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  1. would be nice to know the story behind these items. i took interest in one and bought it. they are very nice pieces. would like to know if they were left overs that someone escaped with. or is someone making fakes? for half the price i almost bought one that was from Canada but didn't. if anyone knows the story please share.
  2. hello all! wanting to paint stripes on. does anyone know the vinyl stripe code for our cars? thanks in advance!!
  3. that is an awesome video. thanks for posting!!
  4. read post #4. if AJ could chime in. I am sure knows how many were signed by the build team.
  5. very nice!!! love that color on your 65.
  6. very nice!!! thanks for sharing. pegs are empty here. we as well have one of the two TRU closing. of course the one that is close to me is closing.
  7. front headlights light up and you can hear the exhaust purring.
  8. nice z-man. been looking for that super going to be a hard one to find....
  9. 2012 if you look at the membership card says 5 years. come on guys do the math 12 +5 = 17. look at the membership card!!
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