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  1. Hey Chris, Keefer’s new ride will be a 2019 ZO6!!! Oh, and it will be “RED”!!
  2. Hey Slo Lane, first off I didn’t know you had one on order, and at that time did you know for sure there was no manual available! Also, If you don’t mind saying, how much did you have to put down for your order! I guess I really didn’t think that you would want the very first ones out because of “Glitches”! I think in the end, your desire to be the “First Big Kid on the Block” to have that new “TOY” will win out in the end!!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  3. Hey Slo Lane, where did you see this?? I’m glad for you bud! Good things come to those who wait!!
  4. Hey bud, I clicked the arrow and it said this video is unavailable! What’s up with that???
  5. Hey bud, sold all the (Stinken-Lincolns) to a car guy that lives in Georgia!! Go Figure!!
  6. Okay guys, make sure you all have your “Towels” and let the “Drooling” begin!!! Sorry guys, sometimes I just can’t help myself!! “GOOSE”
  7. Okay Keefer, that’s just fine, but if it’s not the GT 500 or the C8 or C7 it must be one of the “Mopars’!! Hellcat Red-Eye, Angry -Bee, Scat-Pack, “Demon” or maybe a Helliphant powered car! I was just reading in a 2016 edition of Hot Rod that all the big Heliphant engines were sold out at $30.K each and the guys at Mopar said at that time no one was coming after them, so they were basically competing with them selfs!!! “Go Figure”!!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
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