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  1. Will the real BB please stand up??
  2. Hey BB, very cool scooters! I saw one of those for sale at a local swap meet this past summer with those very wide tires. My oldest daughter and her husband ride electric scooters and boosted boards to get around in the San Fransico area and also to take to work sometimes and they love it!
  3. Hey Keefer, you were probably still wet behind your ears and still in your diapers...
  4. Thanks for sharing it! Yes, I loved watching this show and seeing that cool Corvette for sure! P.S. Loved that cool theme music too, brought back cool memories.
  5. Hey Slo Lane, keep looking out your front windows because there should be a Dump Truck full of that fluffy white stuff coming up your drive way anytime soon and dumping it in your front yard being your always talking about it. Hey, maybe you and Will can build your own snowman.
  6. Hey Keefer, thanks for posting that very informative video. It’s kind of funny as I was watching the video and the C8 was up on the dyno-rack I started to really notice that the C8 has a fair amount of “Junk” in it’s trunk..... Look-out, “Wide Load” passing! Sorry guys, I just couldn’t help myself..
  7. Hey Keefer, years ago before I was married and lived at home I drove my 64 Black Corvette Coupe through one nasty winter. When it was really cold out and I had to cross the railroad tracks by our house it nearly shook the teeth out of my mouth!!!! Talk about a ruff ride... P.S. The 64 Vette was actually pretty good in the winter.
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