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  1. I ran into the same issue here in Phoenix. If I hadnt asked about the squeaky brakes when purchased it may have gone undetected until too late. Camleback Ford took care of it immediately. Fast forward 5 months and 3500 miles took it in for service today and their mechanics noticed it again L Rear CV joint throwing grease. Im hopeful that they will come through again. Im glad that I found this post it may come in handy if any pushback arises.
  2. Good point, don't really know why I'm so anxious to put something extra under the hood. I was curious as to why there hasn't been much offered for this engine in the aftermarket world. I will head yours and MHR advice and bag this idea all together. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Sorry I just assumed that everyone would see the title and assume 2016 GT 350. I appreciate the input though, new to the forum and the family and had heard that new plugs and wires may be worth while. I will consult the manual and avoid changing out wires. Cheers ?
  4. Good day everyone!! Can anyone confidently suggest proper replacement plugs and wires for my precious?
  5. Jeff, Hey I just joined the Mountain Region and noticed your post. I would love to be a part of the group and participate as frequently as possible. Am totally new to this scene but eager to meet local Shelby owners, and help increase awareness of these Thoroughbreds.
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