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  1. Hello, If a shop sells you 1+ year old tires as brand new, (and they technically are new with the sticker on it). do you have any recourse to get a full refund or ask for a significant discount? it was my own fault for not checking before i picked them up. i was tired and forgot to check. and they had already bagged them so it slipped my mind to check the date at the time. but i am royally pissed off at this shop. the shop has decent reviews here and on other car forums. but it hasn't been a good experience. i don't drive much so intended to keep them for the full 5 years which tires are generally good for. but now i lost 1+ years of usage yet paid full price. For more details: story telling videos
  2. Hello, I was installing a new intake filter (old one got damaged rubbing on the frame - fixed that too) and really noticed for the first time how small the cold air intake duct (the rectangular tubing from the front grill to the filter area) really is. I tried searching but couldn't find any discussions on it. Does anyone know why it is so small (looks like there is room for larger tubing)? Are there any aftermarket options to increase the size? I know it is large enough to supply what the engine needs, but this just feels like a flow restriction that increasing the amount of air pulled from the engine bay (hot) instead of the front of the car. For more details: 2d character animation
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