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  1. My installer didn’t mess with factory head unit either. I left it factory and just did amps and speakers. And correct power is coming from battery. I have had an awe full time with this dealership. Just ironic that same day I pick my car up from getting new speakers that I get wrench light. I turned off in parking lot and turned my car off. It wouldnt start back up. After about 45 minutes for what ever reason it did start back up. I then got it to the dealership where at first they said was clutch pin (I think) they tried blame that on audio also. My gut feeling is that I have had many issues and with this dealership that They are trying to not fix it under warranty. this stuff is all new to me. So thank you for responding.
  2. I just had very similar setup installed. Did they tap in to digital processor? I had mine completed sounded great but about an hour later I had wrench light come on. Ford is blaming audio place saying it’s becasue of where they tapped in but audio guy came over to ford with me and stated his work had nothing do with their problem.
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