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  1. Team... My first post received several GREAT replies/advice...very excited about joining this community! Question: first major engine mod..."2011+ Shelby 1 7/8" x 3" Exhaust System W/Cats" (from the Shelby Store). I have a 2012 Shelby GT500 convertible and I want to add more power! I was thinking of improving the Exhaust System with long tube headers, which I can follow with a pulley swap and retune in the future. Experiences, pitfalls, gotchas...general thoughts...worth it? My goal is to put 600hp to the wheels without going nuts. I figure start with the exhaust system which will allegedly add 40rwhp/rwtq alone (per the Shelby Parts Store write up) and the car will breath better! Thanks in advance for any feedback!
  2. Team, I recently purchased a new Shelby GT500 Shift knob (Red with white stripes) to install in my 2012 GT500 convertible. After reading the notes, we are to purchase the retainer to accomodate the shift knob as the OEM knob is tied to the OEM retainer. Does anyone have a How-To video on swapping these out? I'm curious why there are several additional screws, bolts, etc...??? Moreover, any tips on how to get the original factory white shift knob off? I thought I had a strong grip, but this baby is ON THERE!!! Thanks...Chris
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