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  1. Please see here for all updates.... https://www.teamshelby.com/topic/98969-2020-team-shelby-east-coast-grand-nationals-new-dates/
  2. Have you signed up for the East Coast Grand Nationals? I have blocked out a large portion of the host hotel just for Team Shelby members who have already registered, and those who will be registering in the future. That may be why the hotel told you they were booked. An email will be going out later today with updates to all those on the Team Shelby Northeast distribution list, with more information. If you want to be added to the list, please PM me your email address.
  3. I am in close contact with Carlisle Events and our track partner HOD (Hooked On Driving) concerning our event. Carlisle events just moved “Spring Carlisle” again. It was originally scheduled for April, then moved to the weekend prior to our event, then moved again this week to the weekend after our event. They are bringing in sanitization stations, people working the gates will be wearing gloves, food areas and restrooms will be cleaned more frequently, etc. They are watching protocols across the state based on similar sized gatherings and will continue to adjust their dates and procedures as necessary to maintain the public health and safety. As it today (4/18/20), Ford Carlisle dates are unchanged. HOD has not received any changes in dates from Pocono Raceway, and has committed to our event as long as Pocono holds their date. I am moving forward and making plans in anticipation of the East Coast Grand Nationals proceeding as scheduled. I had a phone call today with our caterer for Friday nights dinner to discuss food safety. We discussed dedicated servers on the buffet line (not self serve), pre-packaging food items, individual desserts, as well as how to handle happy hour. Future talks will be held on what the best safety procedures will be at that time (gloves, masks, social distancing...who knows at this point). If Carlisle does move the date for Ford Nationals, I will likewise try to move the track date to the preceding Thursday. If this does not work, the logistics of having a track day separate from our Carlisle activities will be evaluated. A track day could also be combined with other events later in the year. One way or another (one date or another), we will be getting the Team Shelby family together for some damn fun. We will hope for the best, plan for the worst, and most likely end up somewhere in the middle. To re-emphasize, we are currently “a go” for the June 4th to the 7th dates. Keep your fingers crossed the situation improves enough by then to allow us to come together as we have in prior years.
  4. Team Shelby Northeast is at it again, and we are recreating history for our 2020 event. This year’s event has an over-riding theme that will weave its way through the weekend. Join us as we celebrate “Ford v Ferrari” with a distinctive Shelby flair! The event starts with a day of Performance Driving on what is known as The Tricky Triangle….Pocono Raceway! We have secured the North Course, which incorporates portions of both the infield AND the tri-oval, for two track experiences in one event! The course is 1.5 miles long and utilizes the north infield road course as well as turn three of the tri-oval. The track has nine turns and two straights, the longest being approximately 1700′. Track operations will be managed by Hooked on Driving Northeast, to ensure a professional and safe experience. Representatives from Shelby American are scheduled to be in attendance, as well as other special guests and manufacturers, including Carroll Shelby Racing. In keeping with our event theme, various Ferrari clubs will be invited to join us on track at Pocono, and for a “Head to Head” car show to take place on the infield. Will Ford emerge victorious once again? You’ll need to be there to help ensure that The Blue Oval and the Shelby marque take the checkered flag! Do you have a vintage Ford/Shelby or Ferrari? GT-40, Cobra, Daytona Coupe, GT-350, GT-350R, 356P, 250P, TR250, etc? Continuation, replica, and tribute cars are all welcome. If participation is sufficient, a special on-track experience my be arranged. (If interested, please contact us directly at teamshelbynortheast@icloud.com). The Ballroom at the Mount Airy Casino will be the venue for our Thursday evening Happy Hour and Banquet. There will be a few short presentations and items on silent auction, but the main focus of the evening is camaraderie and bench racing with fellow Ford/Shelby enthusiasts. Friday morning has us departing Mount Airy for a Poker Run through the Northeastern portion of Pennsylvania. There will be a lunch stop along the way, and a few scenic photo-ops, as we wind our way towards Carlisle, PA., to join in the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Will there be a Grand Entrance this year, and will you be part of it? Our Friday night dinner and the “Cars under the Stars” car show will return to the same location as last year, The Barn at Creeks Bend. Those who attended last year already know what a great facility this is, and you will also be glad to know the parking lot is now fully paved! Similar to last year, a wine tasting happy hour will precede our dinner program. This gives you time to have a few appetizers and cast a ballot for your favorite cars before we move upstairs in the Barn for the remainder of the evening. The dinner program will include “Ford v Ferrari” topics, as well as movie related decorations, centerpieces, activities, and auction items. Saturday morning is relatively open for you to enjoy the Carlisle Fairgrounds. The Team Shelby Club Tent and lounge area will be open throughout the day for you to catch some shade and rest your feet. We are taking our traditional lunch menu up a notch this year, and will be serving hot BBQ entrees including pulled pork, shredded chicken, and sliced brisket. In the afternoon, check out and test drive the new Ford cars and trucks at the Ford Expo Center…and don’t forget to pick up your free Ford T-shirt and ice cream while you are there. Later on in the day, there is the burnout competition, Ms. Carlisle contest, and (if you are participating) the Downtown Parade. In lieu of the Parade, Team Shelby will be taking a short drive over to the Harrisburg area for a dinner buffet, and maybe a frosty mug of your favorite beverage, at Joe K’s Brew House. As part of our evening, we have a little competition planned that will start out as team vs team, but will continue until we have just one Grand Champion. Inside of Joe K’s is an area know as “Generation Axe”. We will be going axe throwing! Cold brews and sharpened axes….what could possibly go wrong?!?! Stop by the Carlisle Fairgrounds one last time on Sunday morning to see if you have won an award from the Ford Nationals, take a few last photos, say goodbye to friends at the Team Shelby Club Tent, then make your way home and begin thinking about what else we can do next year.
