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  1. Probably good timing on your part! It was pretty hot on Saturday but I had a bunch of people stop and check it out at Pavillion's and C-N-C. I just posted it to the classified on this page so we will see. Where in Jersey?
  2. I just listed my 07 Paxton with 1650 miles on it for sale in the classified section of this forum.
  3. It is definitely for on the market IASHELBYGT. I am going to post it up here shortly. Barrett Jackson wants it for January but I am not trying to wait until then. BIKEBOY I am planning on bringing it over to cars and coffee this weekend at Mayo & Scottsdale. If you're in town I hope its on your car guy agenda for Saturday! I might even bring it to the Pavilions show on Saturday night (trying to keep the miles off so not sure yet).
  4. I live near Kierland Commons but work by the TPC !
  5. Thanks to all for your responses guys. I live about 5 miles from West World and go to Barrett, Russo, RM, & Bonham's every year so I am very familiar with all of the Scottsdale activities in January. I am meeting with Barrett Jackson when they return from Florida next week. If I can get it into a Saturday event I might wait. I'm just trying to determine value now which is tricky between the mileage and provenance. Anybody know how many of the 43 Paxton factory cars had an automatic?
  6. Thank you SWEDEMAN this is super helpful. That seems to be what I have found on the interwebs. Looks like Barrett sold a couple in the last 2 years for 38 and 42K in Scottsdale and Vegas. I have an opportunity to sell the "Peterson Shelby" for a friend. Its a black 07 with the Paxton supercharger and was won at auction in May 07 at the Peterson Museum's cars and stars Gala. It was built as personalized tribute from Carrol to Pete about two months after Mr. Peterson's passing. It was built with an automatic transmission and has 1650 miles on it and is flawless. I'm sure the provenance could dramatically affect the price and am looking for advice so any would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Very cool article thank you for sharing. What is the current market value for a 07 GT/SC?
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