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  1. I guess the vinyl just deteriorated from being out in the sun. I'll have to peel them off and get new stripes painted at some point.
  2. Well, I am now the proud owner of 08SGT1011! Cant wait to get it fixed up and on the road!
  3. I meant minor repairs in addition to engine work. I'm sure the engine will require an overhaul. Nice to hear it's authentic! Paperwork and badging under the hood looked good but I still wasnt sure.
  4. Thanks for the links and info! All i know is that something is broken internally so that's the risk involved. it's 08SGT1011 if i remember correctly
  5. Howdy! I was wondering if yall could help me get a crash course on Shelby GT's. I'm a long time ford guy but totally new to Shelby mustangs. I've come across an opportunity to own a 08 Shelby GT/SC and was hoping to learn more about how many similar cars were produced and how to confirm it is what it looks like to an untrained eye. The car is not running and will need some engine work and a few other minor fixes so if anyone could give me some idea of what a drivable car is worth it would also be very appreciated. Unfortunately I'm not currently in a position to spend more money than a car is worth although I am extremely excited about the prospects of joining the Shelby community. It's a blue convertible, 5 speed manual, with a Kenne Bell Supercharger and around 50k miles on it. I read through much of this forum but any current knowledge or advice would awesome.
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