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  1. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Guys, just posting a few pics of different things. Hey Slow Lane, my cat was looking for your "little doggie"!!! LOL. A few pics of coke stuff for Slow Lane! One pic of a partial wall from my car room. Also a cool pic of a red 63 Split-Window Sting Ray. Also a pic of my wife's 1987 Mercury Cougar, 20th Anniversary Edition! We bought it brand new, and this model is a very rare and special car! We currently still own this beauty, and there was a total of about 5200. models produced! 5000 for the American market and about 200 for Canada market! This car is pretty cool because it also features a handling suspension similar to the Mustang GT of that year. It has Quad shocks, and beefier sway bars, front and rear, and also lower profile and performance tires. It also has some cool luxury items, like ultra-suede seats w/ red piping, cool embroidered emblems in the floor mats, digital dash, heated and powered seats. And also automatic dimming lights and a special paint w/ no clear-coat, and special emblems with gold coating among other items!!!!! P. S. Some of my pics didn't turn out!!! Later! "MONGOOSE".
  2. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slow Lane, I'll second Chris's opinion on that cool Video! It sure looked like that guy was having a blast driving the hell out of that Stang!!!! "Later! "MONGOOSE"
  3. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys: all of you are posting some really cool Mustangs and Shelbys from your awesome collections! There's a few that I never seen before, and I've seen alot in my time! I'll post some more pics in the near future after I get done fixing things around the house to keep the wife happy!!! Keep up the good work guys! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris, your right that blue 69 is pretty cool, it kind of reminds me of your "Gurney"! I don't think any of our guys collections can compete with the Mustangcollector's cars, ("He's the Man")! Like you said in the past, someone is always bigger and badder!!!! So we'll sit back and enjoy everyone's very cool collections!!
  5. Die-Cast collections

    To: Mustangcollecter, "You the Man"!!!! Thanks for posting some of your very "COOL" collection of Mustangs! A few of your cars I have never seen before like your Twister ll , and I really liked the 69 Shelby GT500 and your cool 2008 Shelby KR !!!! Always willing to see more cool cars!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  6. Goin' to Vegas!

    Relax and enjoy your time in Vegas and spend your money wisely! You'll be glad you did!!!! "MONGOOSE"
  7. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys, Chris, you have some pretty cool "BOSS CARS"!!! Your 1970 "Blue Boss" 429 is a real head turner! But my favorite pic is that cool Ford transporter truck with the Boss 429 on it's trailer! Also, yes I did know that you use to own a bike shop once and now maybe you'll get into your own toy store! Just think about it for a minute, you could have all different kinds of your favorite die cast surround you and at your fingertips all day long! It could be your "BIG Boy's Dream"!!! But, then again it reminds of what a buddy of mine used to say who fixed damaged fiberglass on vettes and also did a lot of custom painting. He did this on the side and he enjoyed it and was very good at it and it paid very good! He told me it was fun as a hobby and he could pick and choose the jobs, but if it ever had to become a full time job the fun in it would be gone! Well guess what, he lost his job and had to open his own shop, he did very well, but it wasn't as fun! Hey Slowwww Lane: You ain't no Hippy Dude! Where's the clothes, the colored granny glasses, the weed, the wild flowers on the Bug Bus, the slang! Well, as Bugs would say: "What's up Doc"!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  8. Die-Cast collections

    Very cool Dude! I see you got the main ingredients on the picnic table, Booze and Boom box! But, what's up with no chrome rims or porthole windows and some really cool graphics????? Can't be a Hippy Van without that!!! AHHHH, What's up Doc!!!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  9. Die-Cast collections

    Chris, you might be right on with your last sentence!!!!! But you do have eagle eyes even if Slow Lane doesn't think so! LOL And no , I didn't realize the difference between Hot Wheels and Matchbox, "Good Catch"!!!! You should open your own toy store! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  10. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris, the 70 1/2 Camaro Z-28 is very cool and desirable collectable both in diecast and in the Muscle car arena and it rates right up there with my 69 Z-28 that I use to show and race! And I always really liked the very cool El Camino SS 396 chevys, almost bought one quite a while back! All very cool cars in your Hot Wheel packs. I don't know if you remember, but I started out as a very big Chevy man! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  11. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris, very cool Dodge Hauler and cars! I like the way you did the Hot Wheel Gassers and the Mustangs. The GT-40 is always "cool", what size and brand may I ask? P.S. Slow Lane Mike is absolutely right, he is a expert in the slow lane!!!!! LOL
  12. KR Photo Thread

    Very cool! Congrats to your Senior! Hope he takes it easy on your Shelby!!!!!! "MONGOOSE"
  13. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys! I'm posting some more pics that I think you might appreciate even though there not Mustangs! This is a very cool limited edition of Hot Wheels, "Night at the Races"! It's around 1961 and Sprint car racing is popular on the 1/4 mile oval dirt tracks around the country. These cool Sprint cars are usually built and maintained by their owner and they usually run on a very low budget! Hope you enjoy the pics!!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  14. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys, all your cars are very cool! For some odd reason I can't help seeing "Red"!!!! I think Mustangcollector should win the Poster Boy of the month! Very cool, keep-um coming buddy! Hey Mike, The Jackie Gleason show was one of my Dad's favorite's, I have seen many of his shows in the past, and not because I always wanted too! LOL Your red SuperSnake is pretty cool, but that emblem on the side is hilarious looking in the size!!! And for some odd reason I get gas pains in my stomach when I see that pink cap on your air cleaner!!!! LOL Sorry, I just couldn't resist! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  15. I'll second Tony's and Chris's opinion on this latest posting by Shelby American on the Series 2 cars. "BIG BOY TOYS" at a "BIG BOY'S PRICE"!!!!!!!! It's intended for only a very few, but it's still cool that Shelby is doing this!!!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"