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  1. Did some research and it is indeed a VVT engine, uses solenoids and oil pressure to change cam timing. Knowing that, and what you said about a change in viscosity affecting VVT, I will stick with manufacturer recommendation. Engine holds 8 quarts. Pressure is always good even in 90+ temps and coolant temps are fine also.
  2. I’m getting close to doing the first oil change on my ‘17 Super Snake 650 hp. I’m having a hard time accepting the factory recommended 5w-20 as an adequate oil for an engine that is supercharged and puts out 235 more horsepower than it was born with. Lots more heat and pressure. A C6 Corvette Z06 takes 5w-30 and it’s only 505 hp and normally aspirated. Thoughts?
  3. When we were at BJ, I got to drove our friend's '17 convertible 750 hp SS, which they received quite a while after us. The car did have different brand gauges. I asked Shelby about that when I saw them and they did indeed change to a hard-wired type, as it seems there were others with my problem also. My gauges seem to be working pretty well, more reliable if I drive the car frequently. If they don't come on I just unplug and plug in the driver that is at the OBD port. Shelby told me they also went to a different brand of brake because they were getting complaints about "ticking" from the floating discs at low speed, which is a normal sound. I have had motorcycles with floating discs and so was aware of and used to that sound, and over time it has disappeared. Still very happy and looking forward to hitting the strip this year and see if I can better my best time last year of 12.6 at Bandimere in Denver, elev. 5.800'. Need to fine tune my starting technique and settings, as well as run the tank down to very little for weight savings. Full tanks don't help E.T.s.
  4. I have a 670hp 2017 SS. I have not seen a torque rating for this engine. Anyone know what it's rated is?
  5. I had the car shipped, wasn't able to pick it up at Shelby as we had hoped, and did not receive any manuals from Shelby, only the Ford manuals. Nothing exceptional to expect other than what I went over in the original post. After living with the car since July of '17, I can say I am very happy with it, with the minor exceptions of Line Loc not working, the instrument connectivity issue, and bluetooth audio issue. I really don't want to have to buy a Sirius subscription for a car I don't drive a lot, but am unable to stream from my phone, nor does it work with Android Auto. I will be at Barrett-Jackson this week and will talk to the Shelby people (I'm assuming they will be there) about these issues. Overall, though, a great car I have no regrets about acquiring.
  6. I got one from California Car Cover. Ordered the one for the GT350 and it fits fine, rear spoiler is similar enough that there is no issue. I think it was less expensive than Ford's also.
  7. I can definitely try to make those events.
  8. Can’t speak to a direct comparison with the GT350R, as I’ve never driven one. Ford dealers are extremely stingy about test drives, if they even have them.
  9. Thanks for your response I did follow the Line-Loc instructions as per the owner’s manual, they are as you sent. Display never changed to the timer. I won’t have a chance to give it another try for a while but I will when I can. Does Autometer say if they think the Bluetooth gauge connection interferes with Bluetooth audio?
  10. After 5 months and about 1,300 miles (it's got to share fun driving duty with two other newer cars and 3 oldies), here are my impressions of my 2017 670hp auto Ruby Red/White Super Snake coupe: After having had both a 550 hp and 662 hp GT500, this car is head and shoulders above them. First and foremost, the handling is superb! Almost as good as a Z06, IMHO (I've had one.) Power is relentless and smooth, thought I wouldn't like the auto but I do, although there are times I'd like to row through a manual box. The looks of the car are amazing, I get a lot of comments, see people taking pictures, etc. Interior is great, love the seats (did not get the optional seats). The sound is what it should be for a car like this, really has almost that dragster sound under full throttle as the RPMs increase. It's a bit on the raw and brash side in a very good way. Got the performance wheel studs and those attract quite a bit of attention. Oh, yes, and polished wheels. I think us old guys like polished better than black, at least this old guy does, and they complete the package. Other things and some nits: At first, there was a fair amount of surging under steady throttle at lower speeds (around town), but that has smoothed out with time as the car has broken in. The brakes are floating rotors, and there was quite a bit of clicking from them when slowing to a stop. That sound has disappeared as more miles built up on the car. Line Lock does not work. Could this be because of the change in brakes? Sometimes the dash-top gauges do not work, and I have to unplug the module that connects to the OBDI port and plug it back in, then they work OK. This is only intermittent, not every time I start the car. Also, cannot program them for backlight color from an Android phone, only an Apple device. Android recognizes, but they don't listen. The rear edge of the hood shakes a fair amount at highway speeds, to the point where you wonder if the hood is latched tight. Could use a bit of reinforcing in that area. Bluetooth audio from my phone does not work with either Pandora or Sirius app. When first connecting, the sound is ok, but after several minutes on either service, the sound starts breaking up and getting choppy. I'm wondering if there is interference from the gauges and the module since they communicate by bluetooth also. Need to try connecting an iPod via bluetooth and see what happens. After two trial runs, I figured out how to get the best launch and turned a 12.6 @ 113.85 at Bandimere in Denver, about 5,800 ft. altitude, about 85 degree day. Almost full tank of gas and didn't fiddle with tire pressures, this was first time at track with this car and wanted to get a feel for it. A GT350 was also there, didn't run directly agains it, ran 14.2 Confirmed my decision to get SS instead of GT350. However, an S600 AMG Mercedes ran 11.9! I have an SL63 AMG that ran 12.29, with 100 less horsepower. Not complaining about the 1/4 time, just need some polishing and practice. SS should beat SL. Overall, I love this car, and anything mentioned above is more quirks and idiosyncrasies that I can live with because the whole package is great. I've had a C7 Z06, and MUCH prefer this car. Better looks, better sound, equal if not more power, handles almost as well, less expensive and you don't see yourself coming and going. And ricer fanboys seem to know what it is and generally leave it alone.
  11. Has anyone gotten a cover for their SS? If so, whose did you get? Ford Parts has one on their website for the GT350 with flush spoiler and I'm wondering if it will fit an SS.
  12. I tried and tried to buy a GT350 and ran into that darn ADM everywhere I looked. Thank goodness I ran into Shelby American at Barrett-Jackson Phoenix this past January. Super Snake, a little more than MSRP for a gt350 (like you could get one for MSRP), and that 670 SUPERCHARGED horsepower, on tap from the ground up. Oh, and metal wheels. And the looks!
  13. Would love to post a picture of my new '17 SS. Can't figure out how to do it. When I click on the Image icon, a box pops up asking for a URL. Picture is in my computer. How do I insert it? I've looked around and haven't found an FAQ or help topic dealing with this.
  14. 1BADASP or BADASP. If your DMV will let you have it.
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