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  1. Nope, they both produce the same result. All it does is open a gate to allow the exhaust gasses to bypass the baffles in the muffler.
  2. Hunt around for a dealership that sells at list. They are few and far between, but they do exist. My local dealer has a policy that they will not sell any vehicle above the sticker price. I bought my 18 for about 3k under list from them.
  3. I have an 18 and have zero hood flutter. Have had the car at 140+ mph with no signs of flutter. I would definitely look at the bumpers and the hood to nose seal to make sure that they are installed correctly and properly adjusted (bumpers)
  4. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it. I'm fighting a herniated disk in my back and cannot drive any distances.
  5. 'Might' be able to make it. Have family coming to town and not sure when all will arrive.
  6. Already knew about that and had the AdvanceTrac disabled. There still seems to be something running in the background. With the AdvanceTrac off you definitely have more control, but I don't think everything is completely disabled.
  7. I have an '18 (chassis J3045) and just passed the 600 mile mark with no discernable oil consumption. I checked it when new, and the oil level hasn't budged. I took it easy and broke it in per the manual for the first 100 miles. I have been a little harder on it since and have also added the JLT oil separators on both sides.
  8. Crab run still goes on yearly, usually in early August. It's usually posted up over on the Mach1Registry by user Old School, who is the organizer.
  9. Question for those who have spent some time exercising their cars to the limits. Are there any ways (besides fuse pulling or tuning) to completely turn off the nanny controls Ford has built into these cars? Even in track mode, there are still nanny controls running in the background that are still trying to override the driver, especially when you have exceeded the limits of traction. I first noticed this in our 17 GT/CS. Even after overriding the stability control, there is still something lurking in the background that is overriding driver input at the extremes of performance. I recently tested it on the 350, and found the same controls running.
  10. New member here from McVeytown, PA (central PA). Just bought a 18 GT350 to add to our collection. Regularly do the crab run mentioned in earlier posts, usually with a Black Mach 1.
  11. JDraper

    New GT350

    Just purchased a Shelby GT350 from a local ford dealer. Took my daughter's Fusion in for tires and inspection, and left with the 350 . It was sitting in the showroom and spoke to me.... It joins two other Mustangs in my garage (1966 Restomod coupe and a 2017 GT/CS vert) and replaces a 2004 Mach 1 that I sold to a friend after purchasing the GT350.
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