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  1. Hey Viper, totally understand were your coming from, but if I’m being totally honest that steering wheel looks like it’s already being to busy and loaded with buttons and dials! Just Saying! You would have to study the layout of all controls and buttons on that steering and know them like the back of your hand with your eyes closed if you were in competitive racing and needed to adjust something in a moments notice! J.M.O. Later Viper! “GOOSE”
  2. Hey Keefer, they even still used the standard manual tranny to get that world speed Record!! 300.4 M.P.H. top speed and no paddle shifters needed!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  3. Hey Keefer, I’m thinking Slo Lane won’t jump to get the first ones out! As a total New car and design with a mid-engine layout, I think there might be a few Bugs left in the (Batter) to sift out !!! LOL. It might be better to play the wait and see game if he can hold down his excitement on wanting one! J.M.O. We all will just have to wait and see how it plays out in the end!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  4. Hey Slo Lane, “Great Post”, you said it way better then I could and I think every-body respects your comments and posts!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  5. Hey you two Jokers!! Yes, you guys are right, it does look like it’s got a nice stance to it! It looks like the Chevy Boys aren’t quite done playing (Hide & Seek) with the new C8, but it is getting closer to “Reality”!! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together! LOL Later Guys! “GOOSE”
  6. Hey Chris, glad everything is going good! What’s up with having Scorpions for your first visitors, and they weren’t even invited???? LOL We had to keep busy talking about the good old days while you were gone, and now it’s your turn!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  7. Hey Viper, thanks for the come back and info! Randy is a super test driver for some of the Mags, and he’s usually point on with his comments and doesn’t sugar coat it! And that is one thing I really like about him! I know he set a number of records at the Willow Springs Raceway, and one was with the “Awesome” ZR1 Corvette, and I really appreciated what he said about that super-fast car! He told the truth whether people like it or not! He said it’s Scary fast and that it could lose it at any time because it’s not quite the right set-up in the rear for all that power going to the rear! What he basically meant that the current set-up could scare the hell out of even the professional drivers that tested the car!!! Thus, enter the Mid-Engine C08!! Later Viper! “GOOSE”
  8. Hey Viper, you can have the “FASTEST” and “BEST” handling car out on the track, but if you don’t have the “BEST’ and “Smartest’ , Seasoned driver behind the wheel you will lose to slower cars with better drivers! This has been proven many times over in professional racing!! Speed is nice, but it isn’t the only factor involved in the out-come! Before we all judge these new cool cars lets give them a chance to prove what they can do out on the track with a professional driver like Randy Pobst may be behind the wheel!! J.M.O. “GOOSE”
  9. Sean, your still (Missing the POINT), you just don’t get it!! There’s a lot more to a car than just total speed! Some day if your “Lucky” you just might be able to become a “REAL” car guy yourself and become “ONE” with the car!! J.M.O. Sean: have a “GREAT DAY” and a better “Tomorrow”!!
  10. Hey Slo Lane, You brought up one of the major problems of the big blocks from all of the manufacturers back in the day! “EXTEREME” “HEAT” rolling off the Big Block Engines on a Hot “HUMID” day! Also, then if you shut it down for a bit to cool off, you would be very lucky if it was willing to turn over fast enough to start that Big Block again! You always had to make sure that you had a good starter!! Been there, done that! Here’s testimony for another reason why I loved my HI-PO small blocks!! They were some (Bad A$$) Mother’s, and alway’s usually ran about 180 degrees, so they kept their “COOL” too!!!
  11. Hey Slo Lane, don’t get me wrong, I always loved the (Ground Pounder’s 427 C.I. ) ,especially the 435 H.P. , 3x2 set-up! And, yes the carbs can become very touchy at times! I was brought up in the “VETTE WOLD” running the 327 C.I. , Hi-P0, small blocks, they were one Hell of a “SCREAMER” when they were tuned right!! In the past I’ve rebuilt and tuned many Holleys on my Vettes, but I still love my Holleys!! I will say this, when it comes down to “Awesome” Big block engines, I’ll take the 428 Super Cobra-jet, R-code w/ Drag-Pack , (Hands Down) all day long! That was one very “Awesome Engine”, it could do anything!! “YES”, your right, (Those were the Days)!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  12. Hey carnut12, every body has different opinions on the trannys and shifters and that’s cool! I just fairly recently bought a new 2018 Edge w/paddle shifters and a nice stand -up handle for the shifter!! It’s a very nice and fairly quick SUV. My wife and I like it alot, but we don’t use the paddle shifters and we don’t care for the “Rotary Dial” on the new Edges!! J.M.O. Also, as far as I’m concerned that (Sissy Looking) “Rotary Dial” doesn’t belong in a Cool performance car like the cool “Mustang”!!! The Shelby Mustang should have a shifter a (MAN OR WOMEN) can wrap their hand around and feel confident that it will get the job at hand done!! Again, J.M.O.
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