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  1. For the hack of it. I Built this on Ford web site, clicked find it for me and it was already on it's way to a dealer just 19 miles from my house.
  2. Stinking snow and salt up here in Mark Twain Country, so the GT350 is in garage and that's not much to post about. I don't know much about the last format I'm new to TS forums and do like it. Don't mean to bash but its tons better then my last cars forum, Roush Road Crew that started out great then went down hill really fast.
  3. It worked for me. Was able to buy Northeast membership today.
  4. No your not. I'm trying to buy a Northeast membership, did the invoice link and it sent me to an error page. I'll try in a month or two in the mean time NHL TV is on sale. GO Red Wings.
  5. Not sure if build date makes much a difference but mine was built June 2nd 2017 H4732 Had my first oil change done at 2500 miles it was down around 1 qt. with 2oz in catch can, I can live with that. Compared to my 2012 Roush Stage 3 that went through 4 qt. in first 800 miles. Did consumption test then replaced short block at 1600 miles. From 2017 GT350 supplement version 2 You can drive high performance vehicles in such a way that may lead to higher oil consumption (this includes extended time at high engine speeds, high loads, engine braking, hard cornering maneuvers, and track use). Under these conditions, oil consumption of approximately 1 quart per 500 miles (1 liter per 800 km) is possible. As a result, you need to check the engine oil level at every refueling and adjust to maintain proper levels to avoid engine damage.
  6. My wife Priscilla was easy when it came time to trade in the Roush Stage 3. I had two choices in mind. 1, 17 GTCS (auto so she could enjoy driving a stang) 2, 17 GT350 She didn't miss a beat and said get the one with the Snake on it. She's wanted us to have a Shelby since she saw a silver with black striped 09 GT 500.
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