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  1. Will shorter plugs fix piston over travel? Lol, well what happened?
  2. Hi, new to forum just bought my first 500hp car new to mustangs and new to the gt500, i have so many questions but I'll be brief, first i noticed the oil filter the dealer put on this thing is fl500s which from my looking around seems to be the wrong one, so i intend to change that and oil since if they were dumb enough to put wrong filter then im sure oil is wrong. Next the car didnt come with any owners manuals, it has sw long tube headers, corsa exhaust, jlt intake, and looks to be matco 2.6 super pulley, my concern is no tuner came with car my question is without a tune would this car run properly? I want to know what tune is on it and was told to flash pcm to stock by ford and have a tune written by vmp for the mods it has so i know. Any thoughts? 2011 Gt500
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