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  1. Hey SoCal, I’m totally with ya on that stupid knob thing! Something like that doesn’t belong in a “Performance Car”!! J.M.O. “FORD” you got your (EARS & EYES OPEN)!! Later SoCal! “GOOSE”
  2. Hey Black SGT, you got the ball rolling and started it off, all we did was a little sugar coating! Some of the Dealer’s go a little higher for different reason’s, some are a little greedy at times and don’t truly understand the car’s current value! Also, they usually take trade-ins, so they mark their car up to account for that, and still come out good in the money! There is still good buys out there, but you really have to study the “Current Market” trend on these cool cars! J.M.O. Later Black SGT! “MONGOOSE”
  3. Hey Slo Lane, yes a Boss 302 in Red / Black stripes was a super looking car too! I’ve had a couple of friends in the past that owned the Yellow Bosses! My cup of tea, as far as a very cool color that really stands out after it is polished, and it’s hard to beat the looks is either a very deep Black, or a very cool deep Red, or a Blood Red on a Ferrari!! P.S. Black paint is totally cool when it’s polished, but it usually is dirty the same day! Also very hot when sitting in the sun!! The 70 Mach1 that I showed, when I first bought it was gloss Black w/ gold striping and it was my wife’s car, I already had my car, a 69 Z-28 Hugger Orange / white stripes that I showed and raced! We sold the 70 Mach1 a few months later and then bought it back a few years later totally “Restored”, and now it was “Candy Apple Red” w / Black stripes, very sharp looker! Later Slo Lane, theirs your car story for the day!! “GOOSE”
  4. Hey you guys, thanks for the reply and support on my assessment of the current values of the Shelby GTs! I currently own a 2008 Vista Blue Shelby GT and I absolutely love driving that cool car and pulling a few gears and a (SMILE) coming on!! LOL. The Shelby GTs, (Like I’ve said before) are a great bang for the buck car to enjoy vigorously or just tool around! To be totally honest, in my “opinion”, I feel at this time in the (Market) they are “Under Valued” cars, and a great buy/to keep and enjoy for your self! The other good buy would be a super nice , low mile Factory Supercharged Shelby GT/SC, a very fast and rare car for the Money! J.M.O. P.S. If any body really doubts my assessment on the “Value” of the SGTs, I would talk to BB first, because he can tell you first hand, and he’s very informed on these cool cars!! Later Guys! “MONGOOSE”
  5. Hey Slo Lane, reminds me of my 70 MACH1 that I use to show in judged shows. Candy Apple Red with / Black, 351 Cleveland, Shaker,Slats, all Spoilers, with the cool Mag caps! That car was probably the (Best Looking) Mustang I ever had!! It’s very hard to beat “Candy Apple Red” in a show, it really was a (Real Looker)!! Later Bud!
  6. Hey Slo Lane, I’ve gotten quite a few of those reminders from “FORD”, and the one that I posted was from about 3days ago! It’s kind of funny in away how Ford does this, because a while back I went down to the Dealer and had them order a “Recall Kit” for my car! They said it would probably be 3 to 4 weeks, called back at around 6 weeks and haven’t heard any thing since, and that was before “Winter”!! Right now there’s still “SALT” on the roads so my car is going nowhere any time soon!! 😜 Hey, Slo Lane, I’ve had three 64 Vettes, and you didn’t mention which one to talk about!! LOL I got a better idea, how about “YOU” telling us about some of your cool stories while cruising the streets of Detroit!! P.S. My typing finger is getting a little tired, remember I’m just a plunker on the keys, and I’ve been plunking quite a bit lately, your turn, Buddy!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  7. Hey Falcon, thanks for the “Humorous” post, it made my day!! I heard yesterday that Ford is going into the “Electified” field with SUVs, (Big Time)!! Also, it sounds like their shifting a little more out of the (Self driving cars) to full bore Electric Vehicles! I guess their also redoing or converting one of their big Plants near Detroit to get theirs plans going! I really hate to say this, but I think the “Mustang” marque and possibly the “Mach 1” are in danger of “FORD” using them on new vehicles (SUVs), probably Electric, that don’t deserve or have earned that storied name “MUSTANG”!! J.M.O. P.S. Come on “ALL” you (Die Hard) “MUSTANG” lovers, (FORD) says they listen to us, so let’s tell them that using the “MUSTANG” marque on something other than a “REAL” performance MUSTANG, just isn’t “COOL” in are BOOKS!! Let’s stick together “ALL” you car guys and do whats right!! Again, J.M.O. Hey “FORD”: are you listening, do you have your( EYES & EARS ) “OPEN”!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  8. Hey Keefer, thanks for taking the time to play my game for a little “Humor”!! I hope you had a good laugh when you found out the answer!