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  1. Hey buddy, sounds like they did a awesome job on designing and building a very potent, and strong engine design to fit in the new C8. If I read between the lines right, it also makes me assume that the stated H.P. of 495 is actually a fair amount under-rated of what the real H.P. is! If I’m guessing right, it sounds like the true H.P. is more like around 520 H.P. or so. That’s quite a nice perk to find out about, not too shabby in my book! Hey bud, I think you’ll be very happy when you get to take a new C8 out on a vigorous drive. J.M.O. Later bud! Goose
  2. Hey bud, yes, it’s pretty cool, but please relax and quit your drooling, your getting way to excited bud. You got one in the bag, so you can take that to the bank with no worries! Yes, you can’t go wrong checking the Z51 package on the order form! Hey, one question for you bud, where are the cool aluminum finned valve covers????? Your going to do what? Take me to tranny school! Boy oh boy, I can’t wait!
  3. Hey Slo Lane, thanks for the reply back! $175K for that 66 Shelby, (Holly Crap), your right, these prices are starting to get way out of hand! At the rate these old Shelbys are going only the very rich will be able to afford these cool cars, and I don’t think Carroll would of wanted it that way! So I guess that Shelby clone that I told you about just might be a very good buy at that price! Later bud!
  4. Hey bud, thanks alot for posting this! Very cool stuff, George was a real icon, and he had a very vivid imagination! The customized 58 Vette is definitely a real head-turner, the only two things about it that would have to grow on me, is the ride height and the snorky looking nose. Hey, George Barris is famous and I’m not!
  5. Hey Slo Lane, look what I found! A 1965 Mustang Fastback Shelby Clone, and it’s pretty cool and looking great! Rare “K” code car,Hi-PO 289 engine, solid lifters, dual-point distributor,4bbl. carb, Tri-Y headers,4spd., 9” inch rear end, and deluxe pony interior. The pics didn’t turn out the best, but you still can see it’s a nice car! Hey bud, I asked you earlier about some thing and you didn’t comment, I’m still waiting!
  6. Hey Keefer, if it beats the humidity you get, then quit your complaining and put your “Big Boy Pants On”!
  7. Hey Keefer, don’t knock-it till you try it, you just might find that you’ll love it!
  8. Holy cow BB, talk about inequality in the auto industries. It’s David verses Goliath again! This brings me back to one of my favorite sayings: the Rich get Richer, the Poor get Poorer, and the Middle Class get screwed as usual!
  9. Hey Slo Lane, Exoto GT 40s are one of my favorite diecast, right behind my 1/12th scale GMP GT-40. Yes, I do have the Exoto GT-40 Like your #No.3 car, but without the No.#s. That 67 Mark IV GT-40 really had a mean and nasty sounding idle to it. I really love those cars, and I think there some of the coolest out there. Thanks for sharing bud! Later! Goose
  10. Animals can be really funny at times and bring alot of joy into all of our lifes !
  11. Hey bud, were all car guys here, what else are we suppose to do??
  12. Hey Andrew, your more than welcome bud!
  13. Hey bud, I don’t necessarily agree about a recession, because we really don’t need the stock market to go bonkers again and cause chaos! You are probably right about the crazy prices paid for the collector cars, but I still don’t think we need a recession to do it. You might not have money to lose, but alot of us do! Just saying bud! If you don’t mind me asking, what was the asking price of that cool, White 1966 Shelby GT-350, now that your not interested in it anymore?
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