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  1. Here in Canada, my local dealer has already knocked $11,500 off the 2017 GT350s. He's still got about 20 of them on the lot; you can get one for about $65-70K, Canadian $s. Will prices fall further? With the new GT500 on the way, I'm not sure what impact it will have on GT350 owners or existing GT500 owners...will they move to the new GT500? My dealer indicated the new GT500 is going to be north of $100K (in far less valuable CDN dollars) and likely far over MSRP (I hate dealers that do that, but supply/demand rules the day). Will the price point be that high? And keep existing Shelby buyers away? Will production numbers be really low? I don't know. For me, I have a 2011 GT500, Performance White and, yes, it's a garage queen, with only 3,000 km. But, here's why I did not consider the GT350: 1. Not supercharged. Yes, it has that great flat plane crank, but nothing beats a charged Shelby in my humble opinion. The sound is simply awesome. 2. The classic look of the S197 is timeless. Not a fan of the 550 style, personally. Anyway, it's a tough choice. Both are great cars. Wish I could afford both. I'd like to order the new GT500, but I suspect "hyper priced" will be an understatement. I'm hanging on to my 2011, I really enjoy it. And that's the key point !!!
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