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  1. Here is a list of some new Shelby Collectibles from Collectible Corners. They have came out with I of 24 pieces worldwide. 1.cobra 427 s/c gold body with green wheels and interior 2.68 exp500 CSS 4 models green wheels and interior red wheels and interior pink wheels and interior and orange wheels and interior super chase cars 3.68 exp 500CSS white tires chase ? 4. exp 500CSS bare metal these are just a few of new cars. Also there is a clam shells that you can check out at collectible corners. 1 0f 8 gold wheels and interior 66 gt 350 H white red green blue 2006 black gt h 2007 gt h convertible. Same 6 cars 1 of 8 after the race gold wheels black interior. Same 6 cars 1 0f 24 white wheels gold rims and interior. Same 6 cars black wheels and interior with chrome rims not sure of run. Same six cars just after the race version. And heres a list of clamshells I got at toysrus 1. 65 white black interior Shelby gt 350or 2.66 Shelby blue gt 350 3. 67 Shelby red 350 4. 2011 white ford Shelby gt 350 5.2011 blue Shelby gt 350 6. 2011 red Shelby gt 350. Then I've found a blue and black 67 gt 500 black interior on the new 50th Annv. BP. I have 3 of the 67 gt 500 chrome 1 of 50 from the collectible corners set. Would be willing to trade or buy for the 2007 chrome red gt. I also have an extra 2007 white gt the dirty bingo 1 of 200 made any body interested in trading or selling the 2007 chrome red gt please contact me at todd_hanna@att.net Thanks
  2. May I ask what it ran you. I live in Kansas and Shelby Mustangs are hard to come by. Dealership says they have to special order them. Found one in Kansas City Missouri that was priced around $80,000. What is the going price where you live for fully loaded GT 500 Super Snake? Thanks toddskyler
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