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  1. Since I opened this thread, I guess I should update on my chassis - I did buy into Ford Protect and have clocked 3750 total miles onto the odo. The first oil service was a whole other thread to itself; I won't go into it here. That said, Amsoil is in the sump and consumption is about half of what it was so not so objectionable. It's interesting that with Amsoil in the system, not only do I get to temp faster, the piston skirt rattle seems somewhat less pronounced. That could simply be a placebo since I've taken to letting it idle in the driveway for 15 minutes before moving out. Another point worth noting is while installing the Ford Performance exhaust system (which I found at a remarkably low, almost embarrassing price) I can see the exhaust trim on the left is holding more carbon deposits that the right. I'm pretty sure that's an indicator from the consumption. I've been showing it the upper half of the tach quite a bit more than last season and enjoying the snot out of making it work hard. Will be interesting to see if consumption moves to either side of where it is now. All-in-all, I love my chassis, I'm not ruminating over adding a quart every 1500 and I get myself to Lime Rock Park A LOT more than I used to. So it's all good. 😁
  2. My wife is at Utah Motorsports Campus this week attending the two day extended course. She went instead of me because we both agree she needs it more than I do. I did Bertil Roos in the 90's and spent some time on-track before getting married. She's had no such experience like that and is generally afraid of the GT350. Hopefully, FP instructors will get her past her fear of ponies and traction limits. It'll make me and her more comfortable when she drives. I still wish I had gone but home, kids, dogs, horses, etc.....
  3. THAT - is an awesome piece of fabrication! Upon reviewing, I was compelled to grab myself in a very obscene manner. Amazing what turns me on these days. The FP part isn’t quite that exciting. https://fordracingpartsbydonwood.com/driveline-parts/shifters/2015-2017-mustang-gt350-shifter-kit-without-knob-m-7210-m8a/#PhotoSwipe1531182414510
  4. I believe these are referred to as "Coil Covers" now. They're totally cosmetic. I have an inherent weakness for stuff like this and found these irresistible: https://performanceparts.ford.com/part/M-6067-50FP I like what you did with yours - they're very sexy.
  5. Hey there! I had a chance to put a few miles in yesterday - we had a beautiful, clear, cool day in NJ and a really nice evening for a cruise. The biggest impression is the reduced throw (TY Capt. Obvious!). The shaft is shorter from the pivot-point up, dimensions below are identical. The move through the gates seems more positive, especially where the Tremec likes it - up above 5K. It snicks into gear more positively than the stocker. I don't think it's just the placebo effect - it's that significant (at least to me). The FP part has no vibration isolation - no nylon ball, no nylon isolator in the shaft weight, nuthin. So there IS more trans noise and absolutely more feel transmitted to the shift ball. But I like that. My wife, not so much. "Sorry honey". So, I suppose it's all about preference. For my purposes, I got what I expected and therefore am happy to endure the back-ache I had this morning from laying in the driveway on Saturday.
  6. A nice addition to the car. Had to do it and the car yearns for it. My family gifted it to me for Fathers Day and I finally had a cool, clear summer day to get after it. The only reason I share this story is - this job is not best done on ramps with a creeper. What a complete PITA! At least the mid-shaft didn’t have to come down but, it’s tight in there! 20 years ago this would have been cake. My midriff is “somewhat” larger than when I was 35. Yikes. I need to exercise more, but I digress. This job needs a lift and BB’s Autorama is too far away.
  7. And now I’m hopelessly conflicted, thank you. I’m an Amsoil believer since the 1980’s when it was as scarce as CAM2 fuel in my area. But I’m fortunate enough to have extended family with gear heads on each tree branch and was presented with a case of Amsoil Signature Series spec oil when I bought the car (brother-in-law owns a speed shop/built a spec car for him in 1987). I may cancel my stealership appointment and do it myself for nothing more than the piece of mind. The service writer was clueless, the Service Mgr wasn’t there that day, no one knew what oil was required and when I stopped by the parts department yesterday they didn’t have the right filter# in stock or have a parts order from Service. God, I remember this nonsense like it was yesterday. Not the warm-and-fuzzy feeling I was hoping for. I'm gonna buy into Ford Protect this month (another thing I’m conflicted over) and extend out to 2025 since it’ll be around for a while. I suppose if I document the crap out of all I do, I at least have a leg to stand on. cheers all.
  8. You're absolutely right, Chris. I don't know anything about you either including your driving style, but i do know you're a good sport. PS: I always stir the box to keep it in the powerband. It's underwhelming below 3K. My wife doesn't drive it which is why she's going to FPDS in Utah, not me. She's terrified of it.
  9. I drive it like it’s the last 3 laps and we just went green again. OK...., maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’m certainly not driving it like BB. ? I broke it in like Ford instructed and since then been scaring the shit out of the Mrs. every time we’re out in it. It’s getting run moderately hard on a regular basis. I don’t lug the engine, I run over 3k rpm even if we’re just flatland cruising (it sings so sweetly). So I don’t drive it like a geezer, it’s way too much fun for that. I also don’t beat the crap out of it. I learned a long time ago that being fast doesn’t mean flogging it like a rented mule. So while it gets to see 7K regularly now that it’s been loosened up, I’m certainly not banging it off the limiter in every upshift. Also worth noting since I’ve also got a good amount of forged piston cold rattle, I let the oil warm to about 180 before I drive. I “think” I’ve been doing the things a high-perf engine needs, but maybe I’m completely wrong. My pipes are always sooted and each washing I have to clean-up with Naptha. I’ve been aware of the problem since before I travelled to Virginia to buy the car, but you place your bets and take your chances, right? I realize the greater number of units have no oiling issues which is why I’m bummed. Shit happens. It’ll get fixed. I think my biggest concern is having some trunk-monkey do an engine swap for the first time in his career with my car as patient #1. I spent almost two decades behind the parts counter at stealerships and I’m hopelessly tainted. The labor pool is just polluted in my area and I avoid them in favor of wrenching my own. Maybe FP can add some value on that topic when the time comes. OR, maybe the process goes so smoothly that I get turned into a believer. You place your bets, you takes your chances. ?
  10. I think i’m in need of an intervention. My ‘17 just moved past 2K miles and I had to add my second quart to get to the full marks. How depressing - my voodoo has a drinking problem. I have a couple weeks left to invest in Ford Protect Coverage and giving that some serious thought. While I insist on wrenching my own whenever possible, I might be better served deferring the upcoming oil service to my local dealer and get my issue documented. I’m sad and a little depressed believing my Feb. 17 build may suffer from my worst fear - the dreaded oil consumption problem. Anyone know an appropriate support group? I could use some positive comments.
  11. Big Amsoil fan-boy here......stuff is magical. It’s what’s for dinner (at least at oil service time).
  12. Yeah, that’s painful to look at. Hope it all works out. Sorry for your misfortune.
  13. Just a nice guy who loved to share what he knew. Glad I had the opportunity to meet him this past May. RIP Jim.
  14. I have just shy of 2k on my 5.2 and also have the same rattle at flat throttle in the same rev range. To me, it seems like wrist-pin rattle since it subsided as soon as the engine is loaded either way. It’s only flat throttle. It’s nasty when the engine is cold. I’ll search around for the other threads.
  15. Not quite, but I did blow my budget cap. It’s a very immersive experience. A great delivery from Jim on the tour and I learned a lot about the Man, his mission and the Shelby heritage. Also drooled liberally on myself over the cars in the facility. I’m very happy I made the time to go. Some images here. http://s259.photobucket.com/user/paulcissa/slideshow/GT350
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