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  1. Yeah. They said hes got more money than he knows what to do with. I still cant believe it.
  2. Thank you sir!!! I've been looking into sebring...that's the plan now. But no more novice slots available. Have to hit it in August the next time
  3. And I'm completely inexperienced. I'm planning on going to Sebring. I've been reading about guys saying 80 to 90 percent. Im thinking 75? and no more. At least for the first time out. Last thing I want is to damage the nicest car I've ever owned.
  4. I've never tracked a car before. Ive found a place to got to with a reasonable price. But now I am wondering. What don't I know? Total newby. I'm gonna show up all excited and ready to learn and find out there's twenty things everybody there is already prepared for and I have no idea. Common my shelby brothers! Any advise to make this first track day not miserable?
  5. Yeah man. I wake up and think I'm dreaming
  6. This ones a little better
  7. Hey, I did it! Downloaded and app to resize pics. I'll send more. Please allow me to introduce you all to my pride and joy
  8. Ok, I got a Flickr account last night. Uploaded the photos. I will try that first and then send the pics to my computer from my phone and edit with paint if that doesn't work...you guys are great. Thanks for the advise.
  9. I'm a novice when it comes to this. When I link even one pic it says it is too large. Trying to edit to make it smaller
  10. The file size of the pics I took is too large. It won't let me upload. How do you guys make the pics under 497k?
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