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  1. Roger that and many thx. This clears up a whole bunch of dates for us; thx for getting back to me so quick.
  2. Howdy Everyone, I realize it is early but does anyone know the weekend date of the 2019 Snakes to The Lake Cruise? We have grandkids in school now and are trying to juggle vacations times with our children and their families. We have managed to miss the last two events and would love to go to this one in 2019. Thanks in advance, Nascarbilly
  3. Please count Nascarbilly + one for this one. This will be our first such event; we have heard quite a bit about this particular cruise. Nascarbilly
  4. H0050, I sure hope we hear some official word on the Team Shelby Monterey Experience for 2019 very soon. Now is the time to make the announcement when lodging rates are much cheaper. Nascarbilly
  5. I am NOT 100% totally sure but it looks to me like you will only be able to secure one of these 2019 beauties via a FORD dealer and NOT directly through Shelby American, LVN. Clearly, the base prices listed for the "regular vs H" cars is strictly for the bare bones, no frills 300A car with NO options or add-ons on the coupe cars. The problem you need to worry about is how much the greedy Ford dealers will "up-price" these cars for the privilege of selling one to you. Case in point, the 2016-2017 Mustang GT350's were selling for $39,995 plus for the Non-R cars and $69,995 for the "R" cars ABOVE, yes, ABOVE MSRP. Second point, back in the day, the new 2002 TBirds were selling for $20,000 above MSRP until buyers figured out 1) they were gutless 2) "chick" or old people's cars 3) not designed for people over 6 feet tall. Hence they ceased manufacturing them in 2005 after years of poor sales. Very sad. Diane and I totally enjoyed our "buying experience" going through Shelby American/Chris Ruby to design and build our '16 Shelby GTE convertible. i don't think any Ford dealer is going to give you any "warm and fuzzy" feeling. I'll bet very few if any of them know how to advise you on the performance options available through SA. Best wishes to those planning to buy a 2019 Shelby GT. Nascarbilly
  6. Can I suggest you reach out to Chris Ruby at Shelby American @ 702-683-7060, cell or office #702-942-7235, ext 142? He was tremendous when I ordered my 2016 GTE convertible; helped me pick out what I needed vs what I thought I wanted. Nascarbilly
  7. I have to agree with most everything you Guys have already said. I wonder what will happen to the Shelby GTE program which is reported to be successful through the International Mod Shops (built to SA specs) but not as much here in the US market. The GTE's were introduced in Sept of 2016, very soon thereafter, the Shelby GT's ceased production. Nascarbilly
  8. Fat Boss, Exactly!! And it would be cheaper and better in the long run to have it packaged that way up front. Every thing I heard about the previous two years was outstanding EXCEPT for the lodging issues. You have your choice of paying $600 per night for a small VRBO (Vacation Rental by Owner) style 1 bed room place that normally goes for well below $200 per night, cheaper Motel 6 type locations or drive 45 minutes each way to SanJose every night after the events conclude. I was hoping to find out if it will in fact happen in 2019 so I can start booking nearby lodging NOW at a much cheaper rate.
  9. GM Dave, Yes, I went to SAAC43 in Sonoma for the day and had a great time. Talked to Gary P and saw Tracey there also. I was inquiring about the 2019 Team Shelby Monterey Experience; we were planning to wrap our vacation around that event next year. So my question is do you think Team Shelby will be doing the Monterey Experience in 2019 or ever again? Thanks and have a great day.
  10. Dave, Many thx for the info. Was it something unique that caused it to be cancelled this year or is it not going to happen at all, any more (2019, and so on)? I was planning to go in 2019; had heard how much fun people had going. Billy
  11. Greetings Everyone, Did I somehow miss the information on the 2018 Team Shelby VIP Experience Monterey (last year was scheduled for some time in mid-August)? I was hoping to drive down for the day. Please advise and many thx, Nascarbilly
  12. Roger that and many thx!! We are very excited to meet more Team Shelby members here in Nor Cal. Any chance you would happen to know the December date for the Bay Area charity cruise and lunch? I heard about it too late for us to go last year. Bill and Diane
  13. It was definitely worth the drive down from Sacramento in the "Tree Hugger" (we parked it at the end of the row up on the hill and walked away real fast for fear someone would recognize us LOL, LOL). On a serious note, I was extremely impressed with the overall quality of the cars present; I only wish there had been more to see. ???
  14. We had a rather short day there (11am to approx 3:30p); spent some time in the shade up in the grandstands. Very entertaining to watch all the different cars (including 2 or 3 old NASCAR cars I have actually seen race) competing with their modern day cousins. This was our first SAAC event at Sonoma Raceway; we both enjoyed our day there. Special shout out to T-Bone68 and his lovely bride Kim. We met up with them today at the car show; great to be able to meet some of the wonderful folks I have been conversing with during this first year of our membership in Team Shelby. I like red cars and they have two prime examples of tremendous pride in ownership!! Looking forward to meeting more TS members at our next opportunity. Nascarbilly
  15. Roger that and many thx. Let me know if you see any; there was one 2015 Shelby GT there today.
  16. Howdy T-Bone68, Your Super Snake should be easier for us to locate, most all I've seen have the "over the top stripes". I assume you and Kim will be parked together or is the parking there like Fabulous Fords Forever in So Cal where ALL of the cars are parked according to their respective class/grouping? My main reason for coming is to see if I can actually locate ANY Shelby GTE cars. I have seen one at SAI, and numerous coupes on the internet throughout the USA and overseas but NEVER a GTE convertible, period. I know for sure I have the first one ever made according to SAI, but they won't tell me about any others. Since last August, every time I have heard about any gathering like this, I have tried to find a GTE that may have gone. Maybe this will be the weekend. Bill and Diane
  17. Excellent, excellent!! Can you imagine working for Gary P. and Vince L. @SAI? The whole company acts like one great big happy family; where else can you go and have the Pres and his V-P out cutting donuts in the parking lot. Diane and I picked up our GTE convertible @ SAI this very weekend last year from Vince Laviolette while Gary was out in Sonoma. Both Gentlemen are quite the jokesters in their own way. The underneath of my hood has been signed by EVERY person at SAI that was involved in my car's build including these two characters. Both definitely play as hard as they work. Nascarbilly
  18. Many Thx to Cali_KR for the current update and clarification. No problem with the paid admission. I definitely want to go look for other Shelby GTE cars, especially GTE convertibles. And to T-Bone68, looking forward to seeing you there. What color are the stripes on your Super Snake? Nascarbilly
  19. Greetings, i have a schedule conflict with limited time I am NOT able to resolve. I am a Team Shelby Member but did NOT sign up to show my Shelby GTE this coming weekend at the Sonoma Raceway. Can I come there specifically to view the car show cars on display and then leave? If yes, what will the cost be for 1) parking of my Non-Shelby car and 2)car show admission? Thanks for your assistance, Nascarbilly
  20. nascarbilly


    2016 Shelby GTE Convertible delivery at Shelby American, Las Vegas, NV
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