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  1. Hey all you guys, check out the (Barn Find) video after 42 years of being stored! !968 GT 500 Shelby, White / blue, and no.# 388, bought originally from Koon’s Ford! The video is almost 20 minutes long and it’s pretty interesting to watch!!! (Check out the barn find post)! Later guys! “GOOSE”
  2. Hey Slo Lane, it’s kind of funny that you mentioned the A & W float for my wife because she hates the taste of them with the root beer and ice cream together! She really doesn’t like the Root Beer! I do remember enjoying them as a kid growing up. Years back there used to be a A &W called Barney’s, and when the Green Bay Packers would win, you could get like 10 hamburgers for $5.00!! The Yenko cars are always nice to see, and there pretty rare! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  3. Hey Keefer, thanks bud! Yes, your right it will be tough to get rid of the rare “CAT”!!! The “Bird” is gone, the “CAT” ate it!!!! LOL Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  4. Hey guys! I stopped at the local A & W Wednesday Car Show and took some cool pics for all you guys or gals to enjoy! There was one car that really stood out of the crowd for me, it was this really cool “Modded” 67 / 68 Mercury Cougar! It looked like the guy who built it didn’t spare any expense in the process. Very cool and nicely done all the way around! It really looks like it would be a super cool track car! It had a Roll Bar, custom harnesses, mounted camera between the seats for recording, custom dash with all the extra gauges installed, had a fuel cell and the battery in the trunk. It also had a very cool Mustang Cobra Series Engine under the hood which really looked cool in the engine bay. The car also had thick Billet Aluminum custom made hood hinges, Monte Carlo brace bar, custom tightening braces to tie it all in, and lots of other cool things to numerous to mention. I didn’t get to meet or talk to the owner, but I would of told him he did a awesome job on building it and it looked really cool to me! I would of loved to drive it, really looked like it would be a real blast to take it for a spin!!! LOL I would kind of liked to “Mod” our 87 Mercury Cougar 20th Anniversary because it’s got a 5.O Engine, handling pkg., quad shocks, and larger factory equipped sway bars! It was originally bought new for my wife and she doesn’t want me to change anything on it! I guess I can’t blame her because it is a very rare cool looking model with only 5,000. in the U.S. and 200 went to Canada! It’s time to make more room and something has to go, so I guess it’s going to be the Cougar that we babied for 32 years!!!! P.S. You can’t keep everything!!! Okay, enough talk, and on to the pics! Hope you all “ENJOY”!! There’s 3 pics of that really cool Cougar, and the last pic is of my 87, 20th Anniversary Cougar!!! Later guys! “MONGOOSE”
  5. Hey Keefer, my mistake, I must have forgot to wear my reading glasses again!!! LOL "GOOSE"
  6. Hey Riley, you lucky “BUM”!! Quit rubbing it in, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!! LOL Actually, that’s not really funny, because today I heard that nearly 2/3rds of sunscreen made isn’t even effective!! Go figure, very sad! Hope your still having a fun time, and have one for me! “GOOSE”
  7. Hey Keefer, I love the wide-body look on the Super Snake, but I’m not a big “Vert” fan or black wheels, J.M.O.! For that kind of “JACK” I would be seriously looking at something a little more exotic, but I won’t feel good spending that much on a new “TOY”!!! LOL Later bud! “GOOSE”
  8. Hey Slo Lane,no need to say thanks for the heads up, that’s what buddies are for!! I’m very happy with my No.#20 model out of 96 made and I feel lucky to have it! I’m glad you were able to get one too! Let me know when you get yours, and what No.# you get! When I saw the bottom of the car, I thought pretty cool that there trying to duplicate the undercarriage looking like it just came out of the factory with White overspray on top of Red Oxide primer! At first glance when my wife saw the bottom of the car with the White overspray she thought they should of cleaned that up! I told her no, that’s the original factory look, and not the over-restored look of cars you see today! P.S. I was lucky when I saw the original post on these rare, unique, special Shelby 350GTs for sale with only 96 being offered, because they were already for sale for about 4 hours before I saw them and put in my order! I knew something like this wouldn’t last long, and I wasn’t even sure that I would get one in time!! So, yes you are very lucky to get one too, and no “Thanks” is needed!!! So,please send the $164 as soon as possible!!! LOL Later Riley! “GOOSE”
  9. Hey Slo Lane, pics of the new Shelby GT 350 diecast are now up on the diecast site! Just curious, but I wish I could look into that back window area on the C8!!!!!
  10. Hey Slo Lane, as you can see I found the pic of the engine compartment and added it, and as you look at it you can see the light from my flashlight I used!!! LOL If you look hard in the trunk pic, on the left side, you should be able to just make out the serial No.# 0020 on that little plaque!! “ENJOY” the pics!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  11. Here ya go Slo Lane, you asked for them, and now you can enjoy them!!! I don’t think my pics did the car justice, and I also did them at night!! J.M.O. P.S. I’m missing the engine shot I took at night and used a flash-light to try and light the engine bay up more, so enjoy these pics while I try to see what happened to that one!! Later Bud!! “GOOSE”
  12. Hey Slo Lane, guess what I received today??? Yes, your right, but you’ll have to wait till later tomorrow because it’s to late to set them up tonight, and I have a appointment tomorrow! I will have some pics on later tomorrow! I looked over the Shelby GT350 photo-type pretty good, and to me the quality of everything including the paint looked pretty nice! It comes with a nice small informational pamphlet, and also a picture type style post card that’s signed by Chuck Cantrell and the head of ACME too! There were 96 built, and my car has the No.0020 plate, it’s located on the D.S. inside the truck, and behind the left tail-lamp! Very “COOL” model!!! J.M.O. Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  13. Thanks for the video “Riley”!! LOL The C8 sounds pretty good, so now you have to get a good pic of it’s (Mid-Engine)!!!! Later Riley! “GOOSE”
  14. Drive it like you stole it!! LOL Later!
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