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  1. Hey All,

          I was up at Harrisburg, PA for the Mecum auction with my poker buds, and "accidently" bought this Shelby. It was not on my radar beforehand, so everything I discover is a new surprise. Dealer info said it was from an estate. It only has 73K on the odometer. Car runs, but needs some updates and tuning.

    Here's a few details:

    No Body Kit

    Recent (only fair) re-spray, original color might be black?

    Recaro interior

    No seatbelts (looks like there had been a roll bar and harness set-up)

    Aftermarket American Racing 15" x 7" alloy wheels

    Aftermarket exhaust with no muffler

    Aftermarket AFM and Fuel Press gauge in the center console

    A strange little toggle switch with a red activation light just left of the steering wheel


    Accomplished so far: Plugs, Cap, Rotor, K&N Filter, Oil and filter change, Coolant Flush and fill, man trans fluid, universal replacement 3-point seatbelts

    Plans: Replace all belts (incl. timing), KYB Shocks/Struts, Stoptech rotors/pads, centric calipers, stainless brakelines, engine mounts, suspension bushings, etc.


    It's fun to drive, but I don't want to overdo it before I can make sure it's solid.

    I noticed the boost guage stopped working. Does anyone know where it feeds from?

    I also think the clutch might be slipping a little. Any recommendations on an alternative to stock?

    Does anyone make an All-Aluminum radiator replacement for this model?


    I hope to get her ready for some Autcrossing next year. Thanks for any help you can throw my way


    Louie Partida

    Virginia Beach, VA






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