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  1. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys, "RAT FINK" was mad at me for leaving him out of my previous post!! So with that said, here he is : "RAT FINK"!
  2. Die-Cast collections

    What the hey! Batmans back, Supermans back, Aquamans back,Wonder Woman back, Green Hornet back, Jack is back, Chris is back , mach1 is back, Keefer is back, Goose is back, Hell even "RAT Fink" is back driving a "Custom Batmobile""!!!! LOL Later! "GOOSE"
  3. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, Tell Chris I really miss him on here and I hope he and Gina are doing well!!!! "GOOSE"
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, first pics are (DOGS), "Blaze" is on the left and "Nick" is on the right. Next pic is my "COOL" (Flying Eyeball) to help you "SEE" better!!! LOL Next pic is a (CAT), it's "Ace" on my 1/12 scale, 58 Corvette. Last pic is of two (Cats), "Dexter" is on the left, and "Ace" is on the right!!! I hope this helps your "Vertigo" so you can identify the difference between Cats and Dogs!!!! "Baily" is worried that you'll think he's a "Alligator" and you'll throw him in the pond!! Hope my "Flying Eyeball" helps you see better, buddy!! Also, what did you do with Chris, and do you and Chris have the same (Eye Doctor), because if you do, I think I would check some other ones out!!! P.S. If you decide to check another one out please let "Bonnie" do the driving because who knows where the hell you would end up!!! LOL Now that's "FUNNY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry! I was on a (ROLL AGAIN), I just can't help myself sometimes!!!!!! Later! Knock-Knock, who's there? "GOOSE"
  5. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, there's no way you would have seen those signs before because I just bought them yesterday, and I posted them on here and the C8 forum! LOL
  6. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Guys, you too Slo Lane if your able to read this, or do you still have "Vertigo"!! LOL Okay, enough funning! Here's a few pics of some "Cool" Hot Wheel cars that I bought at Meijer's tonight, and I also picked up these really "Cool" signs!! My wife peeked in my shopping bag!!! LOL Later! "GOOSE"
  7. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, I'm starting to think you really do need "Glasses" because that's my Collie "Nick" in that first picture, and not my cat "Ace"!!! LOL Your starting to worry me that you don't know the difference between a cat and dog!!!! Please take a few minutes and study "Baily", (He's a real "DOG") !!! Hurry up and make that "Eye Doctor" appointment!!!!! (Now that's FUNNY as HELL)!! LOL. Boy, I love it when a plan comes together!!!! LOL SEE "Spot" ( )!!!!!!! Now that's also very "FUNNY"! "GOOSE" P.S. Sorry Slo Lane, I just couldn't help myself once I got on a "ROLL"!!! Got to go shopping now and buy some more "Rolls" !!! Later!
  8. Die-Cast collections

    Hey you car guys were ever your all hiding!!! LOL Here's some cool pics, (Not Die Cast) but they're still pretty cool in my book! The first pic is a cool (Jim Beam) Bourbon Whiskey Decanter, and it's still full, also that's "NICK" our Rough Collie with that 1955 Corvette Convert! Next two pics, same car different angles. The next three pics are of my 1963 Silver Split Window, (Jim Beam) Bourbon Whiskey Decanter, and that one is full too!!! P.S. I also have many more different years Corvette Decanters that were presents from my "Better-Half"!!! Hope you enjoy them! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  9. Die-Cast collections

    Model Cars???? Or do you mean other kind of models???? LOL Later! "GOOSE" P.S. You had the (MODELS) last, so where did you leave them???? I won't tell on you!!!!!!!
  10. Die-Cast collections

    Present from my wife a while back, and she doesn't remember where she got it! "MONGOOSE"
  11. Things to look out for

