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  1. If you plan on attending this year, please complete your registration. I’m am trying to get counts for catering and our other activities. We are also currently in third place for the club with the most people registered with Carlisle for the Ford Nationals. We can do better!!! sign up for both events, and if you haven’t already, encourage a Shelby friend to join you.
  2. You didn’t miss it, as it hasn’t opened yet. It should be soon. I’ll post a link here when we go “live”. When you do sign up, make certain you indicate you are from Team Shelby. This is important to make sure you get all the benefits of being a TS member, and the correct credentials when checking in at the event.
  3. Xian - You most certainly can!!!! We have folks attend from across the country. We have even had attendees from Canada and Puerto Rico. Please join us!
  4. Let’s see, what is Team Shelby running for this event ... Road tour on Thursday featuring a special invitation to a private car collection in Ohio, lunch stop, and a tour of a private airport and their collection of planes...and a VERY special surprise if the weather is clear and mechanical gremlins stay away. Thursday night dinner in a unique setting, special guests, charity auction, and a “game of chance” that could result in someone adding a new full scale collectible to their toy box. Friday Poker Run in the morning. Parade laps and on track photo op in the afternoon. Popular ballot car show on Saturday. SAAC will be handling the track for Thursday and Friday. Hosting a dinner on Friday evening, and coordinating the Concours car show on Saturday. Check here for more info and registration info (which should be announced in the next week).....https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/
  5. These guys are in DE, but have a good reputation...https://sportscartire.com/
  6. CALLING ALL TEAM SHELBY BAKERS!!! A friendly challange has been brewing between some of our members as to who is the best baker. To settle this debate, we are challanging ALL Team Shelby bakers to submit their best dessert for judging during the Friday night dinner of our Carlisle Weekend. Entries will be judged by their visual appearance, and for their taste. Awards will be presented in both catagories. Once the judges have sampled all the entries and made thier decisio...ns, the rest of the guests will also be invited up for a taste...assuming the judges don't eat everything before they make up their minds. If you are up for the challange, you must respond back to teamshelbynortheast@icloud.com with a note stating you will be submitting a dessert for the judges consideration. The deadline for entry is the last day of April (4/30). There is no fee to enter this Team Shelby Baking Challange.
  7. Welcome Daniel! Until you can shrink your photo to fit, at least tell us the color of your GT350 and any options/mods.
  9. Tune in to watch the creation of the event logo for the 2019 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals on a live Facebook feed this Thursday evening. Where: Team Shelby Northeast Region Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/264936540196609/about/ When: 8:00pm Eastern Time... Who: Renowned artist Micah Claycamp from "Micahdoodles" https://www.facebook.com/micahdoodles/ Micah is know for his "CarToon" style of drawing, exaggerating a cars curves and proportions to create a caricature of a vehicles personality. However, he also has started doing more realistic drawings which while not as wild, still allow his automotive subjects attitude to show through....this is the style he will be using for our logo. You can follow him on Instagram : @ micahdoodles I will be on the Live Feed via text to answer any questions about Team Shelby in general, as well as questions about our East Coast Grand National event taking place in conjunction with SAAC, in the Pittsburgh area. Tune in to be the first to see what this years logo will be, and what car it will feature!
  10. Tony- I’ll send you a PM to discuss. bill /Z-man
  11. Secondo - This year Carlisle is a 'stand alone' event, and not part of the East Coast Grand Nationals. Because of that, we will not be going to Summit Point on Thursday, prior to our Carlisle Weekend, which start on Friday. However, this years East Coast Grand Nationals with have TWO days of track at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex. Check out the post for the Grand Nationals for more info. ....attending both events is your best option to not miss any of the 'damn fun!'
  12. Let me know if you have any questions about either event, and I’ll fill you in. Official registration for both Team Shelby events will open soon. Just a few more things to nail down first.
  13. Welcome Gary! Glad to hear you will be joining us in Pittsburgh. Registration is not open yet, but if you PM me your email address I will send you the hotel information so you can make a reservation if you need one. Keep checking back here for updates. You can also check out the Team Shelby Northeast Region Facebook page, as well as www.teamshelbynortheast.com
  14. Michael - Registration for the Team Shelby Carlisle weekend is not open yet...but it will be soon. Keep watching the Northeast section of this forum, and the Team Shelby Northeast Region Facebook page. What you can do now is to register your car for the Carlisle Ford Nationals. You need to sign up for “Carlisle” as well as the Team Shelby event. When you sign up for the Ford Nationals make sure to indicate that Team Shelby is your affiliated club. if you have any questions,feel free to PM me and I’ll gladly help you out. Bill /Z-man
