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  1. Thanks Steve! Ive actually made my own setup. Using the patc pressure switches and a kickdown switch used for a gm th400 trans! Works flawlessly!
  2. I know this is a 7 year old thread, but it seems to be the one I should ask my particular question in as it pops up in most of my google searching. I also have a Shelby Dakota. #151. Ive been converting it over to carb and I have it running just about perfect. My only snag is the O/D. I stripped the harness to bare bones and tucked back everything I didnt need. SMEC is still intact. In the process I didnt anticipate needing the tps to control od. So what im needing to know is the color of wires for the tps sensor and their function. Ive looked at wiring diagrams but they read like gibberish and are very crude imo. Im running the Demon Street Demon carb that has a tps sensor option that I believe ill be purchasing at a whopping $150!! Im on the fence about just going the PATC route with the pressure switches and such. Im still running the in-tank pump with a fpr to dial the pressure back. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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