    I've been storing my cars for a long winter's nap for a lot of years, and Sea-Foam is a excellent product to use for a number of things! Also, I some times use Sta_Bil fuel-stabilizer, usually it recommends 1 ounce for every 2.5 gallons of gas. To store the car I put the Staff-bil in and then fill it up with Premium, and I also pump up the tires between 10 and 15 lbs. more for storage and prevent flat-spotting. Then I make sure I get the car hot and up to it's normal running temp. to get out any moisture in my oil and also in the exhaust pipes! Then I back it in the garage over plastic and wood over a cement floor, then when your done put a trickle charger on the battery! It works for me every year! Good luck with your car! "MONGOOSE"
  12. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Guys, here's a couple of cool pics! One is a very cool Corvette wall hanger of a bunch of different year old style corvettes that are accented by a cool Red Neon Tube light! The other pic is of a Custom Red, highly customized 63 Corvette Split Window by Muscle Machines! Later! "GOOSE"
  13. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, Scalextric cars are usually pretty cool and sometimes a little pricey! Your Gulf Set is pretty cool looking, nice colors, graphics, and striping. Years ago when I was a young teen my buddies and I would take our slot cars downtown to race them at the local track, very cool! When I was real young I got my first H-O electric racing car set that I really wanted and I'll never forget the two cars that came in that cool set! One was a very cool , White, 63 Split Window Corvette, and the other car was a cool, Red, 66 Jaguar XKE and the two controllers had real cool chrome steering wheels to use on top of them! I Loved that cool race set!!! P.S. I guess we'll just (Little Boys) inside that never really grew up!!! LOL Later! "GOOSE"
  14. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, very "COOL" pics of some of your "Stash"!! Really cute pics of your grandson, he looks like he's having a lot of fun! I count around 10 mustangs that I could see! Pretty cool Christmas Villages, and I really like the UPTOWN MOTORS! Your big green delivery truck is pretty kid friendly and looks like it's made like a Sherman Tank!!! To bad the new toys are made so cheaply now! That silver looking cigarette ash tray stand looks like one that my Dad used to use when he smoked in the house, it was very heavy and well made! P.S. You should buy that very "COOL" (GOLD) FORD GT-40 , and you would be the only one to have one!!! A real (CROWN JEWEL) in your "COLLECTION"!!! Hey Slo Lane, we could call you : Golden Eye, Nah, or Golden Finger,Nah, or how about just : (MR. GOLDEN) !!!! LOL Now that's (FUNNY as HELL)!!! Later! "GOOSE"
  15. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris, tell Slo Lane he slacking on here posting ! I thought he might of enjoyed seeing the cool Georgia Shaker and then a few of the SEMA-PICS, but he doesn't even bother to take the time to comment on any of it or even post any pics or comments!!! What's up with that "DOC"???? Later! "GOOSE"
  16. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, now that's FUNNY!!!!! Here's a few pics for you to enjoy that my neigbor's wife took at the SEMA Show this year!! There's about 4 pics and two of them are very "COOL" Special Mustangs!!! The Blue one is the very "COOL" Shelby SUPER_SNAKE, and the other is the "AWESOME" (COBRA_JET)!! Hope you enjoy!!!
  17. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Chris, that Gold Piece sounds right up Slo Lanes Alley!!!! LOL
  18. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, a long time back I met this big local Corvette expert and he invited me and my girlfriend (now my wife) over to his shop and showed us around. Sitting in his shop was a bright green metal flake 63 Split Window Coupe. He told me that it really was a combo of a 64 & 63 put together to look like a true 63 Split Window and they were planing on selling it out of town!!!! "Go Figure"!! Later! "GOOSE"
  19. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, It's kind of funny you mentioned back in the day who cared back then! It reminds when the "COOL" 63 Split window Corvette came out and some of the car magazines trashed the car because of the back window was very hard to see out of !!!! Actually some owners even cut the split out of their 63 Split Window Coupes!! Needless to say they eventually decided to put the split back in because of the rarity and "Huge" collector value!!! Later! "GOOSE"
  20. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, totally understand where your coming from! It's really all about the "Demand" for that cool fastback look even though you had that totally awesome engine under the hood! Sometimes life sucks, and isn't fair when it comes to what's desirable and the rarity of it!!!!! P.S. You just have to find the right buyer, because he's out there someplace!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  21. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, any body that would pay $180. for a few cents of plastic, whether it's rare or not, should go get their head examined!!!! There can be a big difference between "Rare" and "Desirable". Lets say you have a 67 Mustang, 3 speed stick, 6cyl., with a bench seat, is it rare, yes, is there a big demand for it, "NO"!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  22. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, I was kind of wondering if the WW plane was a invisible one, but I really couldn't tell for sure, cool! Yes, it's kind of funny what people will pay for certain items on Ebay. I too thought the "Rat Fink" Batmobile was pretty cool, but as you said way to pricey!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  23. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, glad you enjoyed the "Rat Fink" Batmobile, Custom by (Muscle Machines). I thought it was pretty cool because "Rat Fink" by "Big Daddy" (ED ROTH) was pretty popular when I was a kid! It was on Ebay used a few days back and it wasn't cheap! It might still be on there! You have some "Cool" cars, especially the Boss Hoss in the special color paint! The "Gulf Color" is always very cool, especially when it's on one of my favorite cars, GT-40!!! P.S. I think it looks like your Hot Wheel's Wonder Woman package might be missing a jet possibly! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  24. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys, The next 4 pics are mainly meant for Falconman and the "Land-cruiser Dude" , Slo Lane! The first pic is pretty cool in my book and I know "Falconman" will love it! The other 3 pics are for that (Georgia Guy and Ford Lover) , Ole Slo Lane...... Hey Guy, I thought you might enjoy the "Georgia Shaker"! It's a GMP 67 Fairlane, (Hubert Platts),Georgia Shaker,1/18th diecast! Hope you all enjoy the pics! Later Guys! "MONGOOSE"
  25. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Slo Lane, your right about "Baily" getting darker around her face. I personally think her look is getting better with the darker shades on her face! J.M.O. P.S. My two boys love to steal just about anything and than they get in a big power struggle to see who ends up with it! If you didn't know any better you would think from their sounds they were killing each other! "Stupid Dogs", but kind of funny! "GOOSE"