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  1. Rolled 100,000 miles on the way to work on Friday. I find myself loosing focus as to what the speedo is showing and more focused on the "race" to and from work on the interstate so I missed the photo op of the odometer rolling over. So I got a 100,000 grand candy bar to console myself.
  2. Ford is taking a leap and gambling on their global brand recognition with the Mustang and incorporating it into whatever this urban grocery getter. They are taking a page from Porsche in what they did with the Cayenne. It won't be for everyone, but it shows the value and recognition power of the Mustang. I do agree with Steven in the fact that performance SUV's don't sell. I will be curious to see what it actually looks like. Maybe if it is received and sells well, other variants will come from it.
  3. My Shelby GT is a daily driver. Approximately 70 miles round trip on the interstate per day. I get about 22 mpg’s. I have a problem with keeping my foot out gas!?!
  4. Being a newer owner of an 07 Shelby GT, I too share a bit of the frustration in trying to find things specific to the car. But the car is what it’s all about. If I had a dollar for all of the conversations it has started in the few months I’ve owned it, several extended road trips would have already been paid for. Nothing is better than putting my foot to the floor and hearing it scream down the road with a permanent grin on my face!
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