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  1. Hey Falcon, maybe they’ll let us drive the Ford GT if we make-believe were big Ford haters, what do you think about that????? LOL Later bud! Mongoose
  2. Hey Falcon, a huge “Kudos” goes to you for posting two awesome pieces of automotive stuff we all can enjoy and get a big thrill out of, and you did all in one day! Those two cool pieces made my day bud, thanks again!
  3. Hey JJ, saw your post, so I figured I’ll put my 2 cents worth in. Just my opinion, but don’t worry about what other people think of your choice of wheels because you are the only one paying your hard earned money for them! Also, your the one that has to look at them all the time, so you get what “You” really like! Don’t worry about all the people not knowing anything about your car or what it really is, but I do understand where your coming from. I’m lucky enough to own a 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT and alot of people don’t know much about my car either because of low production and lack of advertising on it. Heck, even some Dealers have been known not to recognize they have one on their lot. So I’ll say you drive it, you pay for it, you maintain it, = (you get what “You” want!)! Hope this helps in your dilemma. P.S. Deffinitally hang on to all your stock parts that you take off, you just never know if they’ll come in handy down the road! J.M.O. Later! Goose
  4. Thanks again! Much appreciated by all of us car guys on here! Your more than welcome anytime!
  5. Hey Falcon: “Hell Ya”! Thanks alot for posting that super cool trailer for all us car guy lovers that are out there, especially “FORD” in this case! Today , you are the man of the hour with that awesome trailer, it really got my heart pumping, and I can hardly wait for more!
  6. +1 Sounds like a pretty good plan to me bud!
  7. Okay guys, it’s definitely a very cool futuristic designed car with extreme speed, but it’s not really how I want to “Roll”! Just saying !
  8. Thanks Falcon, pretty cool video, enjoyed it alot!
  9. Hey Slo Lane, thanks a bunch! Love the color “Red” especially on the always cool (mid year StingRays). It also has the cool factory side pipes. That design, especially the Coupes will always be one of my very favorite designs of all time in my ‘Book’!! J.M.O.
  10. Hey guys, it’a very cool fast car and it’s Red besides, but if I’m being totally honest, that grille has got to go! J.M.O.
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