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    I am a true Mustang enthusiast. Always on the lookout for the next event. As President of Southern Nevada Mustang Club and Nevada State Director for Team Shelby, I keep very busy with the car show scene. Love meeting new people and their rides. Every day is a new adventure.
  1. Yes, The flyer has been out for about 2 months after coordinating with Gaudin. You can see it on vegaslugnut,com . Car meets has not posted it and I have been out t speed Vegas every sat passing them out. If anyone going to Gaudin wants to lead the team to Shelby let me know..
  2. Yes, We have planned with Gaudin Ford. There will be a cruise leaving Speed Vegas at 1230pm heading to Shelby. Gaudin is 9am to 12pm.
  3. An all Mustang car show at Shelby American Las Vegas. October 14th 2017 1pm-6pm. Cruise from Speed Vegas to Shelby at 1230pm for those going to Both shows. Shelby American Museum and observation area will be open for your enjoyment. Team Shelby Lounge should be set up for all Team Shelby Members. Food vendors, raffle prizes, music, swag bags, and fun for all. Show starts at 1pm and roll in opens at 1130am. cars will be parked in the order they roll in so if you have club members or friends you would like to park with please enter together.
  4. Ford Mustang
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