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  1. That does it. I'm out. I've enjoyed you guys for a long time. Reach out to me on Facebook or my email: bryanmfa@gmail.com Bryan Oesterreich
  2. Aha! Leftover crock pot chicken and veggies this evening!
  3. Growing up, we thought Playboy was hot stuff. If we had the Internet back then ---- wouldn't have left the house!
  4. Dogs do some funny shit! My oldest ShihTzu, Tony, moaned in bed this morning around 4. I put him on the floor. I heard him cacking for a little bit. When I get up, he puked on the kitchen floor near the back door.....Arrrrrhhhgggg.
  5. Crock pot chicken. Nice. Cream of Mushroom soup and veggies. Nap time!
  6. Inbound: (can't shoot 'em if you can't see 'em!) Taking my MUSTANG out for a ride now! https://tacticalgear.com/streamlight-tlr-7-black
  7. Full day at work. Ran some grocery back stock. I'm wore out! Tough getting older. Lawn stuff tomorrow - maybe a coat of wax on the Mustang. No range time this weekend. $$$$$$ goes fast on the range! I can shoot $50 in 30 minutes!
  8. Beef raviolis this evening! And a salad!
  9. Picking these up for the new Canick. Probably help with target acquisition! https://www.centuryarms.com/ot1898.html Oh - drove my MUSTANG today!
  10. Got a gun I can shoot and Mustang I can drive? Two pups and a cat costs me $90 a day at the kennel! And I'm not on vacation!
  11. C'mon down! We'll shoot pool and have pizza!And - shoot guns! And you can drive my Mustang!
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