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  1. I would try to polish them with a foam pad and a mild polish. I would not suggest working by hand. Use a da polisher. Working by hand will introduce micromarring. If you are uncomfortable using a machine polisher, I would have the whole car paint corrected by a professional who understands what the term paint correction means. Any 5 year old black car with miles on it could definitely benefit by a professional paint correction.
  2. Cool...I like the razors too but I think the stock wheels are also a great wheel for these cars.
  3. 07-09 have the looks....13-14 have the power...
  4. Thank you sir. I called and spoke with Chris today before I saw this post. I am will make my decision shortly.
  5. I have a 2007 SGT and want to know if there are any current promotions being offered by Shelby on the conversion price. I know from time to time they offer discounts or free upgrades,
  6. Try to keep these guys out of neighborhoods. This could have been avoided if you had met the driver at a large parking area such as a Walmart lot, High School parking lot etc. The driver will appreciate you doing this as it guarantees them an easy in/out. Most neighborhoods are not suitable for a tractor trailer.
  7. Go enclosed and go with Reliable, Passport etc. Use a big name classic/exotic transport company that does not broker out work, subcontract etc. Now is not the time to try and save money, trust me.
  8. I put the BFG Comp 2 A/S on my 2007 Shelby GT in the stock size. My car has very low miles, around 1000 but I wanted to preserve the originals and not take any chances driving on them. I love the new BFG's. They have a great look to them and are more aggressive in appearance than the OEM BFG's in 07. They are quiet and handle quite well. I also never like seeing Nitto etc. on Mustangs. I am sure all those Japan, Chinese tires are great, but they aren't meant to be on American Classics.
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