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  1. Just got off the phone with Ford Performance. They haven't finished the certificates yet but the final 2017 production numbers are in. GT350 - 6,173 GT350R - 942
  2. Saturday was a success! $56.5k before taxes, title, etc. Only bad part of the whole experience was the salesman neglecting to tell me how to put the damn thing in reverse..... No damage done. Haha
  3. has 2019 350s been announced? wonder if they drop the 350s and build just 500s. is it just me or are the new 18' gt facelifts weird looking? not too crazy about it at all. instrument dash does look badass though
  4. Hopefully that is the case. Anyone hear about the final 2017 production numbers? Looked everywhere online but no luck. Next step is to actually call Ford Performance when I get the time.
  5. Brand new to the forum. Went back on forth with multiple dealers over the last couple of months sitting on brand new 2017 350s. Crazy to see that some are still listed over sticker with 18's on their lot. Makes no sense. Anyway, I was able to work out a great deal under sticker. Plan is to pick it up in the next few days! Will report back once 100% final. Can't wait
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