruf, technically the car is "ours", since we both drive it as our third vehicle. She loves the car, so I meet her halfway on certain things. She did indulge my idea to get a 3rd car that only gets driven 6 months out of the year, so I'm willing to work with her on stuff.
  5. How's the drone on the racers compared to the regular? I've been researching exhausts and I'm now paranoid about ticking the wife off when she drives it. I have a manual with the 3.55 gears. I like the sound of bassani's but am also looking at the frpp/borlas.
  6. Ohhh, shelby's site only has the 20's. Hmm, now I'm torn!
  7. I give the nod to those GT40 wheels because they come in 18's. Both those and the Razors are sweet, but the Razors only come in 20's. Too much bling for me.
  8. Hmm, I haven't popped into the 100 page rufthread in awhile, you switched to the Racers? Any particular reason?
  9. I pulled her out of storage 2 weeks ago when the temperature hit 50-60 here. It had rained for a week so all the salt had been washed away. I enjoyed a couple days of driving, including one with the top down. Well, it snowed again and they salted (again), so now she's stuck in the garage for another 2 weeks. I got impatient so I ordered the C&L intake + 93 octane tuner package from brenspeed. Hopefully I should see those this week. I'm looking to go the same route as Ruf, with exhaust / cams / intake, etc eventually. Soooo, what do you guys think my next puchase should be? Preferably something bolt on, I'm feeling Bassani axlebacks. Help me spend some more money.
  10. Man I love the sound of Bassani's. I need to hook myself up.
  11. Wow, I never liked louvers but I'd put those on my car in a heartbeat. I don't have rear windows tho, so I'll just admire yours.
  12. 10" of snow here today. I drive by the garage where I store mine almost every day. April can't come fast enough!
  13. Hijack ... Ruf, how much "shake" did your stage 3 cams give the car. Is it a "cool" shake or a "non-wife approved" shake?
  14. I live in upstate NY. We drive around in a big cloud of white salt from December till April. I've never heard of the paint issue from freezing water, but I can tell you that driving around in salt 6 months out of the year leaves you with more rust than metal after 4-5 years. I'd wash the salt off every chance I got.
  15. Nice job, she's a keeper after all!
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