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    I think I’d rather sale as a whole. 42,000 miles (I got it with 13000 miles in 2014). New tires. Amazing car to drive down the highway. I’m only gonna ask what I owe on the loan which is $11,000. It does need some tlc on interior (cheap leather seams). When my bro in law drove it for a couple of months, he went to wash it and used the scrubber on the paint ?. So there are fine line spider web marks on there. Other than the mechanically it is an amazing vehicle. So if anyone is interested or knows anyone that may be let me know. Thank you
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    For everyone wondering. Steve got back to me. ”The VIN number you provided comes back to a 2007 Ford Mustang equipped with a 4.0 liter V6 engine. It is not a Shelby CS6 nor a Shelby Terlingua but rather an owner modified Ford Mustang. That dash plaque shown in one of the photos you emailed me is from a Shelby GT so that too would be an owner modification.” Seems like the previous owner had a vision to turn it into a CS6. Runs great and keeps me happy at least, but gotta get rid of it. Thank you all,
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    Thanks guys. It does have 4.0 v6. But was very confused as to when I first purchased this looked nothing like a regular mustang. I will reach out to Steve.
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    Hi Everyone, I am seeking some help as to how much my vehicle may be worth? I am unsure if it is an actual Terlingua as it has all Shelby badges. Odometer: 42,000 Paxton supercharger 20' Razor wheels Eibach suspension Shelby breaks/pistons (Baer I believe) Borla exhaust?? I need to check closer on this. 5 speed manual transmission.
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