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  1. Hey Keefer, good for you for not smoking! You drink milk, you don’t eat fast food, so what and the hell do you feed “Darrell”, just wondering???
  2. Hey you two, it’s kind of cool in a way, but not my style. Every young “Hot Shoe” in town would want to race you when you come up to the lights, been there, done that, just saying!
  3. Hey you two “Jokers’, talk about cool cars, these cars were some of the coolest back in the day and to me they still are in my book. Hey BB, looky what’s on Dan Gurney’s car on the lower right rear fender; Dan Gurney for President... I thought you just might get a kick out of that on his No.15 Shelby Daytona Coupe, courtesy of Exoto.... The No. 80 car is the very cool and fast Corvette Grand Sport Coupe also by Exoto. '
  4. I’m not worried about the turtle, he’s fascinated with my wife...
  5. If Dan Gurney was still alive, (R.I.P.) I would definitely vote for him for President....
  6. Hey guy, that’s pretty cool, you have the very same “FORD” Bag Phone from back in the day! If “Honey West” would call, I would definitely answer it, she was Hot!!!
  7. Hey BB, I think that’s not a bad idea and I also think COZ would like that Tag on your “Garage Wall” because you spend a lot of your time in there, just saying!
  8. Okay, I won’t tell everyone that a “RED” car, especially sport cars is the best color for resale, and I won’t tell “Darrel” either. You know with all his hair you probably won’t see the color of the car anyways!
  9. Well, yes the dock is done now and I really made sure that I beefed this on up on being super sturdy, but now it weighs quite a bit and it’s super heavy and awkward to handle. The hard part is putting it back securely in our pond and not drowning...
  10. Sorry bud, it’s not my fault you’ve had so many cool cars over the years, it’s very hard to keep track of “ALL’ of them and their colors too!!
  11. Hey BB, I think “Darrel” is out looking for some snake oil to use on his new seats..
  12. Hey BB, thanks for posting where to view that very sad article for all us pet owners to see what could happen due to a very tragic mistake by a Veterinarian..
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