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  1. Wow, Many thanks for all the leg work, awesome. Can be many of these either. Under nice glass and frame now, was rolled up in my mates garage for 20 years some some age related signs but as you say, a fab piece Many thank...jon ps I race for Ginetta in British GT no.58 Jonny Greenwood google me at jonny Greenwood ginetta if you're interested!
  2. I've recently acquired a poster from a neighbour and I am trying to find out more about it. A member has already pointed me in the right direction and moved me on a lot but there are 4 signatures on this poster, collected at Donington Park 1997 or 1998 that I can't place. Carroll Shelby and the artist JJ Francois are clear but no idea of the others?
  3. Hi again, Here is a better photo of the signatures and it looks like I have the artist there and Carroll Shelby as well as the racing team but I don't know 4 of the other signatures?
  4. additional info on my post from a poster sold in 2008 and only signed by CS Daytona Coupe cutaway view. Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby. Currently (1/01) out-of-stock. Artwork by J.J. François. Caption at top reads "Shelby American Racing; 1964 LeMans winner in GT Class; Dan Gurney·Bob Bondurant; 1965 World Champion in GT Class." Artwork and printing done in Paris, France. The backside is printed with two letters (en Français) penned by Robert Sarrailh of A.T.S Evolution, and Pete Brock. Personally autographed by Carroll Shelby. Poster above is hot-linked to a higher resolution image. VERY rare vintage poster. Measures 19" x 26.5" (48cm x 67cm) $240 + $12 UPS shipping in U.S. California residents must add $19.20 sales tax. Canada orders: $240 + $14 shipping Overseas orders: $240 + $22 shipping
  5. Daytona Coupe X-ray personally autographed by Carroll Shelby This framed JJ François print was autographed by Carroll Shelby in 1997 or '98, and has been in our locked storage ever since; these photos were taken on 31 March 2008. Just found this on line, mine has all the other signatures of the race team too. Jon
  6. Hey that's great thanks for your time on this. It was mid 80's and Carroll Shelby etc. were at Donington sat in a line signing these posters. My pal bought it and then had it signed by them all so I know its the real deal with proper signatures not prints. I'll drop ats a line and see if they respond. I have tried to find more of these posters but haven't traced another yet. cheers Jon
  7. Hi there, does this help you? ATS ascenseurs sur mesure, Paris? Shelby Heart Foundation? cheers jonny
  8. I'm not getting any comments about this, would that mean no one has seen it before? cheers jon
  9. Dear Forum, I have recently acquired this great poster from a neighbour who stood in line to get it signed personally by all the racing team including Carroll Shelby, all the signatures are in ink and genuine. I can't find another copy of this poster anywhere, does anyone recognise it? I do think I need to insure it too, it wasn't cheap although we guessed and agreed a value between ourselves, anyone know what it might be worth although I am not selling it! It's about 3ft by 1 1/2 ft so very big. thanks, jon
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