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  1. Finally got my ambient air temperature to work. Quite by accident. I hit a piece of trash on the highway late on night and put a gash in my front spoiler. I ordered a new one and as I removed the old one, I noticed one of the wires were crimped. Basically the wires were pinched and almost cut completely through. That's why the read out in the dash would give out crazy numbers when it was raining and the car was underway. I rerouted the repaired wires and and my temperature gauge works perfectly. I didn't have to reset anything. So if your temperature gauge doesn't work, check the wires.
  2. I've tried all the above suggestions, plus replaced the sensor. I've disconnected the battery, first for ten seconds, then for an hour. Was told I didn't remove power from the system for long enough. That's why I pulled the plug for an hour. Still does not work. Reads 50 all the time. Had a weird thing the other day, rainy cold day and temp went to -10, 30, 40 ad finally stuck on 50 again. My Ford dealer in this little farm town of Brenham, gives me a deer in the headlight look when I ask the service manager. Any one have any ideas what will work?
  3. I replaced the pigtail and sensor. Temp still reads 50 degrees.
  4. Tie wrapped the taped up sensor to a tab jutting out from the grill. Drove the car, pressed the on/off button on the Sync and the fast forward at the same time. Still not working, still reads 50 degrees. Any ideas?
  5. Pulled the lower valance and found the sensor with a crack down the side and it was wrapped with electrical tape to hold it together. Ordered a new new one and was plugging it in when I noticed the plug was broken. Ordered a new plug and wire set from Rock Auto, going to install what I have. Wrapped the whole thing up with three layers of tape. Now I'm trying to find out where it's suppose to mount. Anyone have a schematic of the location of one of these?
  6. The instructions say to hold the on/off button on the SYNC radio while holding in the fast forward button, then drive the car above 20 MPH. We just tried it again, with the car rolling at 25+ MPH and still Don't Work. Next step is to clean the contacts on the plug for the sensor and try again.
  7. I'm still working on this thing, the reset buttons didn't work, so far. I will put it on the lift and clean the sensor plug. Then try it again. Boy howdy a lot of mustang owners are having this problem!
  8. My outside air temperature is stuck at 50 degrees. Occasionally, in really cold weather it will go to 20 degrees, but after I start the car, it returns to 50. I have read in other searches, that it can be reset, replacing the sensor won't fix the problem, and Ford is no help. Any ideas?
  9. "Not nearly as good" How? Build quality? Sound? The guy only wants fifty bucks for the pair, so we are not breaking the bank on this buy and I've always got the old performance parts.
  10. I found a set of stock mufflers off of a GT/Boss. There shouldn't be a fitment problem?
  11. Totally stock with the addition of after market exhaust. Trying to locate stock mufflers to reduce the noise, great for cruising the streets, but fatiguing on long trips. Thanks, I am really happy with the car, the ride, the attention, the quality of the build.
  12. Purchased my 2012 Shelby in November. Found a loaded car with 6700 original miles and all the options but the moon roof. Just a side note (November is the best time of the year to buy a car) Having been in the car business for awhile, I can tell you November is bleak when it comes to sales. Nobody spends any money until December. Anyway got the car for 35,000 and i am very pleased. I don't want to hear that you bought your 2014 Super Snake with 2000 miles on it for $18,000. I spent 18 months researching and driving all over the country, and this was the best I could come up with. Anyway, get the car home and it's rainy season in Texas, Freekin Goodyear racing slicks are a bear to say the least on wet roads. After a few accidental lane changes on wet roads and a blow out, ($150.00 for the tow, because I don't have a freeking jack, spare or lug wrench, and $400.00 for a new tire) I get the car back to Texas. I replace the "Good-Slicks) with Michelin road tires. Got a set of 19 and 20 inch Goodyear's for sale cheap! I have since bought a donut spare $80.00, jack $40.00 and folding lug wrench $20.00. Second month I have it, BAM pick up a rock on I-35 (the permanent construction area in Texas). $850.00 windshield Third month, start assembling 4 post lift my wife bought me for Christmas. Had to do some modifying to the ceiling joist to allow the car to be raised enough to get another car tucked underneath. After much measuring and double checking, finally got the clearance I needed. Marked the lift with a DO NOT EXCEED point and tested my work with both cars in place. What I had not counted on was the roof line of the Shelby and the Chevelle are not the same. With the Chevelle on top, no problem, but the Shelby needed another inch to clear. Noticed a crease in the roof of the Shelby while waxing it. Fix A Dent $400.00. Wait it gets better! Backing the Shelby on the lift (wanted to get a picture of both cars facing out) and paying too much attention to the drivers mirror for clearance and too little to the passengers side, ripped the passenger side mirror off the car. $450.00 for the part, $200.00 to install (I installed it myself) The last item is the Outside Air Temp reads 50 degrees all the time. With the temperature ranging from 20 to 90 with this crazy weather, I figure I have a problem. Dealer says he will swap out the sending unit under the bumper to bumper warranty.($3500.00 for zero deductible to 100,000 miles) At first I thought that was a little much, but then I read a few threads on this forum about the cost of replacing an engine and bought the insurance. Now I Just have to find time to get it to him. I currently have 13,000 miles on the car, drive it every other week to and from work (429 miles one way) drive it in any weather, on any roads and park it wherever I want. It is my daily driver, grocery getter, and go to car show car. My wife hates it because I drive like an idiot, it's too loud, and you can't see out of the back of it. (She's the one that said I should buy this and not another Corvette). I absolutely love it, My plans for this car is to drive it to the 100,000 mile mark, then Mod the engine, back half the frame for Pro Street and car show it. I'm already picking up parts and pieces from my buddies as they up grade to bigger and badder builds. I guess what I'm saying in all this is, if your thinking about a Shelby in your future, you cannot find this kind of performance, handling, and ride for the money anywhere else. I LOVE MY CAR!
  13. yeah, its probably not going to happen, I'll just stay with my 19 and 20's as Shelby intended it.
  14. What will happen if I put 20" wheels on all four corners of my 2012 Shelby? It has 19"s on the front originally, so will the 20"s screw up my steering or wheel clearance?
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