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  1. Not sure if anyone knows...but I have some wheel spacers that were in a box of Shelby parts I purchased. The registry does not show a unique wheel spacer for the 1989 Dakota. Are these factory?
  2. Ive got two sets of the Shelby Dakota wheels. One is already listed on ebay with the centers and tires for $1000. The others I have not listed yet. I have a set of 4, no centers, that are in very good used condition (say 8-9 out of 10 conservatively). Not sure they were every used. I also have two of the original Shelby boxes that they came in - fairly shredded, but you can make out the Shelby lettering. I located both sets in AZ about 2 years ago - were purchased from one of the engineers that worked on the truck. He had a bunch of spare parts. I've moved on from my Dakota project, so willing to sell the remaining set. $500 for 4, you pay shipping of $100, total of $600. Happy to send pictures etc. Will be listing on ebay soon so if you are interested please let me know ASAP. Thank you! please contact me directly: browntroutblake@gmail.com
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