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  1. Now that’s cool, the invisible man all wrapped up and hard at work.
  2. Hey Keefer, how about sending some of that beautiful sun my way and I’ll promise to send it back when I’m done with it.
  3. Hey guys, when your driving a really cool sports car, especially if it’s red, you’ll usually attract all the young hot rodders and also the gum-balls too..
  4. Hey bud, yes I feel a little sorry for that guy, he was really just admiring your cool car and then he got the urge to push it a little. I know you and I in the past probably have done this a few times our selfs, but were older and wiser now and not full of so much, excuse my comment, (piss & vinegar) any more. Also, considering all the hype and hoopla that surrounded the new C8 coming out, plus all the ads, comments, and magazines touting the 0 to 60 times of 3 secs or less, I really can’t blame him. He just wanted to be up close and personable.
  5. Yes, after a while the smell can really get to ya, and the sealer can splash really easy when your stirring or pouring it. Also it can be really fun to get off your clothes or shoes. Really not something we look forward to do every 3 or 4 years.
  6. Hey Slo Lane, don’t try and turn the spot-light on me, your the one that still needs to put more miles on your C8 to reach those 500 miles for break-in, you sure are really trying hard not to accomplish that milestone, what’s up with that????? Hey bud, it’s way past time to drop the Lincoln joke, it was sent to the crusher last year to be recycled for who knows what. In fact the last time I saw it, it was a big bale of metal pieces. Hey, I thought you said the C8 is really comfortable and a real driver’s car and would be a great car on a long trip, so with that said, what’s your excuse now???????
  7. Hey Keefer, I think that could be very do-able, but I think Slo Lane would have to lay down some plastic and napkins on the C8s driver’s seat before he try its!!!
  8. Hey bud, got ya and totally understand what your trying to say. It’s a totally new regime at GM now with new ideas and the electrification era is going to be huge in the very near future, so Gm has to stay at the very top of the game and keep looking into the future. But, in defense of some of those, so called (Old Farts) like Harley Earl, I really love the designs of his very cool and futuristic looking “Firebirds”. A designer coming out with cars like those at that time is just simply amazing, I would have loved to have a in-depth conversation with a designer with his talent, just saying!
  9. Hey guys, I just received my latest MOTORTREND mag. May 2020 and in it was a number of good articles and info, but the one that I really found interesting was Angus MacKenzie’s column: The Big Picture. The article: General Motors: The Incredible Shrinking Automaker. General Motors invented the modern automobile company and GM was founded in 1908. Henry Ford was the Bill Gates of the era, but Gm’s Alfred Sloan was in many ways the era’s Steve Jobs. He managed to make by adding form to function that helped make the automobile more than mere transport, that it could transform need into desire. GM didn’t just pioneer the auto design studio, but also the electric self-starter and automatic transmission too. GM also did the research on the catalytic converter and also the airbag. GM was also experimenting with electric and also autonomous drive systems before Elon Musk was ever born. GM was also helped design and engineer the only car to have ever driven on the moon too. For almost 80 years General Motors bestrode the automotive landscape like a colossus, but no more! GM had held the top spot on the Fortune 500 list for more than three decades. When GM CEO Charles “Engine Charlie” Wilson said in 1953 that he thought what was good for the country was good for General Motors-and, more famously, vice versa-it was simply accepted as fact. No more. GM crashed into bankruptcy on June 1,2009, the global financial crisis dealing a mortal blow to a company weakened by years of institutional arrogance and inept leadership. There was a recent announcement that GM is to shut down it’s Australian design, engineering, and sales operations in 2021-and retire the iconic Holden brand. GM largely has itself to blame, of course. but it’s still sad to see the easy confidence and vaulting ambition that enabled Harley Earl’s rocket-age styling. Ed Cole’s small-block V-8, Zora Arkus-Duntov’s Corvette, and a thousand other exciting products. And also, other innovations that transformed the automotive age is no more. General Motors once stood as an ambitious leader in the automotive landscape, embodied by, among others, Harley Earl, shown in the picture that I posted with his; Firebird I, Firebird II, and Firebird III. Sadly the GM that enabled his kind of iconic leadership no longer exists. Very sad to see all these cool innovative ideas and designs be gone forever. Hope everyone enjoyed this very informative article on how some things and ideas came about back in the day, or like I like to say; The Good Old Days!!! Old guys still Rule!!! Just teasing guys. Enjoy the very cool, Harley Earl’s Firebirds!
  10. That driveway looks long enough to do a few power burns and some nice black hooks too with the C8, then it will need another power wash to keep him busy and from getting bored. Then if he’s still bored he could give his big land-cruiser at the end of the driveway a good wash and wax too.... That should keep our buddy, Slo Lane busy for a while as he lets that nice C8 sit and as he’s trying very hard not to reach that 500 mile break-in mark... Hmmmm, I’ll give him credit, he’s trying pretty hard.
  11. Okay buddy, must be nice to have a 350 ft. driveway out of concrete, hell I got a 400 ft. driveway out of blacktop, the poor man’s driveway. But if your really bored I’ll let you come over and sealcoat my driveway by hand and that’s a real hoot for sure! P.S. I’ll event let you do all the crack filling if you have the time, now that’s what I call a real back-breaker and a hell of a lot of fun too! Ya right!
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