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  1. Black and Gold and badged as GT-H on anything but a Hertz = NO !
  2. Thanks for that info guys, I didn't know that the plaques were not attached at SA. The ebayer's pic seems to show a dash in the back round which is also confusing. But at least this is a real plaque ? I wonder where these cars and owners are. Are they in the Registry ? I would think these owners would want them. I have a 2016 GT-H bought from a Hertz licensee. It has the plaque attached. Were the 2016's done the same way with the plaques separate to be attached by the owner ?
  3. I emailed the seller and asked - What is the condition of the plaque, does it come with the dash in the backround in the picture, and what did he know about it. He answered " It is brand new, never been attached, I got it from another beater ." I emailed back - How can that be ? If it is real, it would have been attached to car 06H0006 when it was built .And I see some scratches and a dash in your picture. Never got an answer.
  4. Has anyone offered die cast or model of the 2016 GT-H ? I would like to own one and wondering if there is one available or will there be one ?
  5. Shelby has the 2016 GT-H mats in stock. Just got mine. $ 200.00 + shipping.
  6. blz57 - Thanks for that news, I will call Mon. My mats got ruined by somebody - a mechanic ? with very greasy boots. As for parts, I am thinking about the upper and lower grills - Mighty pricey for chicken wire - but it is what it is . And I'll bite- What are the "blades" ?
  7. There are many sellers out there with all kinds of Shelby mats for sale - GT -350, GT-500, Super Snake etc. - all with Shelby snakes and logos. Somebody must have permission to do this and there must be enough buyers to make it worth doing. I guess the fact that there were only 171 of the 2016 GT-H cars makes for a very small buyers pool and is a negative as stated by other members. But I will be watching and hoping.
  8. In another thread several 2016 GT-H owners like myself expressed interest in getting a set of the exclusive GT-H floor mats because their car was missing them altogether or they were soiled ( Oh, those renters ! ) or just to have a spare set as I would like to have. I emailed Shelby and was told " There are no more available ", but I'm thinking if everyone who is interested would speak up here, and anyone at Shelby who posts here would put in the word, maybe we can get them to do another run if they see there are enough of us who would buy a set to make it worth their making more. What do you say ?
  9. Great idea - I am starting a new thread, sorry, never meant to hijack this one. Maybe if we show enough interest SA will do another run of mats.
  10. Hey GTH 064 - I guess I just missed out on the GT-H mats. I'm wondering if you received that "last" set and how much they cost ? I'll be keeping watch to see if they ever re-stock. If you herar that they do, please let me know. Thanks.
  11. T-Bone68 - Thanks for this info. The directions for installation are not coming thru but I am going to check with Gaudin Ford. I bought a stick on plastic cover from ebay , but it's not very good. I guess directions came with the cover/airbag part ? Price ?
  12. I also inquired to S.A. about getting Shelby GT-H mats and received a reply " Sorry - None available ." How do I get ahold of Jeremy and can he really get me mats that S.A. says are not available ? Thanks.
  13. Yes, what I'm calling the horn button is actually the air bag cover. Did Ford put that in with the standard pony and Shelby just left it that way to avoid messing with the airbag ? And if so, why didn't they do it the 2016 when the other Shelby's are all equipped with the Shelby Snake center cover ? I may have to live with it and it may be a small thing to some owners, but I think a Shelby car should have the snake, just like the pony was not used in the grill and got special badging - although obviously a lot easier fix.
  14. I love my 2016 GT-H, but feel a little short changed with the standard Mustang running horse horn button staring me in the face every time I drive it. With all the Shelby badging on the 2016, couldn't they have put the much cooler looking Shelby snake on the horn like the 350 & 500's have ? Are we not worthy ? I see a stick on over the button available with the snake logo , but stick on is cheesy. Any one know if we can get an actual Shelby Snake horn button replacement from Shelby ?
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