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  9. Thanks for the reply: shelby001!! I was lucky enough to see the cool video of the prototype at the bash! I’m “OLD SCHOOL” when it comes to the two different Trannys :(Auto + Paddle, verses Manual- STICK) that are usually offered in todays vehicles! Today, some of the buyers, all they have on their mind is fastest speed and the fastest shifter to get there, but, some of us still really “Appreciate” the old (Seat of the Pants ) feel that only the (Manual), J.M.O. can do this for you and it also makes you more connected (Fun Factor) to the car and what your able to do with it with that “Awesome” stick in your hands!!! The feeling of controlling that “Monster” under-neath you is very hard to duplicate, and it really gets the “Adrenaline” flowing, and it really doesn’t get better than that!! Again, J.M.O. P.S. Hey “FORD”, Two trannys offered are a lot better then one, and you’ll get alot more buyers of your cool Shelby GT500!! Hope your “LISTENING”!! Later! “MONGOOSE”
  10. Hey BlackSGT, I felt I really had to pipe in on your over zealous price of $30K for the right buyer! In all honesty, a seller in today’s market would have to wait a very, very long time to come close to that kind of Money!!! J.M.O. Now if it was a Supercharged Factory Shelby GT for $30K that would be a very good buy!!! In reality, in today’s market, I would venture to say, LOW ($22k), to HIGH ($25K) !! J.M.O. If you look back on this forum what some very nice Shelby GTs with super low miles went for in the end, when they finally did sell, you just might be surprised!! I know that I was!! I’m not trying to but a damper on the price, I’m just trying to be realistic in today’s market!! “Just Saying”. P.S. If I was looking in todays market , Hell, I’d buy it!! “But”, there are exceptions at times, and I always like to say: as long as (Buyer & Seller) are “HAPPY”, that’s all that really counts in the end!! All you car guys up in Canada have a Great Day, and say Hi to my car buddy Keefer and I hope he’s feeling better!! Later Guy!! “MONGOOSE”
  11. Okay guys, I said I’ll let you know the answer by the day’s end, but just to let you know, I’m a little disappointed that no one guessed it!! The “Answer IS” this is the back of the new and latest “FORD” Air Bag Recall Post Card!!! Sorry guys, I couldn’t make it to easy for ya!! 😜 P.S. I guess I win , but that’s not the out-come I was really looking for!!! LATER Guys! “GOOSE”
  12. Well, I don’t know about the rest of you members, but I want to voice (My Opinion) on the New Shelby GT500 getting a third pedal not to far down the road!! “FORD” says it listens to the Mustang , (FORD Faithful), and wants to know how we feel, so if your with me, lets tell them now we would really “Appreciate” the feel and power of that “Awesome” new Shelby GT500 with a “STICK SHIFT” to play with!!!! P.S. “FORD” you got your (EARS ON)!!! “MONGOOSE”
  13. Hey Keefer, being you had the closest guess so far, I’m going to give you a very big clue, it’s inside the Mustang!! P.S. don’t think to hard!! Let the guessing continue!! “GOOSE”
  14. Hey Slo Lane, you guys are hilarious! Think hard about it being able to fit inside a (Bread Box)!! Also, it’s car related, so guess again!! You’ll laugh when you find out!!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  15. Sorry Tech, wrong answer! Hint; It can fit inside a (Bread Box)!! All you guys are going to have a good laugh when you find out the answer!! Keep guessing! Later! “GOOSE”
  16. Congrats Len! Enjoy your New “BIG BOY” TOY! It’s looking great in your garage! Later! “MONGOOSE”
  17. Hey Keefer, your very close to the answer, because it probably would fit into a “Bread Box”!!! “Great guess” so far, keep it going, your very close!!! Keep guessing!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  18. Hey Slo Lane, if Bonnie doesn’t care, I know I don’t mind! Humorous pics can go a long ways too!!! P.S. More guesses please!! “GOOSE”
  19. Sorry, wrong guess Slo Lane, please try a few more times, it really isn’t that hard if you really think about it. I’ll post the answer later tonight and I think all you guys will be a little surprised at the answer, because it really isn’t that hard!!!! I’m just trying to put some “Humor” into this forum and funning with you guys, so please guess some more!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  20. Hey Chris, so far you have the “Best” guess!! Please try a few more guesses, and if no one gets it by tonight, I’ll post the answer, but I think it might surprise you guys! P.S. It really isn’t to hard to figure it out if you think real hard about it!! A little “Humor” can sometimes go a long ways!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  21. Hey all you guys, and Slo Lane, Keefer, Chris, and the rest of you! “What’s up” , is every body “Chicken” to take a guess??? Come on, make my Day!!! LOL
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