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  1. I agree carnut. Maybe the R here stands for Ripped...….Ripped off!
  2. Car was listed as a 2011 Shelby GT350R with the following description Lot #511 - This 2011 Shelby GT350R Fastback, CSM00029, was ordered new on January 22, 2010 from Shelby Automobiles. This real, Shelby-numbered GT350R was the recipient of the new Shelby hand-built 5.0-liter V8 R-option engine that produces 624hp through the chrome polished Whipple supercharger, backed by a 6-speed manual transmission. The MSRP for the base 2011 Ford Mustang GT was $41,399, the GT350 package option was an added $33,995, and the R-option upgrades suggested by Shelby America totaled $9,994, including the supercharger and rear brake kit, bringing the total cost for this Shelby GT350R to $85,388. The GT350R upgrade by Shelby includes Watts-link rear suspension, Goodyear street/race tire package and painted body stripes. The interior is trimmed in full leather with contrast stitching throughout and embroidered GT350 on the seat backs. The upgrade also included Superlight forged Shelby/Cragar wheels, exterior styling enhancements, upgraded stereo, track-oriented Shelby/Baer 6-piston brakes, Shelby caster camber plate kit, nickel anodized painted brake calipers, Shelby/Baer Eradispeed rear rotor and brake pad upgrade, front and rear brake duct and cooling kit and Shelby/Borla unique center-exit dual exhaust. This GT350 includes its original pre-purchase order, original Window Sticker and original invoice. This Shelby has 8,671 actual miles and is one of 159 built in 2011, and one of 80 built with the R package. It is signed by Carroll Shelby on the dash and has a Shelby factory Trim Tag.
  3. 2019 Barrett Jackson Auction : 2011 Shelby GT350R {8200 miles) CSM 0000029 sold for $82,500 in no reserve auction . Seems I have read on a previous post that someone said that SA didn't sell a so called R model for 2011. I don't know for sure, might have been something added by SA after the fact.. Maybe Steven can tell us!
  4. I wonder what it would cost if you had to buy one from SAI ………$$$$$$$$$$++++++
  5. That is a great looking GT350.....Great purchase!
  6. I really like your new GT350...….I saw it for sale and wanted to buy it ( it was a great deal) but I don't have any garage space left! I have a 14 GT350 fastback and it also has a 525hp whipple My advise is for you to drive it awhile before you make any changes. My car has plenty of power and speed! My personal opinion is that you decrease the future value of the Shelby cars if you modify them from stock. What part of mississipi are you in? Im in Mobile Alabama, Enjoy your new Shelby!
  7. I have read that the 624hp whipple SC was not warranted by SAI and the 525hp whipple SC had a one year warranty from SAI. I have a feeling it wont be covered under warranty because of the age of the car. Ford 3yr/36 month warranty covers the Ford/Mustang components from the time the car was first titled.
  8. OK......these last two 2011 GT350s were sold at BJ Scottsdale auctions in 2015 and 2017.
  9. Hello 66GT........where and when was the auction for these two 2011 models?
  10. Results of auction on these 3 shelbys, 2012 GT 350 $57,200. 2011 GT 350 $72,600. 2012 GT 350 Conv. $63,800. Prices include buyers premium Seems like prices holding ok for now.....these are great cars for this money!
  11. All three cars are selling at no reserve (lot 1261) 2012 Shelby GT350.....(lot 1473) 2011 GT350 and (lot 1477) 2012 Shelby GT350 Convertible (blue), It will be interesting to see the $$$ they will sell at! I would kinda like to have the blue vert! I wished I lived closer to Arizona...would be fun to go!
  12. High Bid came to $50,000. and no sale because reserve was not met!
  13. Mecum auction in early January has a 2012 GT 350 with 4000 miles going to auction. It will be interesting to see what the high bid/sale price will be for this car!
  14. Well, looks like the 14 GT350 at Long Macarther Ford has been sold. (not on their website anymore). I hope you were able to make a deal on it! ??????
  15. This car is one I was considering when I purchased the buyback car I ended up with. (2014 GT350 #92) I believe that it probably dosent have frame damage. (Does it have a salvage title?) My advise would be to make a deal that is based on you inspecting the car at purchase. They have reduced the price on this car and will probably take a little less! The story on my car was it sat in the sun in Vegas for 2 years, then shipped to Detroit and sat for 9 months before it was auctioned off. It still has 1 1/2 years left of factory warranty. My car looks and runs like new! Only minor issues.....fade spots on the wheels and faded clearcoat on black paint between taillights. I am super happy with the purchase of this car. There is another one for sale at Jefferson Motor Co in Georgia......White with blue stripes. My opinion is that once these buyback cars are sold, the prices will stabilize you wont see many for sale. Good luck!
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