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  1. Made in China that is crap...Don’t buy any of this stuff.
  2. Just use decals like they were originally. Seems like it is much more affordable and how the cars were done originally. I would say that most SGT’s are garage queens at this point do the stripes should last a long long time.
  3. noac

    GT/SC Whipple

    That is great power from a Kenne Bell...is that with the stock tune that Kenne Bell supplies with the kit? Is that with the stock pulley? Kenne Bell also points out that their numbers are more indicative of what the car actually puts out on the street since their dyno pulls are done with the hood closed.
  4. noac

    GT/SC Whipple

    The Whipple puts out a little more because it has a pulley that creates 10 pounds of boost. The Kenne Bell uses a pulley that creates 8.5 pounds of boost. The Kenne Bell is a 2.6 vs Whipple 2.3. I went with a Kenne Bell because I wanted less boost and less horsepower for a stock 4.6 3V. If the day comes and I build my stock motor to handle more horsepower my Kenne Bell has room to grow. Most people go with a Whipple these days. It is an easier install and looks more factory than the Kenne Bell. I went with the reverse logic that a GT/SC is not factory so I didn’t want it to look factory. I have a 2007 GT500 for the factory look. Nothing more than personal preference when choosing.
  5. Glad to hear..I am getting the polished Kenne Bell...about the same power as the Whipple but with 2 pounds less boost. Got to be kind to a stock bottom end. I also like the fact that the Kenne Bell doesn’t look like a factory install like the Whipple.
  6. I know this thread is old but I have stored cars for years with great results and wanted to pass on some tips... -place large plastic tarps underneath the car and a wooden board on top of the plastic....park car over top of this....it will completely block any moisture from coming up through the concrete -store with as little to almost no gas at all so when you bring it out of storage you can fill with fresh fuel right away -cover car -spray WD-40 or a similar product all over the natural parts of the engine bay...prevents oxidation and will wipe right off in Spring -disconnect battery -do not start the car until you pull from storage...starting a car is one of the worst pieces of advice when storing a car...just let it be.... -over inflate tires -to disconnect battery open door, pop hood close door, then disconnect battery... common sense of course but the point is to close door before you disconnect battery so the window closes after you close door....also put small grease or gasoline on battery cable so they don’t oxidize -contact your insurance and let them know where the car is and that you will not be driving it....may be able to save some money.
  7. Cool thanks....factory tune is what I’m using whichever way I go...
  8. I have decided to send my car to Shelby in Las Vegas for a GT/SC conversion. I was sold on doing the Whipple, but in the past few days started leaning toward the Kenne Bell because: 1) It produces less boost 8.5 in stock trim vs 10-11 for Whipple....I feel the Kenne Bell will be a little safer for the engine with less boost thus less power. I am not one to seek huge Dyno numbers from a stock 4.6. 2) I like the fact that the Kenne Bell is about $1k less 3) I like the fact that the Kenne Bell says Shelby on it Looking for people who have a Kenne Bell and if they are happy with it...what they like, don’t like etc..Seems like especially of late the Whipple is the charger of choice...
  9. Wouldn't you get a CEL if a dealer put a stock tune on a car with a CAI?
  10. Shelby GT's had the Ford Racing ProCal tune installed along with the Ford Racing Cold Air intake. Pretty much every time a car has a cold air kit of any brand installed a tune is required. There are a few exceptions to that rule. The Ford ProCal tune is a very safe/moderate tune. These cars are dogs in stock form. I did 4.10 gears in my SGT with a manual trans, along with a Brenspeed tune to correct the speedo and a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. These few mods made the Shelby much more enjoyable to drive. It feels much stronger at all RPM's. While the 4.10's really woke the car up, there is zero downside to them. It feels and acts like it came from Shelby this way, and it should have.
  11. I think those in the picture are reproductions...the original Ford mats do not have the nylon border.
  12. I have a set of 4 GT 500 center caps that I am going to be selling. I need more information on the caps as I am unsure of their market value. They are a genuine Ford cap but they don't say SVT they say "GT500". The GT500 isn't a sticker of any sort or a decal. They appear to be manufactured this way. I will post a picture later. Trying to find out how much they are worth. Thanks....I put the factory caps back on the wheels.
  13. Love spoiler delete car for the clean look...just got a 19 GT spoiler delete.
  14. Ford always have paint and body issues....just the way it is...
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