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  1. I'm not excusing doing it, but a lot of sites, forums included, reserve the right to use any photo posted or hosted by their site. You probably posted it on this site, they thought it was a good pic, and so they decided to use it. I used to be a staff writer for an online publication that managed numerous forums and that is how we got the vast majority of our pics for the articles we published. I guess it can be chalked up to the cost of taking advantage of a "free" forum.
  2. I have a 2007 Shelby GT with 10K miles. I would be willing to bet I don't put more than 1K miles on it this year or any other year. It stays in its garage most of the time and is only driven for leisure purposes. I am the only one that drives it. I damn sure don't run errands in it. Sounds like that is what I need.
  3. I asked this question on another forum but I'm thinking I may get more discussion on this one. The question about the Shelby GT and what the VIN says I see talked about from time to time. I think it is pretty much understood that Shelby GTs are manufactured by Ford, at their facilities, and then transferred to Vegas to be transformed into "Shelby GTs". Because of that, a Shelby GTs VIN shows it to be nothing more than "GT Deluxe" Am I correct so far? If not help me out. My issue is with insurance. Because the VIN number shows the Shelby GT as nothing more than a GT, that is what banks and insurance companies consider it. I stayed with my insurance company and insurance mine through them but I did check other places and they were the same. I was told all we can go by is the VIN and the VIN states its a GT. It is my belief that a Shelby GT is worth significantly more than a GT and therefore needs to be insured to reflect so. About a month or so ago, a Shelby GT with 38K miles sold for approximately $25K at Mecum's. I have several motorcycles, and they are insured separately through a different insurer (Geico). With my motorcycles I can buy value on them. In other words, I can pay a yearly premium based on the book value of the motorcycle and I can add to that value incrementally for an additional amount. I thought that may have been an option for my Shelby GT, but so far it doesn't seem possible. NADA has a value for the Shelby GT, which is about $17K but again every insurer and bank I've checked with considers it a GT. Has anyone else thought about this, and if so has it raised concerns? I'm curious to see what other owners think about this.
  4. A while ago I made the decision to put Razors on my Shelby GT but didn't really like the black, gun metal, or chrome. The only finish that struck me was the Silver. My luck that is the finish that is discontinued. I searched and search with no luck. A couple of times I thought I found a set but it didn't pan out. Anyway a member of this forum (I won't tell his business but he is welcome to chime in) PM me and stated he had a set and would be willing to ship them to me. He made me a very good deal, packed them very well, and shipped them for a very reasonable price. Just want to say thanks to everyone in this forum, and especially him, for having such a great place to share and if there is anything I can do for anyone don't hesitate to let me know. Here is a pic with the new look.
  5. That makes me feels good then. I just bought mine with 10,500 miles and I paid a lot less than that.
  6. That's not too bad, a good jacket is worth that.
  7. This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for, I just can't find the 20X9s in silver. If you, or anyone else, knows where I can find a staggered set, please let me know. Damn that looks awesome!
  8. Hello, my name is James and I am a member in the Mississippi Valley and I need some advice or help. I found some used parts for my 2007 Shelby that I have been looking for but the seller will not ship. Does anyone know of a company that will pack up and ship the parts for me? If not, would a Michigan member be willing to do it? I would be willing to pay the person for their time and effort. Thanks.
  9. I would much rather have staggered as well but I can't find the silver in 20X9, only 20X10. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know. I can find them in chrome, black, and gun metal but not silver. I'll definitely do that, thanks.
  10. I'm looking to get the Shelby Razor Wheels in the Silver and it seems just about all you can find is the Chrome, Black, or Gun Metal. The only Silver I can find is the 20X10 but I have never heard of putting the 20X10 on the front, is that even doable on a 2007 Shelby GT? I've heard of staggering them with putting the 20X9s on the front and 20X10 on the back but not 20X10 all around. Is there anyone out there that has 20X10s on the front, and how is it? This is the look I'm going for, are these staggered, I can't really tell? Thanks!!
  11. I guess it goes back to that old saying, if you have to ask how much something cost you can't afford it.
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