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  1. Welcome to the group Process45, I assume SAI-Steven has provided the info you need from Hertz by now. There is only one set for each car, so anyone buying second-hand after Hertz needs to be sure original documentation is included. The stripes are available from Shelby parts in individual sections, I was required to supply proof of ownership, and photos of damaged stripes. Good for you to get replacements included. Depending on your situation as far as finances and originality, a guy might consider investing in a painted stripe. Be very protective of any GTH emblems, last I talked to parts, spares and replacements are not available. Good luck on the poster. Chris Ruby in Vegas could set you up with a supercharger and widebody mod. A photo of the finished job in the winners circle would make a fantastic poster!
  2. Rings need to seat, other parts need to work harden. I'm an old mechanic that only knows what you can read in a web search on these engines. I say use oil that is no slicker than Ford installed, get the rings seated or you will use oil. I use full synthetic after 20k miles. Leave the Fram and other low quality filers for use on push mowers.
  3. Some one please peel a GT-H emblem off the quarter sail panel for me. Only if it is as new 😬 The assend of ours traded lanes three times with a light tap of the throttle, first time on damp pavement. Wifey was driving😇
  4. Did they install GT-H lights, or the basic running horse? If they are GT-H we need more information, like part number please. Thanks, Owen
  5. Call Chris Ruby at Shelby in Vegas. We went through Gaudin Ford in Vegas, Steve was good to work with. Check their website, if they don't have a good candidate they should be able to dealer trade one you've located. We live in Washington which is a libtard green emissions state and buying from Vegas saved shipping the car to them. (If you buy a built SS here it needs to have the engine mods done after purchase.) BTW, good choice, we really like the front end, and overall of the 17'. Get on it, maybe we could see it on a lift during the March Bash. Owen
  6. To chime in, 0021 looked like a solid car. I did not identify any major repairs, however all of the stripes looked to be re-applied post Shelby. I saw edges that were rolling up. The interior seemed in very good shape, showing a reasonable 20600 miles. I think a good detail, and reasonable investment will bring this one into it's correct value range. If you are a Shelby guy that purchased this one, have Chris Ruby at Shelby American pick the car up and make a WIDE BODY package out of it!?
  7. Pacific Cascade Mustang Club hosted a great, ever-growing show last weekend! What's even better are the people you meet when you make yourself available. A man and his son walked up to admire our GT-H, Judd and Joshua. They had rented CSM 16H0149 out of LAX and had photos there and on Mulholland drive. If 0149 is your car, contact me and I will forward those pics. I would like to post them here but I cannot figure how to size them to 9.77MB.
  8. The wifie wants the GT-H for her weekend/daily, might as well run the miles up, now we can just get another. Not so sure of the gold wheels though...
  9. I was wearing a black t-shirt with gold "GT 350 H" on it. I was asked if I owned one. I smiled and replied, no, it's a tribute just like my car. Guess where I pointed.?
  10. Like the autograph, huh? It's a sweet touch. The Shelby foundation has an autopen set up to sign most anything flat. They ask for a $50. donation and shipping, a young lady named Rafella handles it and was super! That cover is so slick the ink is scuffing so I'm planning to clear coat it. Thanks for the first place sentiment, but I am amazed that a three year old, non supercharged, car runs right there with some really nice pampered Shelby examples. If you have one, you are running with the big dogs!
  11. We have been to multiple shows with our new 14k mile GT-H this summer. Our pet has won two 2nd, and one 3rd place spot so far, with all Shelbys in one class. We are parked next to gorgeous original and tastefully dressed up Shelby Mustangs in large numbers. People's choice is our salvation, and I have decided in our case, 2nd is not first looser, but something of a first for the rode hard and put away wet category. Yes the original interior is about perfect, and we have repaired some paint issues from rental duty and also from purchase transport, but it is nowhere near showroom paint. I guess my point is we have standout cars that everyone loves!
  12. Congrats on your purchase of the best looking Shelby to date! I'm sure there will be plenty of room in a cover for a Mustang GT. And no antenna to deal with! I bought a black Xtrashield, with mirror pockets, $69.95 Amazon Prime. Good for in the garage.
  13. Sure, all pieces are made by Truefiber, bought mine from CJ Pony Parts.
  14. Thank you. The wife really wanted the radiator cover replaced, I agreed, only if we covered up those unsightly white tanks!
  15. Good eye my friend, the struts were a must as there is no place for the prop rod now. I know there is another asking for info, and I will post when the install is complete. Good hunting.
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