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  1. carnut 12 you are way off on that the real engraved SS wheels go for over 10 k in mint shape the 50 year wheels a little less and the shelby forged even less when you buy a true SS engraved wheel your buying a rare piece and for something that cant be replaced your going to have to pay through the ass
  2. are you still able to get or produce the STB for the supersnake ?

  3. they are worth 10 grand if they are in mint condition but once they are curb rashed and bent they are not the dura brite finish cant be fixed which means the wheels will have to be polished in the end they are worth what someone would give you I suppose
  4. ya 10k for mint ones to fix the wheels the dura brite finish would need to be removed and just straight polishing done or powder coat them either way not worth 5 k for ruined wheels imo
  5. 2008 csm number 903 Kb 2.8 polished 725 kit white coupe
  6. wow no reviews on here in 8 years I would rate my customer service this time around as a zero if it was available there was no communication what so ever with my order even after sending several emails,then I called was told I would receive yet another email when my order shipped which I didnt, finally got my shipment 20 days after placing the order which is fine I suppose but upon opening one package I notice it isnt even what I ordered and have once again sent out an email and once again have not seen any reply. I dont mind spending good money on stuff I want or like but when I do I expect the customer service to go along with it
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