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  1. No helmet bothered me as well. I’m normally not a huge you tube fan or fan of his but he is so honestly excited and happy just great to see genuine passion and good for him can’t wait to get mine if I’m as excited as he is it’s a huge win for ford. Forget times, weight, all the other BS have people truly enjoy the car is what matters.
  2. I’m coming from the DC area I remember one year a bunch of people met up along the way picking up cars as we drove at designated locations I hope we figure that out again then roll into Vegas as a group. Looks like you are on pacific coast.
  3. Yes hearing that it’s going to be after first of year before we would get ours. Not sure they will deliver any before then. Mr Jackson VIN001 has not received his yet and he paid 1 million plus for his. It’s alright just need it before the bash in March.
  4. Me too Wayne still not shipped built since 10/30. The story right now is it’s a software issue they found on all cars produced before 11/3. Seen pictures of them being moved to a heated storage warehouse while they fix the problem. Rumor has it those of us with the quality problem will most likely not see cars until after Jan 6th. Good news is we are getting one just later then we wanted
  5. They just announced the dates for March 19-22 I believe and I’m already clearing my schedule to go. Thought I might tow it but if enough people are driving to meet up with along the way then I would definitely drive it.
  6. Anderson Composite has the black part of bumper and all other black parts(splitters, hood vent, Swing, etc) in carbon fiber which I think will make it even better.
  7. Cool 618 produced but not shipped yet updated delivery is 11/25. Looking forward to your thoughts when you get it I will post mine as soon as I can
  8. Today my car blended and was produced, now the wait for an actual shipping date. It does look like I will have it before thanksgiving and will be one of the first on the road. Super excited
  9. Just an update My car went into production today blend date 10/31 est delivery date 11/21. From what I can tell looks like there has been 43 cars have been produced and 53 sent to plant for production not counting the Ford orders for VIPs and executives. No retail orders delivered yet first one should be week of 29 October. We will see my chassis number I’m hoping for under 200 and should be one of first 100 produced for retail delivery.
  10. July 5th was my Order date. I’m in the waiting mode now got my old car sold and gone so have an empty space in garage. I attached my order form, think she is going to be an amazing car. I modded my last car way to much it’s going to be nice to have one that competes with modded cars but is engineered better all the way around it’s going to be nice to just drive it and enjoy it.
  11. Copy all, I will definitely post some pics and I can’t wait for Carlisle next year hope we get a bunch of the new 500s there along with all the supersnakes that have been coming.
  12. Yes got confirmation from dealer and Ford performance that is my build week. Have not been scheduled to day yet but should get that a couple weeks out. On mustang6 forum one person has first week of 9/23 that’s super early but he tracks his 3 GT350s so think he got some special treatment. There are about 5 other guys with me that got 10/14 and some with 10/21. Things are starting to pick up with scheduling so if you got one on order I would call Ford performance once a week and see what they know. I should have mine just in time to put in garage for winter and look at it till March....lol.
  13. Thought I would start a need thread for all that have one on order and got build date and VIN please provide the following last four of VIN Schedule production week State you are from build specs mine below 0618 10/14 MD Base Rapid Red, Tech Pkg, Handling Pkg, CF instrument panel, Black Vinyl OTT and side strips.
  14. He is not getting painted strips from factory for 1500 and unless he is getting a CFTP allocation he is not getting them at all. From people inside Ford the CFTP and Painted strips are part of the 1250 CFTP allocation. You can get both or one or other but it still eats up one of the 1250 allocation. I know of only one person that has ordered only painted strips and used the dealers CFTP allocation but even that one is not confirmed yet.
  15. I uploaded the price sheet to look Rapid red 395 painted strips 10k vinyl 1k Tech package 3k track Package 18K Cover 395 base car 70300 delivery 1095 gas guzzler tax 2600 hopes this helps
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