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  1. 2nd page of big-brake-kit installation big-brake-kit2.pdf
  2. Here are the Big Brake kit installation instructions going from standard GT500 (standard, Brembo 4 piston) to the later 6 Piston Brembos and larger rear rotors with the axle flange replacement (axles pulled to install). Gives the brake bleeding process. Separated into 2 parts - space limitations big-brake-kit1.pdf
  3. I bought a 2010 Shelby GT500 with about 11K on it and modified it at 13K with a bunch of options. One option was a VMP 2.5 SC pulley and 90mm pulley. I now have almost 18K on it and noticed when cleaning the engine compartment that there was some black dust on the underneath body of the vertical front of the SC. It seemed like black dust but did smear some when I tried to clean it. I am going to use a mirror in the morning to see if there is any oil or residue near the edge of the inside of the SC pulley to make sure the snout is not leaking any oil. My question is...I remember when installing the pulley I actually pressed it on a little too tight and could not turn the SC so I backed it off some. I don't recall reading anything that really talked about belt alignment when I installed the pulley other than aligning the front edge of the pulley with the front of the SC shaft if I recall. Now I am wondering if I am causing belt wearing which may be the the issue. I only see the black dust in this one location on the SC front. My question is....is there a tool for alignment or should I try using something like a laser pen and see if I am slightly in or out too much? Thanks
  4. 15 K and oil level was right...replaced unit and no more leaks...rubber oring seal must have been leaking. Unit itself was fine and solid.
  5. If your brakes aren’t sold I will take them.  Let me know.


    i looked it up I’m about 95 miles from you.  I live in Southwick MA.  I can PayPal money to secure the sale until we can meet up or I can pay cash when we meet up, either way works for me.


    Thank You!!


  6. My 2010 (19K miles) is leaking a little oil. I determined it appears to be coming from the crankshaft position sensor...right next to the AC compressor which makes it a pain to replace. I have drained the oil since it needed to be changed. My question is this....does this sensor sit in the oil bath inside the engine? It is low but above the oil level in the engine I would assume. I have not put the new oil in since I did not want any possibly pouring out the opening when I change it. If is doesn't sit in the oil but is inside the engine where the oil is, what causes it to leak when sitting? Do I possibly have excessive crankcase pressure because it seems like it doesn't drip out when it was in my driveway but rather sprayed a fine mist out since it was over a circular area and not just a drop leak. I had cardboard down so that is why I noticed the mist spray. I did install an oil separator in the PVC line from AM but I don't know why that what contribute to this issue. I will check it to make sure it is not clogged or full. I just don't want to change it and and find out it is failing due to another cause. Other changes are a tune, intake and SC pulley size decreased. Have a new TB but not yet installed. None of these other things should have caused a problem as far as I can tell. Engine runs fine too. I suspect it will take an afternoon...tight area.! Thanks
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