  15. See details here.....
  16. Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals / SAAC-44 Popular Ballot Car Show – Saturday, July 13th,2019 As more information is starting to roll out about our “little Shelby gathering” out by Pittsburgh, PA, in mid-July, we wanted to share a bit of info about one of the favorite non-driving event activities, the Popular Ballot Car Show! Past conventions have used various ways of creating classes and awarding recognition, from a rigid class list with 1-3 places per class, to just a panel of VIP's walking around and selecting a few cars that catch their eye. Each way has its own merits and faults. More often than not a class method is used, but unfortunately, not all of the trophies end up being awarded if the individual classes are not fully represented. Every year, this topic is reviewed to try to make the show better for all…and we have a new approach for 2019. For this year, we are using a “hybrid method”, which has been used very successfully in local and regional Shelby shows. It recognizes the best in a total of 33 different classes for all years and models of Shelby’s and High Performance Fords, plus a "Top 25" and additional special/VIP picks. SAAC 44 / TS East Grand Nationals Car Show Classes Class # Class Name 1 CSX 2000 289 Cobras 2 CSX 3000 427 Cobras 3 CSX 4000 through 9000 Cobras 4 1965 GT-350 5 1966 GT-350 6 1966 GT-350 Hertz 7 1967 GT-350 8 1967 GT-500 9 1968 GT-350 10 1968 GT-500 & 500KR 11 1969 & 1970 GT-350 12 1969 & 1970 GT-500 13 1969-1971 BOSS Mustang 14 2012-2013 BOSS Mustang 15 2007 - 2009 GT-500 All 16 2007-2009 GT-500 KR & Super Snakes 17 2010-2014 GT-500 All 18 2010-2014 GT-500 Super Snakes 19 2010 to Present GT-350 20 2007 To Present GT & SGT 21 2006 to Present GT-H 22 Shelby Trucks 23 1965 to 1973 Mustangs Stock 24 1965 to 1973 Mustangs Modified 25 1974 to 2004 Mustangs ALL 26 2005 to Present Mustangs ALL 27 Special Edition Mustangs (Saleen, Roush, etc) 28 2005 to Present Ford GT 29 Exotic Ford (Pantera, Tiger, etc) 30 Replicas ALL 31 Competition Cars 32 Special Interest 33 Classic Shelby Mustang Tribute TOP 25 Peoples Choice (1) Team Shelby Pick (1) SAAC Pick (1) Sponsors Choice / Celebrity Pick (2) All show entrants will be given a perforated voting sheet and envelope for their cars. The empty envelope goes under your windshield wiper, then the entrants will walk the showfield and put a ticket (i.e. a ‘vote’) in their favorite cars envelope, thereby creating the Top 25 award winning group. Separately, a panel of judges from SAAC and Team Shelby will walk the field and select the first place car for each of the 33 classes. If a car wins both a Top 25 and a first place, the car will only be awarded the first place, which allows for more winners overall. No car can win two awards. Likewise, if a car wins a “special/VIP award” (SAAC or TS Pick, People’s Choice, etc.) it is also removed from the top 25 and the first place competition. The goal is to give out all the awards and also give more cars the chance of winning and being recognized. Another aspect of the show, which we hope will make it enjoyable, will be the relaxing of the rigid class structure. We will still group by classic and modern Shelby, real Cobras, etc, but not try to make the show field a rigid parking puzzle. If you are with a bunch of friends, this also allows for you to park together and enjoy the show with each other. The car show is a joint effort by both SAAC and Team Shelby, and we hope all either enter their cars, or attend. The final location has yet to be determined. If you wish to help at the car show, we welcome all volunteers. More details will be forthcoming, but we wanted to get this info out early so all can see this part of the convention, and start detailing your rides now. We look forward to seeing you at the show!
  17. 2019 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals / SAAC-44 For the first time on the East coast, Team Shelby and the Shelby American Automobile Club (SAAC) are combining forces, and invite you to an unparalleled celebration of the Shelby marque. Taking place in the Northern Pittsburgh area on Thursday, July 11th through Saturday, July 13th, 2019, Team Shelby and SAAC will be hosting both the Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals, and SAAC-44, the Shelby American Automobile Club’s National Convention! The event is open to all Team S...helby and SAAC members, as well as anyone who appreciates all things Shelby. The clubs are working to bring you two days of high performance driving at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex, a road rally tour and Poker Run of the western Pennsylvania area, dinner events and programs on both Thursday and Friday evening, alternate activities for those who choose to not track their cars both days, Concours and popular ballot cars shows, and a few surprises as well. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in all portions of the event, as all activities are open to both Team Shelby and SAAC members, and can be selected during registration. Besides our two days of Open Track and wheel-to-wheel Vintage Races, as an added bonus, members from the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will join us at the track, as one of the opening activities of Pittsburgh’s 2019 Race Week, for three full days of exciting track action, culminating the following weekend (July 20th and 21st) in Beautiful Schenley Park with cars shows for all marques, an automotive vendor village, food courtyards, and of course the Vintage Racing taking place in and around the Bob O’Connor Golf Course. Shelby American will be the featured marque of the Vintage Grand Prix this year, so Team Shelby and SAAC members will feel right at home, and are encouraged to stay in Pittsburg for Race Week, enjoying the events that are planned for each day. Registration to open by the end of this year! PS – For those of you wondering, Team Shelby will still be celebrating our weekend at the Carlisle Ford Nationals, taking place on Friday, May 31st through Sunday, June 2nd. It will include all the Carlisle activities of prior years, but will not include a track/HPDE component for 2019. Consider it the “Kick Off’ event to the Grand Nationals & SAAC-44, which will be taking place the following month. As always, SAAC members and all Shelby and performance Ford enthusiasts are encouraged to join us at Carlisle for some damn fun! More details to follow.
  18. Welcome to Team Shelby! Glad you joined up and look Fort to meeting you at events in the Northeast Region.
  19. Picked this up a few days ago. Is plastic, so not technically a die-cast, but I think you will like it anyway. It’s a 1/24 scale slot car by Carrera. The detail is very nice, and I haven’t seen this car in this scale previously. If you actually put in on the slot car track, the head lights and tail lights will illuminate (I may have to rig something up for display).
  20. Check here for info.....https://www.facebook.com/events/239226783320842/?ti=icl This is a combination SAAC and Team Shelby event. It’s a great weekend with lots on nice people and beautiful Shelby’s.
  21. Would anyone be willing to drive to Manhattan on Sunday, June 24th for "Coffee and Cannoli"? If so, PM the New York State Director via this Facebook page.....https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamShelbyNewYorkChapter/?fref=nf
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