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  1. Thank you very much, this is some good stuff!! Besides, even at 1000 on race fuel, the new motors and 10-speed tech is making mine less capable roaming the freeways, waiting for a bite! I might just get “bit” when the new 500 hits the street!
  2. I’ve never seen the drop-top, widened!! That’s gorgeous...? Hell, it would probably look good on ANY level of Mustang, especially since Toddlaing12 stated the plain truth...even a 900hp monster can be tamed by the new gen tech. It makes me feel like the bad guy from the EYE-LAB commercials! But, we do look good (still) and keeping the driving record clean, is such a plus these days ?
  3. While you’ve mentioning tech differences, I just happened to be cruising on the highway and a brand-new Mustang GT rolled up on me, got the drop and it took me some serious effort to catch his ass!!! Even with 900ponies under the hood, dumping the clutch to catch up..Makes me wonder what a late-model Snake could REALLY do, on open road. Please share your experiences with me, when you finally take possession of your new Snake!!! .....and, damn, there’s a lot more cheap plastic on these older Shelbys, but a blast to drive!!!
  4. I wanted to know what the difference between my ‘14, 900hp Super Snake was to the Shelby 1000. I have the head and cam package, along with everything but the hole-shot package. What tips the scales and produces your iconic 1000hp heart-beat? Am I only a few adjustments away, or am I short the 1000 mark, due to a major undertaking? Inquiring minds want to know ?..... thanks
  5. I am brand new to Team Shelby and brand new to Shelby, as an owner. I’ve always given great respect to the Snake, but never committed to purchase, until now. I’ve just sold my 2014 Camaro ZL1; with head and cam package and still provide shelter to a 2016 Challenger Hellcat, with pulleys and a tune. So, a grey, 2014 wide-body Super Snake, reared it’s pretty head in an advert, at a small, Mass. dealer, and I was hooked. I visited my local Ford dealer, which had two 2017 Super Snakes, which, to me, were very anticlimactic. I was expecting soooo much more, but they seemed quite tame, at least, to bare the Super Snake badge. Not to mention, were north of the $100k mark (until a few, unsold months later, at $90k). The hood was slightly vented, and the body-lines seemed less dramatic than the GT350R, which one happened to be parked, just beside these two Snakes. Web searching, endlessly, for ANY Super Snake for sale, I kept getting pulled into the ‘13/‘14 widebody styles, with they’re large, hood opening and massive 345 width tires. With only a brief glimpse of 2018/19 widebody concepts, I still wasn’t sold on the look. Especially, knowing the NEW GT500 is on the way and may change things up at Shelby, N American, as far as Super Snakes go. My question for you guys is, what reasons attracted you to this late-model Super Snake, over earlier Snakes? Is it body preference or, maybe, the modern, interior amenities? Even when you can still purchase a pre ‘15 Snake with less than a 500 miles on the odometer? Btw, I was attracted to the 2015 Snake, with the earlier-style hood, but, ultimately fell for the earlier widebody, with the 900hp package. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you all! ps- I meant all late-model Super Snakes, up to 2019 VS 2014 and below...thanks
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