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  1. I worked with Parkway Ford in Winston Salem NC - Make sure you get with Ed Woods there. Got to see mine being unloaded, only have 300 miles on it / plan on taking the horse to some shows. Good luck - the guys at Shelby American are great to work with also - worked with Mike Lambert there. RSR
  2. Has anyone ordered a shelby car cover for their 2017 super snake? I'm still waiting on mine, my super snake came in last March
  3. Steven

    When will the car covers be available?




  4. I feel sorry for the person that tries to steal anything of what I've worked for all my life!
  5. So how many have been made thus far? Mine was delivered a couple of weeks ago and we are very pleased!
  6. T-Bone Forgot to thank you for taking the time to send the video - RSR
  7. Thanks T-Bone, I do have the metal pull up for reverse RSR
  8. Thanks guys - Got a question about the barton short throw shifter. Since I've never driven or have owned one of these until now, what is the difference in these types of shifters? How do I know or where does it say Barton? Thanks RSR
  9. Nice Ride and Video - Received mine yesterday
  10. Putting mine on the truck next week, been a long wait since ordered June 5th - painted stripes some of the holdup. From everything I've heard, the wait will be worth it.
  11. Have all the 500 SS 50th Anniversary been built yet?
  12. Thanks Steve, Hoping maybe it was mine as I'm on the list for one - Starting a garage within the next couple of weeks to put the HORSE in!!
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