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  1. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, glad your feeling better! I've been kind of busy lately on the C8 forum resizing pics of cars and stuff from shows and "Road America" pics. My pics resizing has been giving me a little trouble lately and not working the way I want and taking to much time! I will try and post some pics in the very near future after I figure it all out!Also, BB let me know that all his diecast is basically all boxed up for moving until his house is finished and then he can put together his (Man Cave)! Hey Falcon, you got some cool little cars there, the mustang, and of course the "Batmobile"! That blue 3D, 350R, as you said, is very different, but unique! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  2. The Lobby

    Hey guys, the 03/04 Mach 1 was a pretty good looking package, but I still have to go to my all time favorites in the "Mach1"!!!! The "69" & "70" Mach 1 are my all time (Favorite Mustangs), just as the 1963 Split Window, Corvette StingRay coupe is my all time (Favorite Corvette). And, you know what these "Super Cool Fastbacks", both Ford & Chevy have in common, the very famous designer, (Larry Shinoda) who is also credited with the famous "Boss 302 Mustang"! These cars are a couple of reason's why I'm a big (Ford & Chevy) fan, but I'm still very (open minded) and a fan of lots of the cars of the other manufacturer's products and I will promote this type of car culture to the day I die, because, I'm a (Car Guy)!!! Later guys! "MONGOOSE"
  3. The Lobby

    Hey guys, a old friend of mine who is a awesome painter and customizer and has done many show vehicles, he told me once , if you want a "Perfect Paint Job" don't come here because no paint job is totally perfect ! But, with that said, I totally agree with you wanting more quality work out of the painter and bodyman! If I was you, I would be totally pissed and giving him the car back and telling him if it isn't fixed right this time, you will be his (Worst Advertisement)!!! Wish you "Good Luck"! Later Doc! "MONGOOSE"
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slow Lane, give me a little time, you guys got me pretty busy right now on the C8 Forum posting my pics from my "Road America" visit, you know all the resizing and stuff takes a fair amount of time so please put your suspenders on and don't get your undies in a bundle!!! LOL P.S. "Baily" says he wants you to spend more time with him because he thinks you like your cars better!! Later Big Guy! "MONGOOSE"
  5. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slow Lane, that's a cool looking surfer woody wagon! Nice pic of the ocean breaking on the rocky edge. I still have more Hallmark cars and a few other kinds if your interested in seeing them, among many other items! Later Big Guy! "MONGOOSE"
  6. Die-Cast collections

    Hey all you "Ghosts", where ever your hiding!!! I guess it's only me here right now, so I guess I'll be talking to myself!!!! LOL Well, like I said before, you never know what I'm going to post in diecast! Today I'm posting some pics from Kiddie Car Classic's from Hallmark! I have a Champion Kiddie Car sitting in front of a cool "Kiddie Car Corner" (Billboard) that says, your now leaving and Thanks for stoppin by ... and hurry back! Then the other side : Cinder says... Fire's not a toy--Don't Destroy! I thought this stuff was pretty cool myself, you all know there's a kid in all of us!!! LOL. Hey Chris, how about posting some cool stuff and helping us out!!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  7. Ah, the good old days...

    Hey Man, "Awesome Pics"! Lots of cool cars, with lots of "Proud Owners" would probably make for a good time talking cars, "Nice"!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  8. Die-Cast collections

    First off , I would like to take a few minutes to pay my respects of the passing of one of our late great actors today: Mr. Burt Renyolds of the Smokey and the Bandit films and many others! I've had tons of laughs while watching him do his stuff in the movies and he will be greatly missed!!! (R.I.P.) Burt! Thanks Slow Lane for posting those cool pics and helping us out because we could use more input from "All us Car Guys" that frequent these forums! Again much Appreciated! Later Big Guy! "MONGOOSE"
  9. Shelby Party

    Hey guys, I love hearing about all the old stories that famous guys like "Peter Brock" tell about the great "Daytona Cobras" and the Historic Races of the past and seeing all the very cool cars is the icing on the cake!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  10. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, thanks for your nice comment on my daughter's drawing of my 64 StingRay interior. She's currently the Senior Industrial Designer wear she works! I too, wish I had the talent to draw, but I know that ain't happening!!!! LOL. Falcon: I'm posting two pics with the stories that go with them, and there both for the same cool article. I hope you'll be able to read the whole story for the article because it's pretty cool what some people will do with their life, and also contribute to selfless acts of kindness and not want any monetary gain for them selfs!!! This article was in a Senior Lifestyle magazine on hobbies and other things to do, and when I saw the cool article, I thought you would probably really like the story about this gentlemen! Hope you enjoy it! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  11. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, I'm posting a couple of pics, and there not diecast, but I hope you still like them, I know I do! One pic is of No.95 "Lightening McQueen", and it is still in it's original box hanging on the wall in my car room and its gives a different perspective of things I like, Steve McQueen! I bought it a few years back on clearance because I thought it was cool! The other pic is a pencil illustration of the interior of my 64 Corvette StingRay done by my youngest daughter while she was a art student in high school. And of course, in my eyes it's "Awesome"!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  12. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, that's some pretty cool illustrations of the "BatMobile" and "SuperMan"! Very nice pieces for your cool collection of "BATMAN" memorbila! The person who did the cast sculpthure had quite a unique imagination! "Pretty neat piece"! P.S. I also just put the word out that we could use some more input to this thread from the rest of the "Car Guys"! We'll have to wait and see if they want to contribute!! Also, Falcon, Brent the "Artist" that I mentioned, can be found at www.brentcrabbart.com! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  13. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, yes a blue interior would be unique and the pearl looking paint does look good on that car! We'll have to try and get more interest for this site! Also,when my wife and I were at our local "Art Street", a long time childhood friend of my younger brother and me is usually always invited to participate in "Art Street". He is a very talented "Artist" in the pencil illustration field. I don't know if you collect Batman and Robin pics, but this Artist (Brent), has a pretty cool looking pencil illustration of Batman and Robin together! It's pretty cool and he sells prints of it. My sister and I both own some of his very cool work. He has quite a few different people illustrated in pencil, like Ozzy Osborne, Wille Nelson, John Wayne, "Adam's Family"(Morticia& Gomez), Marilyn Monroe and lots of others! He is a very good artist and it is his fulltime job! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  14. Die-Cast collections

