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  1. Do these bottles expire? Never used mine and my car is an 07.
  2. Looks like the Blue is no longer available, they are now Black. The Green is still there.
  3. Well, it depends on if it has variable valve timing. Some cars, mostly Toyota, use the oil viscosity to advance the cams. If you use the wrong weight, they don't run properly. Now, I don't know enough about the motor in your Snake to guide you. Did you reach out to Shelby? What's the oil capacity? I would run Amsoil, Lucas or Royal Purple. That does seem very thin. My 07 GT500 takes 5w-50.
  4. I have never heard of Cortex. I've used Griggs Racing parts, and never had an issue. Also, when I lived in Sonoma County, his shop was very close to me.
  5. Check out Griggs Racing. http://www.grigg ing.com/
  6. Ok, thanks for the update. I thought they had the mat for the Kicker sub.
  7. the seller on Ebay is BlueOvalIndustries
  8. Yes, you can find them on Ebay. or here https://www.americanmuscle.com/trunkmat-shelby-2007.html
  9. I finally made it to the Shelby store in Las Vegas. It's about a 4 hour drive for me. I pulled up in my 07 GT500 Saturday afternoon. There weren't many cars in the lot, and there were zero Shelbys. At first I thought they were closed, but then I saw a few people coming out of the store. I was lucky enough to nab an empty spot right up front. I walked in and was greeted by Joanna. She asked if it was my first time, and I said "Yes it is. I even brought my Shelby!" So she goes, "Did you see that circle out front? Do you know what that is?" I go, "the Circle of Power?" My wife goes, "No you dork, it's the Winners Circle." So then Joanna says, "You can park there." I made like the Roadrunner out the door, and backed my car up into the circle in about 3.5 seconds. It was pretty awesome! "The Circle of Power". I'm sticking with it.
  10. The Ford parts are good. If you want to get low, then go with the Eibach.
  11. Bummed I didn't make this event. I had to deal with snow and rain and heavy fog at my house, so I could not get the Red Sled safely off of the mountain.
  12. Thank you. She is Torch Red with white stripes. Mods are: Ford Racing 65mm TB, JLT CAI, and VMP 2.5 pulley and 90mm idler, Ford Racing mufflers, JLT 3.0 oil catch cans on passenger and driver side. NGK TR7 IX plugs. .035 gap. StopTech slotted and drilled rotors. Just under 22,000 miles.
  13. FYI, the Amsoil Signature Series 5W-50 has this Ford spec on the back of the bottle: Ford WSS-M2C931-C (Mustang)
  14. Oh, and I have the Ford Racing oil filter. I also have a Royal Purple filter. WIX now makes a synthetic specific oil filter, but my local parts store didn't have any in stock. The Ford filter was $20.78. Kinda spendy. I think the Royal Purple cost me around 12 bucks.
  15. I'm going with Amsoil Signature Series 5w-50. https://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/gasoline/sae-5w-50-signature-series-100-percent-synthetic-motor-oil/?code=AMRQT-EA
  16. Has anyone tried the Ram Clutch with aluminum flywheel?
  17. Nothing wrong with any of the years really. I love my 07, but I would love to go to the aluminum block at some point to shed some weight. As far as the body style goes, I am partial to the 07 - 09. 2010 and up are starting to grown on me, and they have nicer interiors and seats. I'm looking for a set of newer Shelby seats to swap into mine. You friend really can't go wrong.
  18. Does your 2010 call for 5w-50 oil? Royal Purple doesn't make that specific weight.
  19. The RAM kit is nice, and has an aluminum flywheel.
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