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  1. Hey Keefer, hope you have lots of fun and do a few donuts for me!
  2. Hey bud, glad your enjoying the sunny weather, I wish I could too, but we got a fair amount of snow overnight so I guess I’ll be snow blowing for a while after it’s all done. I basically agree with all you said about the SUVs, but once in a while to have a little fun I’ll put the tranny in (Sport Mode) and it actually is kind of fun on take-off. My Edge only has the 2.0 L. Eco-Boost engine, but I will say that’s one little peppy engine for sure in that mode! Also, I’ll say that at a starting MSRP. of $60.5K for the GT Mustang Mach E seems quite pricey to me, but again that’s just my own opinion on it. I hope your able to get your new C8 sooner than later bud and than you can tell us all about it! Hope you and the two “Bs” have a great time and enjoy the rest of the day!
  3. Okay guys, being were car guys and appreciate all brands of cars, you really never know for sure what were going to post. I like a lot of different brand cars, especially performance cars as most of us car guys do on here. We try hard to appreciate all cars, and yes we do have some varying opinions on some which is natural for all us car loving guys. Talking about all different types of cars is what trips our triggers! We may not always agree on certain things, like for example Ford naming their new electric SUV: Mustang Mach E. It’s a nice vehicle, but my only problem with it is that I wish Ford would of kept the Mustang and Mach name for a more befitting high performance type new Mustang Sports car for all us Mustang lover die hards. Were all entitled to our opinions, and this was mine! Also, I would feel the same if the Chevy Boys did the same thing to the Storied Corvette StingRay name, that just wouldn’t be very cool in my book! I had to take my 2018 Ford Edge in for scheduled maintenance yesterday at the local Ford dealer, so while I was waiting I scanned the car brochures and saw one on the new Mustang Mach E . I figured I would check it out to see what exactly it was like, so I read the brochure and it’s specks on it. Like I said before, I’m not big on it’s name, and it’s not my cup of tea, but with that said it looks and sounds like a very capable vehicle for some of Ford’s customers. J.M.O. I’m posting a few pics of the Mustang Mach E from the Ford brochure, I’m sure some of you will like them. Also, I just received my latest Car and Driver mag.February 2020 and it has a article and pics of the new Bronco, so I’m posting a few pics of the Bronco. I’m sure BB would like to see them because I think he has the “Hots” for the new Ford Bronco!!! Okay, later guys! Mongoose P.S. Pics. will be coming shortly!
  4. Thanks buddy, definitely could use some warmer weather. There’s a Winter weather storm warning out from 6pm. today till 6pm. tomorrow with 5 to 9 inches of blowing snow expected till it’s all said and done. Hey Mr. Lucky, have fun and take some cool pics and make sure you get more stats on the new C8R and any other info that’s relevant to it. The fun is just starting to get good!! Go Pack Go!!
  5. Hey Slo Lane, you should buy one and then get some sponsors and go racing!!! B and Bailey could be your pit crew, now that sounds like a plan, don’t ya think!
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