    That 70 Boss 302 is looking pretty good, especially with the cool "Shaker" and red line tires. It looks like it's a fully decked out Boss with all the cool goodies,rear slats,trunk spoiler, large chin spoiler,twist lock hood pins, graphics, and Magnums. I'm not sure, but it looks like it is painted a metal flake white custom paint, non-stock, but it looks nice! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  15. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, very cool Stangs! The Kalifornia Kustoms ones, I'm not really familiar with and your 70 Mach 1 in the green color might be kind of rare. The four decades of Pony Power is a nice looking display! P.S. I'll try and post some pics a little later and I'll also mention to BB and Mach 1 how about posting some pics! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  16. The Lobby

    Thanks for the very cool article, and congrats to Jim Hardy! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  17. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon and who ever else is out there! Ya never know what I'm going to come up with, so here we go again with "Ed (Big Daddy) Roth. This is a Hot Wheels, "Custom Series by the "Big Daddy" (Ed Roth), who used to be known as the "Crazy Painter" in his earlier years. Ed was also the creator of the famed "Rat Fink" and 'Wild Child". This is a Custom Set of 4 vehicles that "Big Daddy" made Famous over his 40 year career! This set goes from the Mildest to the Wildest: starting with the 1) 1956 Ford F-100 Pick up, 2) "Road Agent", 3) "Mysterion", and 4) the very cool "Outlaw". Hope you'll enjoy "Big Daddy's" cool sense of styling, because I know I sure do!!!!!! P.S. He was the" Baddest" !! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  18. Ten Year Anniversary

    Hey guys, the difference between Men and Boys is the "Price" of the Toys! They should of also added, the difference between Men and Boys is the "Price" of "Storage" for their Toys!!! LOL Later! "MONGOOSE"
  19. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, I guess it's you and I for a while until they get bored with what ever there doing now! I'll try and post something later! "MONGOOSE"
  20. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, very cool Shelby dioramas, I've never seen those before, or I would of had one by now! My loss, your gain! LOL P.S. I wonder what happen to "All" our previous (Diecast Lovers) that were on this site? I guess they all must be to busy with other things to help keep this cool site going and contribute to it!!!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  21. David's NEWS ROOM

    Hey Keefer, It sounds like Ford is planing on making some changes to the Mustang and will be delaying it's debut! Also, it kind of sounds like they may add a little more weight to the car. I'll bet you don't want to wait much longer! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  22. Ten Year Anniversary

    That's "Awesome" Viper, when you have a car that you really like to drive and it gives you the big "Fun Factor" it's alot harder to give up! I really get attached to my cars, and their almost like Family to me, so it's a lot harder to sell them! Later!
  23. I too , experienced the corrosion and bubbling of the paint on my wife's 06 Mustang on the left front edge of the hood. Took it to the selling dealer's bodyshop, and the car was already out of warranty, so they really didn't want to do anything about, but the manager was trying to be nice, and we did buy a fair amount of cars from that dealer. So after a little more convincing by my wife and I, the manager said they would meet us half-way on the cost of a repaint on the hood, so we decided to go that route. Then about 2 years later we decided to sell the Stang and you could just start to see the bubbling paint starting to come back again in the same area as before! This hood had no hood pins in it, and I think it was just poor preparations by the factory of the paint process, also the manager some-what admitted that the bodyshop really hadn't had proper training in handling the aluminum painted hoods bubbling and corrosion. I told the manager that I kind of find that kind of funny because Ford had recently announced their new F-Series were going to be made out of Aluminum, so I looked at the manager and wished them good luck with that!! P.S. If you are the type of collector that wants to keep your "Prized Car" Pristine and Flawless" for a long time , I think you might want to use some other material for your hood than aluminum, unless they can get better with their paint fix in the near future!!!!! LOL. J.M.O. Later! "MONGOOSE"
  24. Ten Year Anniversary

    Congrats to you Mr. Miller, and you have a beautiful Shelby GT that I bet puts a huge smile on your face when you drive it! I know mine does every time, these really cool cars are a Hell of a bang for the buck!!!! "Enjoy the Ride"! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  25. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon: I thought of you Saturday when my wife and I attended our local Art Street which was full of talented artists and crafters from all over the country. There was all kinds of paintings offered, prints, etc. One talented artist had a really cool fairly large painting of your favorite car, the "Bat-Mobile" and even my wife thought it looked really cool. It had kind of really cool reddish colored flames coming from the Bat-Mobile's exhaust stacks! I would of bought it for you to buy, but not for the price they had on it, $199.00 , and I don't walk around with that kind of pocket change on me!!!! LOL Later! "MONGOOSE"