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  1. The dealer where I bought the car has never services it. I bought in Florida and had the car shipped to Puerto Rico. The 2 dealers that have services the car since this started happening back in January 2020 say that when they test the car it does not show and that the computer is not showing that there is anything wrong and shows no code, the check engine is not lit, so they have said the car is OK. Today I am heading back to the last dealer who serviced it for the 200 mile checkup after they started the Oil Consumption Test. The REVs issue has kept getting worse, more common and more pronounced.
  2. Has anyone noticed or had this problem? Has anyone found what's the root cause and how to fix it? My 2017 GT350R has been having this problem since the 8,000 mile mark, have taken it to 2 different dealers and both say the car does not show any code detecting any problem. I'm on my second motor, the first blew up at 1,463 miles. Now I am also having an oil consumption problem, replaced oil and oil filter in Nov 2019 (3 qts missing since previous oil change in Feb 2019), before 1,000 miles had run needed 7 more qts. In the process of performing Oil Consumption Test. Need your help to find an answer and solution to the RPM problem.
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