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  1. Howdy 83Shelby, Here are some pics of the most recent SHELBY GTE to come out of SHELBY AMERICAN, LVN. Under the watchful eye of Chris Ruby, SHELBY BLU was transformed from a 2017 Mustang I4 Ecoboost Premium Car with Pony Package. SHELBY BLU was completed the 3rd week of July so we rented a car and drove down to LVN to get it. Pls note the "Glamor Shots" were taken before the SHELBY GTE badge was installed on the front grill. nascarbilly
  2. Greetings Everyone, We realize this is definitely the wrong time to get a new Shelby GTE. Looks like there are NO events in/around Sacramento now where members are attending (even the events that should be totally held outside appear to be shut down)?! Diane and I drove the route for the annual June event "Snakes on the Lake" last week just to get out of house and let SHELBY Blu get some exercise. Does anyone know of some car events we can go to, especially with any Team Shelby members? We definitely plan on doing a ton of social distancing with a bag of masks in hand. Also, would appreciate knowing what other members are doing with their SHELBY cars now; hopefully, they are NOT hibernating. nascarbilly
  3. SHELBY BLU is our Lightning Blue 2017 Shelby GTE Ecoboost Premium Coupe that was just converted by Chris Ruby @Shelby American, LVN two weeks ago. We got super lucky and found a "brand new" 2017 Ecoboost Pony Package with only 80 miles on it as a donor car this past December 2019. The Recaro seats look great and feel even better with the new "SHELBY" interior. Those seats just make the Shelby Experience that much better as they gently hug you and keep you from moving around, so to speak. nascarbilly
  4. T-Bone68, We are glad to be back and excited to hopefully do some SHELBY events, especially here in Nor Cal. Timing is everything in life and the COVID-19 mess has really thrown things off. In any event, we have set aside our entire March calendar anxiously awaiting word on the exact dates of the 2021 BASH in LVN. SHELBY BLU's color is Diane's favorite and the CSM# has our anniversary date in it. Nascarbilly
  5. Diane and I took our first "road trip" with SHELBY BLU today in a "single car cruise" from Old Towne Sacramento up to South Lake Tahoe and over the Tahoe City Area. I can see why it is so popular for Team Shelby Members to cruise up there as a group. SHELBY BLU is our Lightning Blue 2017 Shelby GTE Ecoboost Premium Coupe that was just converted by Chris Ruby @Shelby American, LVN two weeks ago. nascarbilly
  6. About Me

    I'm back!!!  My wife and I just returned home from Shelby American, LVN; we picked up our "brand new" Lightning Blue, 2017 Shelby GTE (Ecoboost) conversion.  In Oct. 2019, Chris Ruby and Austin Craig and their lovely brides had dinner with us on our Southwest Tour to see family and friends.  These two characters informed me that SA was still making the Shelby GTE cars but that my current 2017 V6 convertible was not good enough to make their conversion cut (NO six bangers).  I then set out with my true "car nut" buddy in So Cal to find the perfect donor car for this conversion.  

    After literally looking on paper at 98 different Ecoboost cars for sale, we whittled it down to 5 cars, three in the greater Los Angeles area and 2 up here in Nor Cal.   That process took seven weeks of serious computer searching and several phone calls.  ALL of them fell into the exact same category: the pictures listed in the advertisements did NOT agree with the actual cars except for the one I found at Heritage Ford in Modesto, CA. Imagine a three model year old 2017 Ford Mustang I4 Pony Package Ecoboost Premium Coupe with a grand total of only 80 miles on it, period.  And it came with Recaro racing seats and had NEVER/EVER been registered/insured!!  

    Chris had total creative licensure on the build so I truly have the perfect Shelby GTEcoboost car for me.  Upgrades include a Shelby Spec Interior, Shelby Dash Pod, Silver 19" Venom Wheels, Caster/Camber Plates, Engine Caps, Black Coolant Reservoir, Shelby GTE Strut Tower Brace, McGard Wheel Locks, Painted Engine Cover, and the suspension, exhaust and tune are all in touring mode.  Please welcome Shelby GTE CSM #17GTE0119.   




  7. Roger that and many thx. This clears up a whole bunch of dates for us; thx for getting back to me so quick.
  8. Howdy Everyone, I realize it is early but does anyone know the weekend date of the 2019 Snakes to The Lake Cruise? We have grandkids in school now and are trying to juggle vacations times with our children and their families. We have managed to miss the last two events and would love to go to this one in 2019. Thanks in advance, Nascarbilly
  9. Please count Nascarbilly + one for this one. This will be our first such event; we have heard quite a bit about this particular cruise. Nascarbilly
  10. H0050, I sure hope we hear some official word on the Team Shelby Monterey Experience for 2019 very soon. Now is the time to make the announcement when lodging rates are much cheaper. Nascarbilly
  11. I am NOT 100% totally sure but it looks to me like you will only be able to secure one of these 2019 beauties via a FORD dealer and NOT directly through Shelby American, LVN. Clearly, the base prices listed for the "regular vs H" cars is strictly for the bare bones, no frills 300A car with NO options or add-ons on the coupe cars. The problem you need to worry about is how much the greedy Ford dealers will "up-price" these cars for the privilege of selling one to you. Case in point, the 2016-2017 Mustang GT350's were selling for $39,995 plus for the Non-R cars and $69,995 for the "R" cars ABOVE, yes, ABOVE MSRP. Second point, back in the day, the new 2002 TBirds were selling for $20,000 above MSRP until buyers figured out 1) they were gutless 2) "chick" or old people's cars 3) not designed for people over 6 feet tall. Hence they ceased manufacturing them in 2005 after years of poor sales. Very sad. Diane and I totally enjoyed our "buying experience" going through Shelby American/Chris Ruby to design and build our '16 Shelby GTE convertible. i don't think any Ford dealer is going to give you any "warm and fuzzy" feeling. I'll bet very few if any of them know how to advise you on the performance options available through SA. Best wishes to those planning to buy a 2019 Shelby GT. Nascarbilly
  12. Can I suggest you reach out to Chris Ruby at Shelby American @ 702-683-7060, cell or office #702-942-7235, ext 142? He was tremendous when I ordered my 2016 GTE convertible; helped me pick out what I needed vs what I thought I wanted. Nascarbilly
  13. I have to agree with most everything you Guys have already said. I wonder what will happen to the Shelby GTE program which is reported to be successful through the International Mod Shops (built to SA specs) but not as much here in the US market. The GTE's were introduced in Sept of 2016, very soon thereafter, the Shelby GT's ceased production. Nascarbilly
  14. Fat Boss, Exactly!! And it would be cheaper and better in the long run to have it packaged that way up front. Every thing I heard about the previous two years was outstanding EXCEPT for the lodging issues. You have your choice of paying $600 per night for a small VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) style 1 bed room place that normally goes for well below $200 per night, cheaper Motel 6 type locations or drive 45 minutes each way to SanJose every night after the events conclude. I was hoping to find out if it will in fact happen in 2019 so I can start booking nearby lodging NOW at a much cheaper rate.
  15. GM Dave, Yes, I went to SAAC43 in Sonoma for the day and had a great time. Talked to Gary P and saw Tracey there also. I was inquiring about the 2019 Team Shelby Monterey Experience; we were planning to wrap our vacation around that event next year. So my question is do you think Team Shelby will be doing the Monterey Experience in 2019 or ever again? Thanks and have a great day.
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