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  1. Hey guys, I need some opinions/info. I popped the hood the other day and haven't driven it in a few weeks and then I noticed there was a dampness around the super charger snout. not really wet to where I could wet my fingers but damp enough to make a color difference. I cleaned it off yesterday and drove around the block a few times. I got the boost up a few times, came home and there was nothing to be found. I don't know if maybe the seal behind the pulley has a little leak but just not constant. Has anyone seen this before that could give me some ideas. If you guys do think I need to replace the seal can you tell me if it something I can do myself or is it hard to do. Back story of the car is that it is a 2010 with 60k miles. It does have the 2.6 pulley that the previous owner put on. I have had the car since January of this year and have maybe put on 500 miles.Thanks for your input.
  2. So if I'm looking at this grid correctly my car is 1 of 19 2010 Grabber blue stripe delete. That's cool!!
  3. Hey, I tried to PM you but it says you cannot receive messages. Maybe try to PM me and maybe I can respond to you. Im not sure how it works. Im still kinda new to this stuff LOL
  4. If it is still available I'll take it
  5. Viper, If you guys do a fall trip I might tag along. just let me know
  6. That sounds cool. I will check that out, thanks. Have you been to this before? How was it?
  7. Hey, Im in the Raleigh area looking for some GT500 meet ups, cruises or shows. Just looking to hang out with other Shelby guys in my area.
  8. I haven't had my 2010 GT500 to long but I considered the same thing. I love my car but also think the GT350 is a awesome car. I decided that for now Im holding on to what I have and Im going to wait and see how the GT350 holds up for others for a while and then reconsider the idea in a few years. Also Im thinking that once the new GT500 hits the car lots that the used GT350 will really start dropping in price. That's just my opinion. Right now you have a car you know you love and if the GT350 continues to stay on your mind just know that they will only go down in price while you think it over, But at this point in time the new GT500 is almost here and I do think that will play a big part in values dropping on the GT350 and that's when I think it could be a real possibility for me personally.
  9. Hey guys. I was thinking of getting some good drag radials and hitting the drag strip soon. Before I do that I wanted to know if there are any common problems such as rear end issues or axle issues with these cars. I don't have any major upgrades, just the typical stuff like 2.6 pulley, intake, tune, and 3.73 gears. Do the stock parts hold up when launching on drag radials? Are there any other upgrades I really need to get before hitting the drag strip? Thanks
  10. I love this look, how long and hard was the install?
  11. 2010 with 59k, I just got it 2 months ago and I thought this was high but I feel like maybe its kinda close to average after viewing this post. I feel a little better about it now.
  12. Yeh I didn't think about that I guess that true, Then I hear about the oil in them also. I wonder how often to change them both?
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