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  1. Just look at the damage on the front splitter. My car has a damaged front splitter, too, thanks to Hertz renting the car to people who parked by braille. My stripes were a mess as well, apparently they (Hertz) after washing the car and then leaving out in the sun so the hard water spots were indelibly imprinted into my stripes. Luckily, I called Shelby and ordered new stripes that are sitting in a box waiting to be installed. Am going to replace the splitter, but not with the expensive carbon fiber one from Shelby.
  2. I've see a few of the west coast cars with heavily deteriorated stripes The hood and top stripes of my car came with hundreds of small spots, what appeared to be rust stains. Apparently, the hard water in California caused this spotting which does not buff out. I called Shelby Las Vegas and they shipped me out new stripes-have them sitting in a box, not having found anybody that feels comfortable about peeling off the old ones and replacing them with my new ones. Has anybody out there been through this?
  3. Bought these from California Pony Cars But have not installed it yet.
  4. Has anyone installed hood struts/
  5. https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/112050.htm Shelby Hood Washer Nozzle Relocation Kit (2005-2017)
  6. T-Bone 68 I was reviewing the Forum and I came across your post. I bought 16H0035 (license 7TCH836) in November last year. I didn't realize its providence was so close to the car you rented! My car came from San Jose as well and was written about in the blog The Truth About Cars. Did you ever convert to Shelby
  7. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Charles Caleb Colton Oops! Somebody beat me to It.
  8. Also be careful with your hood open. I have heard of incidences where one or more of the Shelby caps disappeared while at a car show.
  9. I understand your trials and tribulations. I had found a GTH in Riverside, 12.8k miles, but was later told it had minor front end damage when rear-ended another vehicle. Cost $1k for repairs, and the dealer was very upfront, showing me the receipts. Found another in Norwalk, 12.2k miles and made them a net offer (including all taxes, registration, fees, etc.) sight unseen. They hemmed and hawed for awhile then called me back and accepted my offer. Had a friend drive me from Oxnard down to Norwalk and the car was pretty much what they said it was. Had some patina from its rental history (scraped splitter, hood stripes stained, missing Shelby dash plaque) but was otherwise totally complete and Carfax clean history. The sweet spot for buying these cars may be closing.
  10. Update on my stumbling/stalling issues after installation of PP2. I recently opened my laptop and there was notification for an update to the PP2 software on my computer. I updated the program and flashed/installed the update to my Shelby. Took it for a drive and, so far, no stalling issues! The shifting was improved a bit as well, did not seem to lag between gears as much. Went over to Vista Ford and spoke with Peter, the Service Attendant (BTW , has been gracious and patient and overall a good guy) who thought the PP2 update was the cause of the drivability improvement. Going out tomorrow for a C&C will keep you apprised. For those of you who have already installed the PP2, recommend you update the program in your laptop and reinstall to your car. To be continued...
  11. At the local C&C I'm amazed at how many people think I rented this from Hertz for the event... All the other good California personalized plates have been grabbed.
  12. I guess the fact that there were only 171 of the 2016 GT-H cars makes for a very small buyers pool BUT, due to so few of our cars being made, in the distant future, the scarcity of the 2016 GT-H's MAY be reflected in price appreciation. One of these days I'll tell you about my 1954 Porsche Speedster (17th one made) which I had garaged about 15 years. This was close to the oldest Speedster left in the world. Sold it over 20 years ago and used the money for a house on the beach. Unfortunately, later sold the house, too. Guess how much that car is worth now? Guess how much that house is worth now?
  13. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mustang-Carpet-Floor-Mats-w-Shelby-GT-Logo-2015-2018-Coupe-Convertible/183009336454?hash=item2a9c34dc86:g:Q6YAAOSwuIlaVQbl&vxp=mtr This may help a little while we're tilting at windmills...
  14. 16H0035 Update. Been trying to unwind some of the patina left over from my car's rental life. I installed the Power Pack II, went to Shelby and ordered new front hood stripes and a new duplicate dash plaque (somebody lifted mine prior to me buying the car). Took my Shelby to a local car show today; I was surprised at how many people had no idea that Hertz recently had these in the rental fleet. It was fun to tell them that I had rented it just for the show...
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