  5. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!! https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/
  6. Check this out.... https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/
  7. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!!!! https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/
  8. Full description of event on Team Shelby Northeast website..... https://www.teamshelbynortheast.com/upcoming-events/
  9. Registration is scheduled to be open by the end of February. Plans are all made and we are finalizing costs so we can set event pricing. The theme of this years event is “Ford v Ferrari”
  10. Thursday July 30th to Sunday August 2nd The track we have been negotiating with for the 2020 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals, just committed to the dates we needed and the track layout we wanted! I’m pleased to tell you that we will be going to “The Tricky Triangle”, better known as Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. We will be driving the North Course, which incorporates portions of both the infield AND the tri-oval, for two track experiences in one event! Still lots of details to finalize, but now we have a confirmed track, so it’s time to put the pedal down and get everything else buttoned up as well. See you on the banks of Pocono Thursday, June 4th, then in Carlisle PA celebrating the Ford Nationals for the remainder the weekend.
  11. The breakfast was going to be my last drive of the year, as mine goes into hibernation next week.
  12. We will try it again at a less busy time of the year. I’m my always looking for a good excuse to head out to Shady Maples for breakfast.
  13. I am postponing our Shady Maple Breakfast until sometime in the Spring. At that point there will be less going on, the weather will be better, and hopefully we can get a few more folks to commit to attending. If you were planning on going, and are looking for something Shelby related to do on Saturday, I suggest you check out the Simeone Museums Demo Day featuring a Ford vs Ferrari theme, as well as costumes and other items used in the filming of the movie. If you attended the premiere in Philadelphia, your name will be on the guest list and you will get in for free.
  14. Although multiple people asked for another trip to Shady Maple, the response up to this point has been rather limited. If you are going, please respond to this post by midweek (11/20). If replies remain low, I will reschedule our breakfast for some time in the Spring.
  15. If you are planning on attending please reply below so I can give Shady Maple an approximate head count.
  16. Steven - I can guarantee you that if you just had a taste of everything they offer on their breakfast buffet, then drove non-stop back to Vegas, you still wouldn’t be hungry when you arrived back at SA!
  17. By popular demand.... Join Team Shelby Northeast for one if their last events of the year... HOT CAKES AND HORSEPOWER #2!!! Where: Shady Maple Buffet (The largest buffet in the USA), 129 Toddy Drive, East Earl, PA 17519 When: Saturday, November 23rd at 8:00am Cost: $12.50 + tax/person Join us for breakfast at the largest buffet in the USA. Located in the Lancaster PA area, and featuring home made Pennsylvania Dutch cooking, Shady Maple must be experienced to be believed. Everything is made fresh daily and prepared on-site. From their still warm doughnuts, omelettes to order, and custom made pancake grill (hint: try pumpkin pancakes with pecans and chocolate chips, then drizzle them with cinnamon maple syrup), there is no way you won’t find something you’ll like, and you certainly won’t leave hungry. When you arrive, park all the way to the lot on the left, across from the banquet hall entrance (see map in the post).When you arrive, go to the reservations desk and tell the hostess you are with Team Shelby so she will seat you with our group. Please post below if you will be attending so Shady Maple can get a headcount and ensure there is enough room for our group. See you there, and if I was you, I’d stop eating at least 3 days prior to our breakfast.
  18. Will you be in the Philadelphia area. If so you must check out the Simeone Museum.
  19. Lots of photos and a few videos on Facebook. I’ll post up a wrap up over the weekend...right now I’m a little sleep deprived.
  20. Kevin - An event Survival Guide will be sent to everyone who has registered for for the event, and will be posted on-line for those who aren’t registered, so they can see what they are missing. The guide will detail all aspects of the weekend. Please bring a photo ID and a copy of your receipt from Motorsportsreg. See you in Pittsburgh!
  21. Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you in Pittsburgh. It’s less than a month away now!!!
  22. For your first event you sure picked a good one to start with! You don’t need to put in your membership number....just show up and have some damn fun!!!
  23. SHELBY GT GIVEAWAY CONTEST I’m hearing rumblings that there is doubt that an ACTUAL Shelby is going to be given away during dinner at this years East Coast Grand Nationals. Maybe I should clarify a few things.... - It’s a REAL car. Not a toy, not a scale model, not a power wheels...a REAL car... - The car that dinner guests will be competing for is valued at $70,000.00 - We will be playing a game of chance in order to whittle down the competitors to one final contestant. - The final contestant will have one attempt to win the game of chance...and the car. - A winner is not guaranteed, hence the “Maybe” statement on the prior announcement. - Odds of winning are better than a professional golfer hitting a hole in one (actually 10 times more likely). - Yes, An insurance policy had been taken out to cover the cost if we do get a winner. - No, it will not us any more if we do get a winner, so WE WANT TO HAVE A WINNER AND GIVE AWAY THE CAR!!! Any other questions from the naysayers and disbelievers who are questioning our intent? You may think this is too good to be true, but it’s the real deal my friends.
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