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  1. So...........what's the final number built? 500? Should have a breakdown of colors / special equipment ordered etc -
  2. I worked with Parkway Ford in Winston Salem NC - Make sure you get with Ed Woods there. Got to see mine being unloaded, only have 300 miles on it / plan on taking the horse to some shows. Good luck - the guys at Shelby American are great to work with also - worked with Mike Lambert there. RSR
  3. Has anyone ordered a shelby car cover for their 2017 super snake? I'm still waiting on mine, my super snake came in last March
  4. Steven

    When will the car covers be available?




  5. I feel sorry for the person that tries to steal anything of what I've worked for all my life!
  6. So how many have been made thus far? Mine was delivered a couple of weeks ago and we are very pleased!
  7. T-Bone Forgot to thank you for taking the time to send the video - RSR
  8. Thanks T-Bone, I do have the metal pull up for reverse RSR
  9. Thanks guys - Got a question about the barton short throw shifter. Since I've never driven or have owned one of these until now, what is the difference in these types of shifters? How do I know or where does it say Barton? Thanks RSR
  10. Nice Ride and Video - Received mine yesterday
  11. Putting mine on the truck next week, been a long wait since ordered June 5th - painted stripes some of the holdup. From everything I've heard, the wait will be worth it.
  12. Have all the 500 SS 50th Anniversary been built yet?
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