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  1. Pennsylvania Members - Sound Off!

    Welcome to Team Shelby! Glad you joined up and look Fort to meeting you at events in the Northeast Region.
  2. Die-Cast collections

    Picked this up a few days ago. Is plastic, so not technically a die-cast, but I think you will like it anyway. It’s a 1/24 scale slot car by Carrera. The detail is very nice, and I haven’t seen this car in this scale previously. If you actually put in on the slot car track, the head lights and tail lights will illuminate (I may have to rig something up for display).
  3. Check here for info.....https://www.facebook.com/events/239226783320842/?ti=icl This is a combination SAAC and Team Shelby event. It’s a great weekend with lots on nice people and beautiful Shelby’s.
  4. Why No New England Shelby Meet?

    Would anyone be willing to drive to Manhattan on Sunday, June 24th for "Coffee and Cannoli"? If so, PM the New York State Director via this Facebook page.....https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamShelbyNewYorkChapter/?fref=nf
  5. Why No New England Shelby Meet?

    The East Coast Grand Nationals are the main “East Coast” event. The drive from Connecticut to Summit Point and the Carlisle is more than a couple hours, but not that bad. Some of the Northeast guys drive their cars all the way to Las Vegas for the Bash. You may be pleased to know we just brought a Connecticut State Director on line, and he is beginning to set up some events a little farther North. Check it out on Facebook at Team Shelby Northeast Region - Connecticut Chapter. Team Shelby also recently began cross promoting events with the Mustang Club of America. Check out their Grand National Show this year in New Hampshire. Check out their link here...http://granitestategrandnat.com/
  6. TWO WEEKS TO GO!!!!! You can download a copy of the event Survival Guide, and register here....http://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/ There is still time to join us and have some damn fun!!!
  7. Fun Collectables

    If you attend the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals, there may be an opportunity to get a few Shelby "beverages'' there.....so I am told (wink, wink).
  8. If you have already signed up....thanks for your registration, and we are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. It’s still not too late to encourage a friend to sign up as well. If you are planning on attending, but haven’t signed up yet....don’t wait any longer, as counts need to be sent to catering and printers. Please sign up in the next few days. If you aren’t planning on attending....what do we need to do, or what activities are missing, that would make you attend in the future? Bill / Z-man
  9. If you will be attending The Ford Nationals at Carlisle, either as part of the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals, or as a stand alone event, this weekend is your last opportunity to sign up and receive you tickets via “Gate-and-Go” (meaning you won’t need to stand in line and register on site), and to help Team Shelby win the largest club contest. Please be sure to select TEAM SHELBY as your club affiliation, and please register this weekend!!!! Every vehicle does matter (we missed second place last year by just two cars). TEAM SHELBY is now in third place......time is running out!! Register for Carlise here....http://store.carlisleevents.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=24 1st: Red Mustang Registry - Public Page 2nd: Focus Rising 3rd: Team Shelby 4th: Fairlane CLUB of America 5th: Mustang Club of Central PA 6th: Mustang Club of America 7th: Bad Pony Club Mustangs 8th: Venom Outlaws - Mustangs and Domestics 9th: TIE: Merkur Club of America, Valley Forge Mustang Club, International Thunderbird Club 10th: Mach 1 Registry BTW - That large white tent in the middle of the photo is the Team Shelby hospitality tent from last years event...the largest club tent on the show field!
  10. Happy Easter

