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  1. My 2007 Hertz had a "Heart" drawn on the oil pan by one of their technicians! Saw it when I crawled under to do an oil change several months after I got the car last year.I guess they all really loved what they were building at that time and knew that these cars were quite special.
  2. Re: June 23rd gathering.  Hey Doug. My friend Len is in the process of booking a room for that date for himself and his wife. I might be coming down by myself, not sure yet, but is there a hotel or motel near where you are? If you can recommend something. I'll probably want to spend the night somewhere. Can I get your ph. number, address that I can pass along to my friend? I'm thinking that him and I will travel together for the four hour journey and arrive in Canmore around noon. Could you contact that "Larry T" guy in Calgary and see if he can make it?  Having at least 4 Hertz' together would be nice. Would you consider putting out the word on Team Shelby in one of the forums to invite several other Hertz owners who might be in the Alberta area? A photo op with 6 or 8 Hertz cars at some picturesque spot in Canmore would be ultra cool. 

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