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  1. Hey guys, thought you might be interested in seeing how much a very hot fire in a very old Historic building that was just in the plans by the town to restore it to it’s original looks of over 100 years ago before this nasty fire burned it and all it’s belongings down to ashes and melted steel. You can tell from this picture of a very old Harley Davidson and it’s surroundings it was a very hot & nasty fire. This building that got burnt-down was in a local family’s history for a long time and it was a storied landmark in this very small community of currently 150 residents of Zackow. This old historic building was currently occupied by Kreiger Customs who were really big and highly qualified in anything to do with 4-wheeling vehicles, especially all model Jeeps, wagonneers, and basically anything needed by the local four-wheelers, rear-ends, trannys, frames, etc. If your interested in some cool stuff and pics, check-out their face-book page. Also, there’s quite a few more pics of what that very hot fire did to some of the inside vehicles and equipment and other things like old gas pumps too, very sad loss for all concerned.
  2. Hey guys, here’s the last 5 of the 20 that were one-off designed cars from 1950 thru 1960 that were never seen on our public roads. These cars were designed by some very talented guys that had quite the imagination back in the day. Hope you all enjoy them, I know I did. Later guys! Mongoose
  3. My take on it, if that’s what makes you happy, go for it. It’s your money, your life to live, so do what makes you happy because you only live once and you can’t take it with you. Besides if you don’t spend it, someone else will, just saying..
  4. Very true, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself......
  5. Hey guys, my wife and I were cruising down the highway today to go visit my youngest daughter and son in law and my grandson, and as I always do checking out all the car lots along the highway. Well as I was cruising by a car lot on the right side of the highway something kind of bright and shiny that looked like orange-ish gold and like a old style “Hippie Van” all done up caught my eye as the sun was shining on it. I told my wife on the way home from my daughter’s house I wanted to check it out because you just don’t see those cool old vans anymore. Well, we stopped to check it out and took a couple of pics of it, very well done and totally restored 1963 Chevy Van with large chrome rims to boot, pretty cool for the day...
  6. Sounds like a dealer you can trust, and as I like to say as long as buyer and seller are both happy that’s all that really matters in the end, good luck to you sir..
  7. Hey guys, here’s 5 more pics of one-off designs from the 1950s to the 1960 era by some very imaginative auto designers, hope you all enjoy them, pretty cool in my book..
  8. It looks like you came up for some fresh air.......
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