    Dr Hawkeye brings up some interesting points, but it all boils down to either believing or not believing. If someone wants to label that 'blind faith", I won't argue. If the group of us involved in this discussion are Christians, we all believe in the same God, and shouldn't be looking for things that separate us, but rather, things that unite us. The good Doctor said that he was a Baptist until he started questioning things, and those questions led him along a different path. I think that is a smart and healthy approach to ones faith, especially if they can't get past the "'blind faith' hurdle. There are many paths to God....seek the one that speaks to you and you can believe in. Every denomination will argue it is the 'right' one. We know they can't all be the right one, and we won't truly know which one is 'right' until our days on this Earth are over and we enter the next realm. I have made my choice, and placed my faith where I feel it best fits. Does that mean anyone who doesn't believe exactly what I believe is wrong, is a heretic, or doomed to Hell....I don't think so. I would gladly break bread with anyone who has faith. As far as some of your questions, Secondo has pointed out there is one original text. Many men have translated it. Men make mistakes. Two men can see and hear the same thing, and interpret it differently, so I'm not surprised there are variations in the work of man, and multiple versions of their translations. I haven't personally seen the original text, nor do I speak Aramaic (assuming that's the language they were written in), so I can't tell you which version is correct. Each person needs to make their own choice. I'm not familiar with the "young girl" versus Virgin debate....I need to educate myself......but I know where my faith lies and what I believe. Yes, Jesus was not born on Dec. 25th. That date was appropriated by early Christians to coincide with an existing pagan celebration, to ease the conversion of the pagans to Christianity. As much as Easter moves from year to year, it obviously isn't on the exact day of the Resurrection either. Mormon's (and I had to Google this to be sure), are Christian, but hold other beliefs (or dis-beliefs) that do not correspond with either being a Catholic or a Protestant. They are their own denomination. Who is to say their leader didn't hear an angel? I may not believe it, but many do. Time will tell. I guess my religion has taught me tolerance and acceptance, but still give me the strength to stand up for what I believe. Jesus wasn't all forgiveness and gentility. He also was known to flip over the vendors tables in his Fathers house and then chase people around with a whip...sounds like my kind of guy.
  11. Happy Easter

    Dr Hawkeye, while legitimate questions, if you truly are looking for answers, Google is your friend and can provide the information you are seeking, as some of your questions are very easily answered. You could also connect with a number of religious scholars who could help you interpret the nuances and differences in the various accounts and versions of the Bible and the Torah. You will find many more similarities than differences if you care to take a look. If, on the other hand, you are asking your questions just to cause controversy or in an attempt to discredit someone's beliefs, that is indeed being passive aggressive and abusive. So, are you asking for help and attempting to educate yourself on a subject that you currently don't understand, or are you somehow upset that others believe in something that in your view is flawed and contradictory. In either case, on a website that caters to automotive enthusiasts you are much more likely to find answers about horse power as opposed to "His" power.
  12. Happy Easter

    I’m a “mod”, as well as a Christian, and I have been watching this thread with my finger hovering over the button to lock it down if it got abusive or people stated insulting each other. I keep a lot of my personal opinions to myself, but let me share for s moment... I feel that in being a Christian, or a person of any faith, you are sometimes called apon to defend your beliefs and stand up for your faith. Educating others, and evangelizing is part of that. Not everyone will agree (heck, wars have been fought over religious differences), but the act of debating what I believe deepens my faith and brings me closer to Christ. You don’t have to believe, but I do. I encourage the CIVIL AND RESPECTFUL exchanges of opinion on this thread, but my finger remains “on the button”. Please don’t make me press it.
  13. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
  14. Nice refrigerator! As Dave stated, there may be some “beverages” at the event, but you can’t buy the beer anywhere outside of California (and a few places in Texas), so it’s not easy to get on the East Coast. At $8/bottle, that’s almost $100/case.....however for the attendees of the East Coast Grand Nationals, we’ll splurge a little and share some of the “nectar” with you. A few bottles may even be donated to silent auction. Lots of behind the scenes work is involved in making this happen. Maybe I’ll tell a story or two on Friday night if I’m so inclined.
  15. If you are interested in one of the limited edition, and really cool, Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals magnetic bottle openers, they need to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Here is the link....http://www.wickedeye.net/p/34-TeamShelbyEast-Bottle-Opener.aspx They will magnetically attach to your refrigerator, tool box, tailgate, or any other metal surface, and when you 'pop the top' on your beverage, the bottle cap is also retained by the magnet (so you don't have to chase it around the floor, or have it roll underneath something).