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  1. awesome... I never knew that so when I go I will park my Shelby there.. that's so cool.
  2. thanks guys.. yes it is garage kept and I have an alarm on the house and the separate garage. Ya all right save the money, crime on stolen cars on mustangs not that bad in this area.
  3. Far as I know all 580, ya there are 580 built, I have 1 Racing Red 750hp, are built. So now would be nice to see where and how many of each color and 670hp and 750hp are there. I have CSM17000161.
  4. Never knew Ford had that, guess I need to read the manual more. Thanks
  5. Yes it's garage kept and the garage is not attached to the house and is behind my house.
  6. Ok thanks, trying to see how many racing red 750hp were made but I am sure everyone else is wondering how many of theirs were made.
  7. Thanks for the input, still deciding, around here in Florida most thieves have tow trucks they just slap it on a flat bed and gone. Several Camaro owners I saw on ZL1 Exclusive forum cars were stolen. The sales person at ford when I bought the Mustang he suggested to have it put on.
  8. I am considering getting LoJack for my 2017 Mustang Super Snake 50th Anniversary. Wondering how many on the forums have LoJack on theirs?
  9. Does anyone have stats on the 580 made of the 2017 Shelby Super Snake 50th Anniversary Mustangs made. Like how many each color, how many 750 package, wide body, what states they could be in and anything else people would want to see? Just curious maybe others are too.
  10. I use windows paint program, select resize and then select pixels and drop the pixels to 800 x 640 or close then resave as different name so I don't mess up the original. They only allow 502KB file I believe. Hope this helps.
  11. yes.. everyone always ask me that so funny.. it's a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica by Factory Five with a 2003 Mustang GT Mach 1 drive train.
  12. Yes finally got mine 2 weeks ago. Got 240 miles on her now and wow lots of fun. The car is more than I expected. I haven't tried everything out yet but all seems to be working like it should. I do have small issue with the hood seems that the hood latch could be adjusted down some more. The hood right where the latch is is up about 1/8 of inch and you can push it slightly and it matches perfectly. Besides that I haven't found anything else. If you want to see my delivery check it out at http://www.youtube.com/wazoo919 and the sound of my 1st start. Subscribe to my channel and you will get updates when I upload new videos. I will try some more soon. Love my Super Snake.
  13. I have more videos coming as I drive her more so subscribe to my youtube channel youtube.com/wazoo919. If there anything anyone wants to see closer or more of let me know I'll put it in. Just love the car. http://youtube.com/wazoo919
  14. Close up video of the outside of my Super Snake.
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